The 15 Definitive Signs Your Ex-Girlfriend Doesn’t Want You Back

You may cry for them. But that doesn’t mean she’s sitting at home crying about you. Do you know of any obvious signs that your ex doesn’t want you back?

Signing a contract with your ex doesn't want you back.

I understand Do you want to figure out if there’s a chance to be with her again? Let’s do it. Learn the signs your ex doesn’t want you back. That way you can go on.

have so Many times I will sit and think about my ex at home. I creep their social media. try to connect with their friends and may even their photos. I would do almost anything to keep them interested. Why? i miss them I want them back

Now it works? No, usually the one I don’t want to come back to is the one I can’t get rid of—just my luck. But while I tried to get their attention They didn’t care. If anything, they didn’t mean to come back with me.

It’s hard to accept. especially when you are in pain Who wants to confess that ex-girlfriend no Want to be with them? [Read: The guide to understanding if your ex is actually thinking about you]

How to read the signs your ex doesn’t want you back.

Nobody wants to admit to this, but at some point you have to. You really have no other choice. if you don’t go on You will be the one who is still enamored with your ex from years ago. And that will bring you back to life.

it is difficult

#1 she tells you you may be stubborn But what if she tells you over and over that she doesn’t want to do anything to you? She didn’t lie If someone is trying to be as dull as possible, take this as your only sign that you need to move on. Whether she still has feelings for you or not, it doesn’t matter. She doesn’t want to be with you. [Read: How to stop thinking about someone you still like a lot]

#2 She doesn’t answer your calls/messages. Maybe you can text her here and there. But she didn’t answer anything. She might have replied at first, but things have changed. If for weeks or months she has ignored your calls/messages. Shows that her relationship is over and needs a break.

#3 She changed her phone number. If anything, this is a hint that you’ve become too much. If someone tries to change their phone number, she really I don’t want you to talk to her anymore. if this is the case You don’t just have to back off, but get the hint that she’s not interested. [Read: How to recover from a breakup and move forward in life]

#4 You are cut off from her family. You are very close to her mother and have a good relationship with her father. But that’s over. If you happen to meet him and he’s cold to you and doesn’t care to talk. She must have told them it was over. And it’s one of the most obvious signs that your ex doesn’t want you back. if you just got into a fight They won’t do this.

#5 She doesn’t try to reconcile. Maybe someone you made a mistake. and the relationship was terminated. But if she doesn’t take action to fix the relationship That’s a sign that she’s not interested in fixing things. But this is a signal only after a few weeks or months. If it’s just a few days, she might need some space.

#6 “You deserve someone better.” Yep, that’s the old line. She is very cute and sweet. but instead tells you that you are worthy of someone else That’s because she’s trying to disappoint you and hints that you’ll never be together again.

#7 She returned your belongings. Maybe you have something on her. But they’ve come back to you. It’s not because she cleans the springs. She wants your stuff out of her life. Having your stuff at her house still gives you a reason to talk to her. And she doesn’t want that.

#8 she is seeing someone else If your ex still loves you She won’t try to move on so fast. or at least She won’t post it on social media. But your ex has posted a picture with a new date, which is a clear sign that she is doing it. If there is a new person in the picture show that you succeeded [Read: Why it’s normal to feel strange when your ex dates someone new]

#9 she avoids meeting you She knows where you go for coffee or to the gym where you work out, but she stays. far away from those places Even the places you go to often You didn’t see her there. and there is a reason why she doesn’t want to see you

#10 If she sees you, she is unhappy. Let’s say you run into her. Excitement is the last word you’ll use to describe her facial expression. She is not happy to see you. and when she talks to you You will feel angry and irritated. If she has feelings for you It would be the complete opposite. [Read: How to avoid an awkward conversation with the ex you just ran into]

#11 She blocks you. If she blocks you from all social media Show that she is not interested in having you in her life. She doesn’t want you to see what she’s doing, who she’s with, nothing. If anything, take it as a hint that she’s moving on.

#12 If she replies to texts they are one word You’re more excited to text your grandma than you do when you text your ex. If her answer was one word and emotionless That’s a hint that she’s just being polite.

#13 She cancels meeting you. Maybe you’ll agree to meet and talk. But she canceled the meeting at the last minute. Sure, something might happen. But if she’s really interested in being with you. that won’t happen She changed her mind a second time and decided it was a bad idea.

#14 The two of you are FWB. Sometimes it can be tricky to know if your ex is apart of you. if you still sleep together If she doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you. You are now friends with benefits. Don’t be fooled by sex Because that doesn’t mean anything. [Read: What you need to hear about sleeping with an ex you still love]

#15 She doesn’t care if you’re seeing other people. Maybe you’re recovering. And you think it will make her angry or make her jealous. You’re cool like a cucumber She doesn’t care who you’re dating because she doesn’t.

[Read: The signs you need to face that your ex is over you]

I know it’s hard And she probably won’t agree with the signs your girlfriend doesn’t want you back. In the end, you have to face it. It’s hard, but you have to keep going.

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