13 Signs Your Ex Is Confused about Your Breakup: What About You?

Breaking up is not easy. Usually we get more confused after a relationship. What are the signs that your ex is confused for you and your relationship?

Signs Your Ex Was Confused About Your Breakup

If your ex tells you that he wants you back, don’t rush it. You need to step back and watch for signs that your ex is confused. This way, you’ll know what to do next.

After my long-term relationship *four years!*, it took me a while to forget my ex. throughout the relationship I’m not sure if I want to be with him. My mood and self-esteem get the best from me. I didn’t expect to find someone who loves me the same way and makes me feel happy. Even though I know my ex is not the one for me So I pulled it off and was in a relationship.

But in the end it’s over. Breaking up is really hard. and during this process It makes you think of your ex in a different light. When you’re sad and lonely you miss the good times that you have—and it sucks you back. [Read: The 10 signs you should get back together with your ex]

How to Interpret Your Ex’s Signs of Confusion

My ex and I broke up a few months after the breakup. Even though we all know that breakup has to happen But you’re struggling to part ways for good. This is the person you call your best friend. People you share laughter and memories with. I was very confused and upset when I wanted to go back to my ex.

And these emotions make breaking up even more difficult for both of us. Don’t play with your emotions if they don’t suit you.

#1 What does your intuition tell you? When it comes to instincts, instincts Your body will know what isn’t right. If your ex was all right But you feel that something is wrong. listen to your instincts If what they say or do doesn’t make you feel good show that it is not suitable for you [Read: 10 stages of a break up that everyone has to go through]

#2 they are hot and cold when you talk to them They will be happy and flirtatious one day and the next, upset and anti-social. They were clearly confused about how they felt about the breakup. They were unsure of what to do and struggled emotionally with making decisions.

#3 They talk about how much they invest in you. when you talk to them They will talk about how much they invest in their relationship. This could be seen as a positive. But it’s also negative. If they feel that they have invested a lot Getting back together may be because they don’t want to waste what they put into the relationship. [Read: The questions to ask after your breakup for healing and closure]

#4 they are angry Anger is often a common emotion after a breakup. If your ex is feeling indifferent That’s a sign that he’s running out of relationships. But anger shows that they are not above the breakup. They are not above you. Although that doesn’t mean you should get back together.

#5 They don’t try to compromise. It doesn’t matter who’s at fault in the breakup, the point is, they don’t pressure each other to reconcile. They won’t even mention why. why You break up if they’re not willing to reconcile the relationship. Show that they are not ready to be one.

#6 They tell you that they want you back. But when it comes to binding They are not in a hurry This is because they are unsure about the relationship. They may tell you that they want you back. But if they are not ready to commit they are confused [Read: 15 subtle signs your ex really wants you back but they’re confused]

#7 They create reasons to talk to you. Your ex always has an excuse to talk to you. Even if they didn’t make it back together directly. But they focus on talking about your memories or things you enjoy.

#8 They are dating someone else. Even if they accidentally dated someone else. But how can they get back together with you at the same time? If they really want to be with you They will not associate with other people either. [Read: Sleeping with an ex you still love – What you really must hear]

#9 you get mixed messages They will give you a few hints about wanting to get back together with you. But the next day they said they wanted to move on. And every day is different The message you received was unclear. If anything, you’re more confused than ever before. If you confused, they are confused.

#10 They try to make you jealous. Your ex is trying to make you jealous. and sometimes it works when you face them what they do instead of doing they will play games can’t see them really Interested in getting back together with you? They don’t want your attention to move from them to someone else.

#11 They keep communication open. when someone is ready to go on They will cut ties with their ex at least until they move on. But your ex is still circling around. Like your posts and talk to you via text message. They want to keep the communication channel open just in case.

#12 They try to publicly shame you. When your ex tries to put you in public they are in pain This was not an excuse for their actions. All of this indicates that you are immature and they are confused by their emotions.

They don’t know how to deal with their emotions. So they bring anger on you. If this is the case, then the red flag is obvious. [Read: Breakup talk – 25 tips to end a relationship without making it messy]

#13 They tell you they are confused. If you confront them about their actions, good for you! If you’re confused, talk to them about it and see how they feel. If they tell you they’re confused Now you know where they are. And if they’re confused about how they feel about you? They don’t want to be with you. They didn’t know how to move forward.

[Read: How to help your ex move on and get over you for good]

Now you know the signs that your ex is confused. What do you think? Is your ex really confused or do they really want to get back to you?

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