21 Easy-To-Recognize Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings for You

Guy friends are great – always loyal and protective. See the signs your guy friends have feelings for you? It’s time to think carefully!

Signs that your boyfriend has feelings for you

Male and female friendships can be tricky. On the one hand, I have many male friends. and we get along well It’s not always easy to see the signs that your male friend has feelings for you. But when you feel that way It doesn’t matter. Okay, that’s a lie. I have There is one or two feelings that like me. But we both talked about it or gradually. create distance between each other

One of my friends told me that he liked me and stopped being friends until he felt he could willingly regain his friendship. We are still friends But we don’t talk as much as before. It’s normal to happen after two friends make a friendship decision.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it won’t hurt and you won’t feel sad about it. All friendships are precious. And when you start to see the signs that your boyfriend has feelings for you? You have to be extremely careful if you want to maintain friendships. [Read: How to save your relationship: 16 practical ways to make it work]

Does it always mean the end? Not at all. However, sometimes all the dynamics change and the comfort factor disappears. for that reason It’s important to know the signs your guy friends have for you. So you’re one step ahead.

The Biggest Sign Your Boyfriend Has To You

You can be good friends with this guy. And don’t think much about him. But you don’t know if they think the same way. Relationships are complex and not black and white.

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We can grow out of those feelings or dive into them. If you are reading this Chances are you will feel that something is wrong with your friendship. Maybe you were best friends before. But have you ever felt that his behavior has changed slightly? It could be for many reasons. But the common reason is that your boyfriend has feelings for you. Why shouldn’t he? You are awesome!

But before jumping into the gun Let’s see first what happened. Are you just friends? Or do you see signs that your male friend has feelings for you? [Read: How to know if a friend likes you romantically even if he’s hiding it]

1. You feel it

I’m a huge fan of following my instincts. And if you feel that something has changed in your relationship, It might be so when talking about someone’s mood to follow your instincts If you have something in you that says “He likes me best.” He might like you, of course. The only way you’ll know is if you talk to him about it. [Read: How to tell if someone likes you without having to ask them]

2. He always texts you.

No man will waste their time. consistently Text a girl they’re not interested in. Yes, a good guy friend will text you. But you can go a day or two without contact. And it’s not a big deal But he makes sure you have frequent contact throughout the day and never miss a beat.

3. He is more touching

When we have feelings for someone We do our best to get closer to them. I’m not talking about aggressive and inappropriate touch. It’s more playful and delicate. He’ll brush your hair off your face, hug you, or stroke your hand. This is a small act, but it shows that he is physically interested in you. [Read: The most clearly noticeable signs of body language attraction]

4. He listens to you

but, in fact Listen to you. He doesn’t move his phone, muttering “yes” or “oh cool” when you talk when there’s something you want to share. He will really listen to what you have to say. This doesn’t mean he loves you. But it shows the level of respect he has for you. And that’s really important when you’re trying to see how other people feel about you.

5. He is interested in knowing the details.

Most men will not waste time traveling. really know who you are Only your best friends make an effort to get to know you better. And that’s why they are your best friends. but to reach that level You have to be open to each other. when you open up will build a strong relationship

6. He caused his love life to go downhill.

It’s shocking that you really don’t know. What’s going on in his love life? Wait, is he in love too? He didn’t really share information with you. about that and if he does The relationship ends before it even begins. If he doesn’t talk openly about other women There might be a good reason why *cough* *cough* [Read: 17 signs he likes you as more than a friend and wants to ask you out]

7. He is always by your side.

If you’re sick, he comes with a home-cooked soup. when you are sad He’ll be there with a bucket of ice cream and your favorite movie. I mean, the guy is treating you like his girlfriend. and if he does these things You know he has feelings for you. If he’s just a good friend Of course he will be by your side but not very intense.

8. Only you and him on his social media

Go to his social media and tell me what do you see? Are you basically the only woman in his profile? unless he doesn’t know any Other women have a good reason why you’re the only person in any photo. If you’re plastered all over social media That’s one of the clearest signs your boyfriend has feelings for you.

9. He treats you differently than his other female friends.

You hang out with him and his other female friends, but things are a little different. He treats other female friends. different from you He didn’t try to get closer to them. don’t flirt with them or spend time with them, but he is do all those things with you [Read: How to handle sexual tension between friends like a platonic pro]

10. He’s Jealous

When you’re talking to a potential date, he’s jealous, of course he’s trying to hide it. But you can see in his eyes that he doesn’t like you talking to other guys. And when you tell him about it He’ll be silent or make negative comments about the guy you’re talking to.

11. They make lots of eye contact.

time to talk to other people Eye contact is normal, but you know There are different eye contact styles. Eyes can tell you a lot. If he always looks at you Staring and staring into your eyes with love There seems to be more going on than just a peaceful friendship. [Read: What does eye contact mean to a guy? Is he a subtle flirt?]

12. He goes out of his way for you.

Our friends will help us when we are in pickles. But there are limits to what they can do for us. but for him There seemed to be nothing he couldn’t do. whenever you need him He will be there without blinking an eye. There is no uncertainty when it comes to his loyalty to you.

13. He’s all over your social media.

No matter the stories you post on Instagram or on Facebook, they will be there. comment or like Comments here are not wrong. but actually all through your social media People are starting to wonder if the two of you are dating. [Read: 15 signs your guy friend is totally crushing on you]

14. The truth appeared when he was drunk.

truth always Came out after a few drinks as a gift and a curse When he drinks and texts you or comments about you and him. This is a pretty good hint that he likes you. You don’t text people you don’t like when you’re drunk.

15. You can specify the period of change.

There will be a change in his behavior. Do you remember when? That might be where he starts to look at you differently. If you could look back and identify the times when things Starting to change and feeling some ‘no’ to you. That’s a pretty good sign that your guy friend has feelings for you. [Read: Does he or doesn’t he? 30 guaranteed signs he likes you]

16. He starts asking more and more questions about your love life.

He may not have invested in your love life before. unless you tell him He might have his opinion. But maybe he keeps it to himself. However, now he’s more interested in the person you’re with. And tactfully start asking who likes your posts on social media.

17. You notice him blushing or restless.

when you are with friends You don’t usually feel uncomfortable, however, when you’re with the person you like. You do that! One of the biggest signs your boyfriend has for you is when you start to notice that he is restless or blushing around you. This is a tell-tale sign of attraction and shows that he is trying to hide his feelings. [Read: Male body language: 24 subtle cues to instantly read his thoughts]

18. He started acting like a gentleman.

Of course, this didn’t mean that he wasn’t a gentleman before. But men tend to be more relaxed with women who are just friends. Compared to the women they’re interested in, if they suddenly open the door and want to pay for your coffee. It’s also a big sign that he’s starting to go crazy.

19. He is overwhelmed with compliments.

He suddenly starts telling you how good your clothes are? He’s starting to notice your new hair, ‘did you? Is the compliment starting to come closer to you than before? It’s one of the key signs that your guy friend has feelings for you and he’s trying to show you through his compliments. [Read: 25 things guys say when they like you – How to decode the lines they say]

20. He invites you to hang out with his other friends.

He just wants to be around you, and if that means inviting you to hang out with other friends. he will start doing That means he can indulge in your presence and time in a number of ways. And you would regard him as the butterfly of society. Sneaky!

21. He starts trying to impress you.

Is he suddenly trying? That might be for your benefit. Has he started making jokes around you to try to make you laugh more than usual? Once again he tries to impress you. And he might seem embarrassed and embarrassed when it doesn’t go according to plan. [Read: How guys flirt: 15 subtle things guys do to impress a girl]

What if your boyfriend has a crush on you?

It’s interesting to learn the signs your male friend has feelings for you. But what should you do with it? Ah, million dollar question! It depends on how you feel about it, and of course, are you sure you’re reading the signals correctly? Don’t just go in and tell him you know how he feels. You might be totally wrong and get utterly embarrassed.

You should not look for one or two signals. You must have seen at least three of the four signs your friend likes you regularly to know that the probability of him crushing in your direction is quite high. listen to your instincts And if you’re pretty confident Think about how you feel next. [Read: Listen to your gut and give strength to your inner voice]

Is he someone you have feelings for? Be careful that you don’t just think it might be a cool thing to try. You have to be 100% confident about how you feel if you will even try to do this. Unwilling attempts destroy friendships beyond repair.

Should you take the next step if you know he likes you?

The next step? Maybe let’s talk. This is the hard bit. You can’t come out right away and say “I know you have feelings for me,” but you can start hinting in his direction and see if he can accept it. If he does, his attraction to you will be more intense. then you will no doubt [Read: 14 ways to show a guy you like him, and still be a tease]

Of course, there’s a chance that you’re not interested and you just want to be friends. Should you talk about it or just ignore the signal and hope it goes away? You can do this depending on how strong the signal comes in your way. If it’s obvious and makes you feel uncomfortable. Instead, sit down and talk about it, “Hey dude, what happened? I noticed…” should do that. Then, it’s important that you gently let him down. Tell him that you love him as a friend and that you don’t want to risk anything.

In the end, you can’t try something you’re not keen on just because you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. If he values ​​your friendship, he will understand, and you should try to stay as normal as possible. But that’s okay too. [Read: How to give someone space without losing them: Letting fear go]

Can friendships survive failed relationship attempts?

My honest opinion is no, can’t for that reason. You have to be completely confident that you are willing to risk the friendship to see if a romantic relationship will work. Few people break up romantically and get along well soon after. Sure, some people do, but it’s rare. That will have a huge effect on your friendship after that, and to be honest, I doubt it’s never going to be the same again.

What you have to decide is whether it’s worth taking the risk to find out or if your friendship is as good as ever.

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After looking at the signs your male friend has feelings for you. What do you think? Do you think he carries a torch for you? if so tread carefully

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