15 Subtle Signs Your Ex Wants You Back but Won’t Admit It

You broke up, but before gaining weight on ice cream “I’m Just Single” Gets 10 Pounds This is a sign that your ex wants you back but won’t accept it.

Signs that your ex wants you back but isn't accepting.

We’ve been there before—shouting over the phone. long stretch The last sentence was “It’s over,” and then there was a feeling that “I am free” immediately followed proudly. But after five minutes They know they made a mistake and want you back, but no, they can’t call you. That means they lost this battle. This is a sign that your ex wants you back but doesn’t accept it.

Do they want you back? Signs that your ex wants you back but isn’t accepting.

Yes, I know everything about it. Pride is a poison And it didn’t help at all in the end. if you are left You might think your ex is alive. But that might not be the case.

They must have realized that they were alone and had made a big mistake. Will they accept it or not? At least not now, but you know, there are ways you can tell if they want you back.

Trust me, they will always come back… Unless you’re really an idiot. They are not sure.

#1 they are still angry You still get “f*ck you” messages and angry phone calls. If someone is really happy with what happened, they won’t bother you with an angry message. would not be necessary If your ex wasn’t the best person for you. That’s because they’re in pain. [Read: My ex hates me – 12 ways to get past their rage]

#2 They move very fast. You just broke up last week. And they’re dating someone they just met last night at a club. People can be funny. i mean It’s very obvious that they try to cover up their pain by literally turning into another relationship. They don’t go on and when someone does. They never go on

#3 Overcompensation on social media They go out every night Pictures of them drinking beer and laughing out loud on Facebook made me sick. But just because this is my movement I know how depressing it is. But I had to show them that I had a great time without them… while I cry inside

#4 public depression They look a little dirty, their hair grows longer, maybe they haven’t shaved in a while. And it wasn’t because they were trying to adopt a grunge look. If your ex seems to let go That’s because they have. Why? Because in the end they realized that they were idiots. [Read: Is my ex thinking about me? The signs you just can’t miss]

#5 They stay away from the limelight. Suddenly they were nowhere to be seen. They don’t post on Facebook. They don’t like your pictures on Instagram. Nothing. They hurt a lot. I mean completely removing yourself from social media and going out means you’re really suffering.

#6 They do an “inspection”. You broke up soon. But they’re just texting you to see how you cope, you know. Make sure you don’t regret it and spend all day ranting in front of the TV. Surprisingly they are. Calling them is a great way to see if it’s unclear. [Read: 15 reasons why your ex still texts you and stays in touch]

#7 They make their friends spy on you. Of course, they could be your friends too. But don’t assume that they won’t tell your ex what you’re doing and how. They may be at the same house party as you or in the same class. They’re reporting back to your ex.

#8 they are jealous They run towards you while you’re talking to the opposite sex. Oh, you see their faces hot and red. They’re smoke inside Jealousy is not beautiful But it will help you know what they are thinking. [Read: Feeling lonely: Here are legit reasons for missing your ex]

#9 the infamous drunken wire So they are unacceptable that they consciously pretend to you. But while they’re drunk The words flowed out. The shameful and regretful drunken faces are the most reliable way to see how they feel about you. Remember that a drunk person’s thoughts are the words of a sane person.

#10 They keep in touch with your family and friends. Why would anyone keep in touch with your mom and dad after the breakup? Sure, maybe they like your parents, but hey, that’s a strategy to help keep your life alive.

#11 I didn’t expect you to see you here. Oh yes you did, you did your best. If they come to see you regularly That was no coincidence. If the two of you are in a committed relationship Your ex-partner will know your pattern. They know where you go for coffee. Where do you take your dog? they know all That’s not a coincidence. [Read: 14 things to keep in mind when you accidentally bump into your ex]

#12 You see that they have changed for the better. Those things about them that used to bother you. Whether it’s tangled hair, messy, unshaved face, or whatever. They cleaned up already. Not because they need someone else. They’re trying to show you that they can make subtle changes.

#13 They talk about what caused the two of you to break up. Look, no one in their right mind is messing things up. of that conversation unless they want to try to fix it. Why bring it down for fun? doesn’t work that way If they bring it up, they want to fix it.

#14 They are highly secretive about their dating life. I am famous for this I can date a new man. But I never made it public. Why? Because I don’t want a man I still have the feeling to see me taken away. I want him back, so if you know nothing about their love life there’s a reason why [Read: 16 clear signs your ex still wants you back in their life]

#15 They do what you want. Remember when you wanted to go skydiving? Uh, can you take a look, suddenly they are interested, or when you want to go to Egypt? They were taking selfies next to the pyramids as we spoke.

Come on, do you seriously believe they do this because they really want to? ok they want But they are trying hard to get your reaction.

[Read: The step-by-step guide to getting your ex to love you again]

Have you seen any of these signs that your ex wants you back but doesn’t accept them in your life? If you want them back, but they didn’t make the first move. It’s time to step up!

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