10 Signs Your Rocky Relationship Deserves a Second Chance

Despite the roadblocks preventing your relationship from progressing. But here are 10 signs you should fight a good fight.

Rocky relationships can be exhausting. You tend to wait until something bad happens. You can feel that everyone around you is in a better relationship while you are still dealing with minor issues. mistrust and/or communication

But maybe not everything is missing: Rocky relationships are just the type of relationships that have to work. have to work a lot before it’s as good as it gets Every other happy, healthy relationship you may know has gone through several rocky steps before reaching a more stable point. Yours must not fail. But both you and your partner must be willing to put in the time and patience. [Read: 12 things happy couples do that makes them so enviable]

How to know if you should be in your relationship

Think of the following features as the essentials that you can use as a starting point for something better. If you have all 10 or just most It wouldn’t be wise to break up with your relationship right now.

#1 You both talk about your problem. Even if you lack good communication techniques. You may end up arguing and losing patience. But both of you are still trying to talk about your concerns and views. This shows that you both care enough to try. Even knowing that you can use a better method of communication. It means you value the relationship. and hence willing to go to a better point. which you will speak patiently and effectively

No matter how bad it looks now But you have the basics to build on. Now both of you just have to find a way to stay calm and communicate the message without arguing. [Read: 23 do’s and don’ts of relationship arguments]

#2 Despite the difficulties, you have fun together and share lots of fun, happy, and healthy memories. It’s hard to let something go when there are so many good times, even when there are darker ones. If you both agree you have great chemistry and dynamics. regardless of the drama Maybe there’s a chance here.

The trick lies in finding ways to reduce bad times. And create good things that you can do if you both sit down and think about what works and doesn’t.

#3 Neither of you has a strong desire to break up. No one really likes a breakup. Even if they refused and showed a happy expression. But there are times when people from the heart need to destroy things because they are unhappy Wanting to break up and being willing to endure the mourning process means that you have moved on from the relationship.

If you don’t feel like this at all But you both really want to solve the problem, and there’s a structure to do. Now all you have to do is deal with the problem and come up with a possible solution. *No matter how small* so you can stay connected and don’t feel the need to run off the slopes. [Read: 10 ways to get through a rough patch in a relationship]

#4 love is there And you really don’t have eyes for anyone. It’s safe to say that if both sides of the relationship are not in love. you should break up It’s not useful anymore. And you are clearly interested in seeing other people. But if the love is there and it’s so strong that you can’t imagine being with anyone. Show that you owe it to yourself and to each other to try.

love doesn’t come easy The world is full of people who are lonely or in uncomfortable relationships. If you have real It would be a shame to throw it away on various issues. where you can work together

#5 Neither of you can deny it. And both of you are well aware of your relationship problems. Sounds really absurd. But this is quite a big deal. If one or both of you are refusing You will overlook the problem Ignoring what you need to fix And let the problem escalate and mutate into something worse than ever. as well as disease It will spread to everything you do together. Suck the pleasures out of sex, vacations, date nights, and ultimately, your life.

If both of you don’t have this problem and are well aware of the problem without the sugar coating. Show that you have a positive view of what is happening. And you can take real steps to fix it. [Read: 12 things happy couples talk about and feel closer every day]

#6 You always say sorry and try to do everything for each other after an argument. Apologizing is difficult for everyone. no matter the situation You must forsake your arrogance. Accept your mistakes and ask forgiveness from others.

That action is fragile. But what if you and your partner do it and find a way to make things better after an argument? *crazy sex, special dates, special meals or activities, doing little things that say more than words, etc.* You deserve a second chance in a relationship. [Read: 17 sweet ways to genuinely say you’re sorry]

#7 You can confidently say that you’re better together, stronger, and more focused on priorities. Think back to when you were single. no matter how long ago Did you not do anything that you started doing while in your relationship? Maybe you are in school barely passed the class And now you have graduated from university. After graduating with second class honors Or maybe you’re partying too much. bad decision But now you better focus on your responsibilities and put your face on your shoulders.

I miss your partner now. How has their situation changed for the better? What you do while in a relationship is often a reflection of your partner. Healthy relationships are made up of people who inspire and motivate each other to get better. If this is you, don’t leave your relationship alone. [Read: Pillow talk and how it can make both of you better people]

#8 Your problems do not include other people, infidelity, revenge, or harassment. Some people can go through infidelity. But most of them don’t do it for a reason: it means your relationship is missing something. or your partner does And you choose to go off the beaten path to find it because it means more to you than the relationship. For each person, and for some, it moves on and leads to a happy relationship afterward.

However, if your relationship is rocky You are already in a fragile state. Anything that involves infidelity harassment or even revenge * such as wanting to always get back to your partner No matter how minor problems* will end your relationship. This is a blessing in disguise because even if you are suffering But you got rid of the unhealthy situation. You shouldn’t be thinking about ending a good story.

#9 Your partner is not just your partner. They are your best friends. You both kiss, hug, have sex, and make plans for dating and even the future. You go out with family and friends. but likes to spend time alone together despite your problem But this is still true.

But is your partner your best friend? If you both tease each other share similar hobbies Do projects together, drink together, hang out and do nothing together. or go on an adventure together show that you are best friend

If you have a boyfriend who is your best friend. don’t throw that away It’s not every day that you come across someone you don’t feel the need to impress all the time. Someone who won’t judge you if you just get out of bed and look like a dead person on the street. Someone who knows embarrassing things about you and never betrays. trusted by telling people

#10 At the end of the day You have the same goals for the future. If you have already determined that you want to have a future together and grow old together. That’s a serious, long-term relationship. If you both talk about what you want your future to be. and mostly agreed Show that you are smart. For example, maybe you both want to live in a small place. and focus on open floor plans or retired in Europe Maybe you both want to have children or refuse to have children.

in any case If you both smile when talking about the future and share the same vision. or at least optimistic You shouldn’t throw it all away. You should fight together for a good relationship. to make that vision come true

Rocky relationships have the stamp of being a relationship that must be avoided at all costs. but in reality These relationships are just the case when two people need to find a way to highlight their strengths and get them together. It’s not an impossible thing. and if done well Your genuine desire to make your relationship last can lead to a strong and rewarding relationship.

[Read: 12 clear signs of true love in a relationship]

There is a big difference between unhealthy and strong relationships, requiring little tweaking. Take a closer look at what keeps your relationship going. And use the signs above to decide if your relationship deserves a second chance.

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