20 Speedy Signs Your Relationship is Moving Too Fast

Every relationship runs at its own pace. How do you know if your relationship is going too fast or too slow when there are no established guidelines?

relationship too soon

There are no fast and hard rules for a relationship that should go fast. if this is the case There’s also a relationship rule book that we can all pull out when questions arise! Want to know if your relationship is going too fast? First you need to consider how it feels about you. Do you feel comfortable? Or do you feel like you’re losing control and are driving down the road dodging obstacles?

The pace of a relationship depends on a number of factors. Maybe it’s about the age of the couple. previous experience family background life attitude, etc. You can also have a partner who considers the relationship to be too slow. while the other party thought it was right. The only way to get past this kind of puzzle is to go with the flow!

However, a relationship that runs too fast is also not a good thing. You must know each other and carefully touch every step of the union. for that reason It’s a good idea to be on the lookout for signs that your relationship is going faster than Speedy. Gonzalez’s best self-harm [Read: Instant relationship: How to slow down and prepare for happiness]

First of all, why is speed a problem?

We just mentioned that a relationship that runs too fast isn’t an ideal situation, but why? And would it be nice for a relationship to run slowly as well?

You don’t just have to get to know each other. But you also need to learn about each other’s values ​​and habits. You can’t do that when you’re speeding through relationship milestones at high speed. It’s only when you go through some arguments and challenges with people you know you’re a good fit for. If you’re in a hurry, you’re missing out on those tasks. and you really don’t know that you mean to each other or not

Also, why do you feel the need to rush? Enjoy the beginning of a relationship because as the passion fades (And it will be) You may be yearning for love during your honeymoon! If you are in a hurry ask yourself why Are you trying to prove something? Are you comparing your relationship with other people? [Read: 5 Easy ways to stop comparing your new guy to your ex]

Remember, there is no speedometer when it comes to relationships. Just because your friend met someone Getting engaged and getting married within 18 months doesn’t mean you have to. That doesn’t mean your relationship is anything out of the ordinary because you haven’t talked much about the future after a few months. Find your ideal rhythm and go with it.

Going too late is bad too?

In some ways yes, if you both get along well in a slow-moving relationship, that’s fine. However, it’s possible that one partner wants to speed up and the other doesn’t understand why. That’s when resentment and confusion can arise. These are two things that can be very damaging and can even ruin a relationship. [Read: How to take a relationship slow but not so slow that it ends]

If a couple is digging and doesn’t want to go through things. Maybe because they don’t need a deep commitment, if the other party does, that’s a big problem.

So, even if the speed of your relationship isn’t a huge issue in terms of certain milestones, it’s not a big deal. Going too fast or too slow may indicate a deeper problem. However, what you are ‘too slow’ or ‘too fast’ for you is entirely personal and cannot be measured.

Who said love was easy?

Signs that your relationship is going too fast and that you need to slow down.

Think you might go too fast? Use these signs to see if your relationship needs cold medicine. [Read: How fast is too fast in a relationship? A guide to perfect timings]

1. You still don’t know them well enough.

Are you putting your partner on a podium without you knowing anything about them? This is definitely a sign of moving too fast. Maybe you need to get to know them better before deciding that they should sit at the right hand of God!

2. Meet your parents in a matter of weeks

It’s a scary time in any relationship. But if you or they’re only meeting your parents for a few weeks in a relationship. Shows that something is definitely wrong. It’s time to pull the reins and turn off course for a while. [Read: 7 phases you have to cross before you’re both ready to meet the parents ]

3. You don’t have time to breathe with calls and texts.

View messages, emails, and phone logs each day. If the number reaches three digits If your phone carrier is chasing you with a bill that’s up to your arm. and you just met the other party That’s a sure sign that you need to slow things down.

4. You have no clue about the subtleties.

If you’re thinking of giving them the whole world. But you don’t even know which newspaper they read or what toothpaste they use. It’s time to move on to calm routines and learn a little about them first. [Read: 50 relationship questions to test your compatibility instantly]

5. You have gained a lot of knowledge about them in a short time.

opposite the point 4Knowing everything can be an equally strong sign if you were aware of their defecation until the minute and you only saw them last week. You both have to hold back a little.

6. It’s like you’re in. Shows that the relationship is moving too fast.

Ah, the classic symbols of a relationship that moves too fast: toothbrushes and toothpaste, razors, soap, even clothes. They all started going into each other’s closets and cupboards. A quick discussion of progress may be needed. [Read: 15 Things to know before moving in with your boyfriend]

7. Friends are being abandoned

Dumped your friends at this start? Or maybe your other half? There are never good signs of a good relationship, duration, and especially not months or weeks after.

8. It seems to be primarily about sex.

Sex is something that should be given to a new partner slowly and steadily. Build trust and respect with love along the way. If you reach the last page of the Kama Sutra And they haven’t gone to drink coffee together yet. You are in serious danger of turning your relationship into an FWB situation.

9. Too much information on social media

you meet on wednesday and on friday All forms of social media are filled with stories and anecdotes about your romantic antics. Trust me, your friends aren’t really whiny. How cute is it—they wonder if it’s taking over you to give your public life to someone you barely know. [Read: The totally-in-love couple’s guide to social media etiquette]

10. The word ‘M’ disappears after a few weeks.

Talking about marriage? That’s something that shouldn’t do much in the beginning. Maybe you should start limiting your contact until you get to know each other better.

11. One of you has children and it’s time to meet them. Are you sure?

meeting with children that’s as scary as with meeting parents for some If not, then more This can be a sudden and shocking jerk back into reality if you’re the one doing the meeting. if the situation reverses You really have to speak to yourself. Just be sure this is a long term story. Before you start introducing someone into your child’s life. which may or may not be attached

12. Talking about transplanting, we don’t know each other well enough.

Every relationship has this discussion at some point. But if you both don’t know each other’s middle names yet. Now is not the time! [Read: Is your partner trying to move in without telling you?]

13. You let your responsibilities slip.

Leaving a friend is one thing. But sacrificing real-world responsibility is another matter. If one of you stops paying the bill or abandon financial relationships without talking to each other. Slowing it down is a sensible choice.

14. You still don’t feel like you really are yourself.

Still hanging on the perfect first date arch? Unwilling to reveal your true identity? Both are clear signs that the relationship has moved forward in what it should be.

15. Relationships go too fast if the word ‘L’ crops up and you’re just not sure.

“Love” is too easy and too fast in today’s relationships. Save it for when you really feel it. Otherwise people may get hurt. more importantly If you feel it after just a few weeks You may need to reevaluate whether it is real or a fundamental obsession. [Read: 10 reasons why saying ‘I love you’ too soon just sucks!]

16. You’re planning a vacation too early.

Are you planning a trip together, or is one of them annoyed when the other goes on vacation without you? We’ve been together for five years, this feeling is fine. But after a few Saturdays…talk to yourself! Going on vacation with someone can totally ruin a new relationship. You never really know anyone. Until you part!

17. Relationship positions are flying around after a few weeks.

if you just met But with the introduction of a BF or GF already in use, you might want to insist on giving it a little time. This is a relationship that moves faster than politicians through public hearings. [Read: Are we in a relationship? How to know for sure if you’re a couple]

18. Bambi talking? recently?

Alright… let’s be honest! You’ve just arrived onstage remembering each other’s names and you’re already talking about having kids? You guys have to slow down to hell!

19. You use pet names because sometimes you forget their real names.

You know things move too quickly when pet names start popping up. Two weeks of “soothing” or “honey” is a sign that you need to stay busy. It could be that you know them so little that sometimes their real names slip out of your mind. It happens!

20. You date every day.

If you know somewhere in a region during a mosquito’s life. But you can still look back at half a dozen or so. The signs were consistent: you, my friend, is Speedy Gonzalez of Amour. It’s time to slow down. [Read: How many dates before a relationship becomes official?] [Read: The 9 stages of relationships all couples go through]

If the relationship goes too fast It is often not a good result. If the above signs appear regularly You may need to re-evaluate the speed of things, although it may be difficult. But don’t be too afraid to hit the brakes and reverse. The right person will be willing to be by your side.

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