14 Subtle Signs Your Girlfriend’s Not Over Her Ex & Still Misses Him

How can you tell if your boyfriend isn’t cheating on your ex? Did she talk about him more or more in detail? Find out if she’s not breaking up with her ex with these signs.

Signs that your boyfriend hasn't broken up with his ex

Have you ever wondered if your boyfriend didn’t cheat on her ex? It’s possible she did something that made you think that way.

Maybe you saw her staring at your ex’s pictures when she thought you weren’t looking. or she talks about him often when not necessary

It’s not always easy to decipher the thoughts in a girl’s mind. But if you don’t miss your ex It might be clearer than you think.

A woman can be a secret Especially when it comes to ex-girlfriends and feelings of love that are left behind. But if you’ve ever gotten a nagging idea in your mind and wondered if she’s still harboring feelings for her ex, chances are you’re right!

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Is it normal to still have feelings for your ex?

It depends on how long you’ve been together. You may be wondering if it’s normal for you or your girlfriend to still have feelings for someone in your past. Is this normal or does it mean something else?

It really depends You definitely shouldn’t love them. You can’t miss them or hope they will stay. That’s what everyone experiences.

The problem is when you think your girlfriend is clinging to a past relationship and wishing things were different. When that situation is in play How will your relationship flourish?

Basically, she wishes you were someone else and she was still in the past union!

It’s not easy to find out that she doesn’t break up with her ex. But know that dropping weird names won’t be the biggest problem. It might stress you out. But that doesn’t mean she still dreams of them.

However, if you remember that she was walking away and she was staring into space just by mentioning their names. That’s when you start worrying. [Read: Do you miss your ex or think about them often?]

Should you put up with it?

If your boyfriend recently broke up with her boyfriend. Obviously, she still misses him or misses him. but there is a thin line Between missing my ex in memory lane and missing him. [Read: 15 signs you’re in a rebound relationship and don’t even know it!]

If you believe your girlfriend is still being slapped by her ex or is thinking of getting back together, talk to her. You don’t need to ask her if she still misses her ex. *That’ll make things weird* and even if you ask her directly like that, she bluntly refuses.

Instead, communicate with her. Tell her you believe she stays away. been a while and ask her if there is anything you can do to help her.

Explain that her behavior did not help the relationship. And it doesn’t help you blindly trust her because you’re confused by her latest indifference. [Read: The perfect way to get over trust issues in a relationship]

but personally If your boyfriend is stuck with a love triangle in her head It won’t end well At least for you!

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A subtle sign that your boyfriend hasn’t broken up with her ex.

If the thought that your boyfriend wants an ex-girlfriend annoys you, then why not? Use these signs that she doesn’t miss her ex to decipher her thoughts. It will definitely help you understand her mind better.

1. She is so distant and confused.

If your boyfriend is distant from time to time. that’s normal We all have problems in life that separate us from time to time.

However, if you ask her what’s wrong and she tells you it’s okay. Or tell you it’s something she has to deal with herself. ask why

If at one point you have this conversation where she tells you that she is confused or she talks about her ex that emphasizes positive things about him. That’s a red flag [Read: How to deal with your girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend if he’s still pursuing her]

2. She looked excited when she saw her past.

Your girlfriend gets excited and excited as soon as she accidentally bumps into her ex or bumps into him. She couldn’t stop talking about him even though he said goodbye and walked away. And if you secretly look at her from the corner of your eyes, you might even see her smiling at herself.

And if you weren’t around her when she bumped into your ex and she told you on the phone. You may have noticed that she is more excited and lively than usual. [Read: Real reasons why girls are so fickle in love]

3. She began to go down memory lane.

Your boyfriend talks about his ex’s memories like they’re still fresh in his head. She remembered him fondly. and spoke of him as if he was her best friend, “That bastard, bastard, cock, you make me laugh like this!!”??

By the way, your girlfriend calls her dick. Don’t you feel at ease now? Especially when she smiles and loses herself in a reverie after saying something meaningful *in a good* way about him? [Read: Old love letters and memories – Keep or throw them?]

4. She’s good at comparisons.

Has your boyfriend ever compared you to her ex and showed you negatively? Of course, she might only do this when she’s mad at you. *Dick is a very nice person. He would never do this to me!*

But what if your boyfriend compares you to your ex for the dumbest reasons? or when you are late or forget to do something That means she’s mentally evaluating who’s the better girlfriend.

But seriously, if she has no intention of leaving you and getting back with her ex. Why compare in the first place, right?!

5. She is in constant contact with him.

Exes stay exes for a reason Exes never make good friends. Of course, it’s definitely possible for your ex to be friends. but not likely

If your girlfriend is still friends with her ex and still connects with him in a way that’s more than just an old acquaintance. You have reason to worry And you will definitely be allowed to go into panic mode if she texts him frequently. Or like his social media posts and comment periodically. [Read: Can exes ever turn into friends after a break up?]

6. She also remembers small details and activities.

When a relationship collapses and an ex-lover separates The first thing they have to do is clean the love slate.

But if your girlfriend still remembers *Their song* got and hummed with nostalgia. Or point out every place she and her ex used to go. It shows that she is still holding on to her ex’s thoughts and keeping it alive.

For what? Well you know…

7. She was annoyed when she heard about his dating life.

Your boyfriend is likely in a relationship with you. And, supposedly, she is happy with you. But does she get annoyed or annoyed when she hears that her ex is dating another woman?

She might not tell you in front of you. But if you read her face She might look distracted or angry. Or she might suddenly be abnormally quiet. [Read: The best ways to deal with an ex seeing someone new]

8. You feel like a recovering man.

Your girlfriend might be using you as a bouncy guy. This could either win over her ex or make him jealous. It’s a common occurrence when two good friends start dating.

You’ve fallen in love with her for years. Watch her go from one man’s arms to another. And never had the courage to ask her out, and eventually she realized you were cute and started dating you. *Maybe because no one invited her in time!*

And now she’s bored of you. because you act more like a friend than a boyfriend [Read: 15 reasons why nice guys finish last all the time!]

9. She seems to enjoy talking about her past.

She probably doesn’t talk about your ex all the time. But when she meets an old friend *Who your ex is still friends with* Did she ask about her ex within the first 15 minutes of meeting them?

If she asks a lot about her ex and what he does. Or if her eyes sparkle and she talks about him excitedly to her friends, I’m sorry, but she still likes him!

10. She deliberately bumped into him *accidentally*

And you know! Has your girlfriend ever asked you to take her somewhere even if you had other plans and accidentally stumbled upon her ex? [Read: 14 things to keep in mind when you bump into your ex]

If your girlfriend is so excited to go to the reunion? Or if she insists that you won’t follow her even though that you know she will meet an ex It might be a sign that she hasn’t stopped messing with him.

She wants to contact him without you.

11. She wants to be friends with him.

Your boyfriend and ex have broken up. The two went their separate ways, and now she suddenly confesses to you that she wants to be friends with her ex. Because she finally broke up with him and didn’t miss him like that anymore.

If so, why would she want to be close to him in a way that is called friendship? Could it be that she’s keeping an eye on him for other reasons? [Read: 12 reasons why your girlfriend needs to follow the no contact rule]

12. She said she loves you. but she misses him

Your girlfriend tells you that she loves you. But she also said that she misses her ex from time to time. If your boyfriend ever said this to you. Maybe that’s because you’re the doormat and let her walk in on you.

You can be a really good man. But she can tell you something like this. Show how easily she accepts this relationship with you.

13. He tried to get in touch with her and she was secretly excited.

And strangely, she didn’t want to be rude to him and avoid him!

But she pretends to be cute. Helpless, who can not break the heart of an ex and get in touch with him. *Even if you have to break your heart*

Most importantly, she was thrilled that he reached out to her. And she had butterflies fluttering in her bosom. [Read: 16 signs your girlfriend’s ex wants her back in his life]

14. She gets upset every time he talks about it or sees it.

Your boyfriend will distance himself from you every time she meets her ex. She smiles at herself or takes her own time and needs her space.

She still keeps in touch with her ex and talks to him a lot. Think about it. A single ex-girlfriend… And the temperamental and estranged girlfriend every time her ex calls? Something smells fishy, ​​don’t you think?

Is it time to break up with your boyfriend?

There is a threshold that you will be able to withstand her antics and sickening reminders of her past. And this criterion is different for each man. If your boyfriend is always worried about her ex. or give you a reason to doubt her Let’s talk to her about it.

Calmly tell her that your strong relationship with your ex is separating the two of you. And if she really wants a good relationship with you. She had to set her priorities clearly.

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After all, ex is called for a reason – because it’s the past. But if she still chooses to be “friends” with her ex, it’s pretty obvious that she’s choosing him over you.

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Use these signs that your boyfriend is not above her ex to decode her thoughts. And once you know if she’s still in love with your ex, talk to her and the conclusion of the conversation will decide the future of your relationship.

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