16 Hush-Hush Signs Your Friend Wants to Have Sex with You

Are your friends extraordinarily flirtatious around you? If you see these signs So you might have a friend who wants to sleep with you the first chance they get!

Signs Your Friend Wants to Have Sex

Nice to meet someone you can be friends with, right? He shares your interests He enjoyed being around. And you have that chemistry that makes being friends easy. other male friends Yours seems to have been friends with you long enough to get you to sleep with them. With him, things are different. You think to yourself, “Have a friend like him Who needs a boyfriend?”??

Sorry for the bubble bursting. But the notoriously smart Harry on “When Harry Met Sally” said, “Men and women can’t be friends. Because the sex part often interferes”??

maybe not today And maybe not tonight But somewhere along the way The thought of you in bed flashed into his head. And he would love the idea so much that he would do anything to make it happen. In fact, he might be doing it now. And you just know nothing about it. [Read: Are guy best friends nothing but trouble for girls?]

open your eyes girls He probably wants to sleep with you.

Here are 16 signs that will help you know if your guy friend really wants to have sex with you.

#1 the key to his place Has he ever told you that you can break down his house at any time? And you might as well have the keys to his house. Do you know where he keeps his spare keys? As he tells you “just in case”?? He said he was worried about your safety. And he doesn’t want you to come home alone and in the middle of the night. He thought it would be better if you stayed the night at his house. But you should be wondering if he will actually let you sleep on the couch.

#2 underwear. Remember when you guys were hanging out at the mall and you walked past the lingerie store? And then he joked about how well the pajamas by the window would fit on you? He may be joking like this, but the truth is that he misses you in yours underwear.

#3 Feel friends. You think courage is dead But your friend proves you wrong. He helped you get out of the car. hold you on the little back to guide you through the door Kiss your cheek when you see each other and hug you, that’s it. You’ll find him lingering and wondering if he’s in a relationship with you… using his arm [Read: Unique and really effective moves your guy best friend may be using on you, to get you horny]

#4 eyes on you. especially your breasts or your butt or your whole arc. The point is, when you talk to him You’ll never see him look into your eyes. You notice a slight glance at your face. but mostly He eagerly looked at your hump.

#5 night out He asks you to go out at night more than any other time. since you met him You went out to dinner. when you invite him to eat He’ll tell you he’s busy or he’s persuaded you to move to dinner. So he’s more likely to sleep with you.

#6 Friends drink. Yes, you are a good friend to drink. And he makes you feel like you can get drunk. because no matter what happens He’ll be there to help you. In fact, you don’t even need to ask for a new round. Because he is eager to buy you round by round… [Read: 10 sneaky techniques guys use to get into your pants]

#7 alone time you have mutual friends but mostly You find yourself hanging out with him alone. He called and asked if he wanted to meet “him”?? At your favorite watering hole just to meet him alone. most importantly He does everything so you can hang out with him alone.

#8 movies. He always tells you that “Is there this movie you have to see”?? He knows you like noir movies. Especially bizarre and often scary-looking French films. And he indulges you because he says he likes those movies too Fat Chance. He just wants you to watch movies in his place to increase your chances of connecting. Even if it means that he has to sit in the middle of the awkwardness watching bad and cruel things on you.

#9 you wear it best You know he’s not gay. and from his sneering at fashion magazines and energetic men with men’s buns. You know he doesn’t care about fashion in the slightest. He remembers it all. He knows the LBD that looks good on you. The one who bends you the most And he’s not shy about letting you know.

#10 Your sex life is his business. He gets updates on your love life—and your sex life. After all, he is a good listener. He listens to you endlessly groan about your date and he gives great advice… until he asked how things were in the bedroom. which you can’t forget to tell him Because he’s like your best friend anyway.

#11 His sex story. Now he knows about your sex life. He also tells you about his sex life—to the point that he boasts about it. He tells you how he was in the sack and how the women responded to him. He wants to impress you. Or even excite you? most likely [Read: 10 clear signs your male BFF is secretly trying to seduce you]

#12 Satire. You know him as the clown in your friend group. So when he starts joking you talk to him. you laughed out When he tricked you on how good you look when you put on your sheets. You punched him in the face joyfully. Often he goes too far. But you let it slide because you secretly love the attention.

#13 “Accidentally”?? sex In addition to the tongue falling off, it’s also “accidentally”?? Send you sexts. Who does that? If it was once or twice, it was almost unacceptable. “This woman he saw”?? There were more and more, and he didn’t even apologize about it.

#14 Spying together? He tells you he’s your pilot, but he really just wants to know what kind of guy you like or think he’s hot. He saw those guys at the bar you said you liked. and in his opinion He was comparing himself to them. thinking that he is better

#15 He doesn’t see anyone. When you ask him if he saw anyone He says he sees. However, he is always with you and although not often with your friends, he keeps you updated on his whereabouts. So you wonder if that mysterious woman really exists? Most likely, he is waiting for you to notice him. [Read: 20 unmistakable signs your friend is crushing on you]

#16 Your friends can tell. When your friends tell you something isn’t right. You should listen to them You might even forget that your guy friend is trying to get you to have sex with him. but when others see You should look more closely.

Plus, your coworkers know you both very well. If he has a design about you He might be talking about one of them and the news might have left. as you know He is your best man. And if you have everything your way You want him to be a peaceful part of your life. without having to have sex at all [Read: How to stop a guy friend from hitting on you or flirting with you]

However, when you read the signs above and find yourself marking each one as it relates to you. You know he might be around this to rest Thinking about it is enough to drive you crazy. Especially because both of you have good friendships and you don’t want to ruin it by sleeping together. [Read: How to be just friends with a guy when he wants more]

Although the above signal is a good start. But the only way you can know if your friend really wants to have sex with you is to ask him if he really is your friend. He won’t be offended and will tell you, “No, I’m not trying to have sex with you. Little Cray Cray”??

[Read: The step-by-step guide to getting your friend to sleep with you]

But what if your friend wants to have sex with you? You can see right after you ask him. when that time The ball will be on your court. and you can go from there

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