14 Signs You’re a Side Chick When You Believe You’re his Main Girl

Dating life in the age of Tinder and Instagram is hard, and even when you find someone to be with. It’s just a sign that you’re a chick.

Signs that you are a side chick

I don’t know how to tell you. It sucks. You’ve stumbled upon a sign that you’re a side chick. with social media and the fear of missing out. People are afraid to commit themselves to someone because they think something better will come.

This is not an excuse for a man to be in a relationship and having children by his side. They know what is right and what is wrong. So don’t get too many sympathy cards for them here. [Read: Could you be confusing your relationship with love bombing?]

How to read the sign that you are a chick

This isn’t even about them. This is about you. Having multiple girlfriends is not your problem. Sure, it’s a little because you might as well be a side chick. The whole point is to find out so you can dump his ass.

If you have a weird feeling about your relationship and feel like he’s not strengthening your relationship. You might as well be a side chick. But don’t jump to the assumptions. Look at the signs and put the puzzle pieces together. Are you the main woman or his side?

#1 You never met his friend When a guy wants to show off to the person he really likes. He introduced his friends first. when you meet friends That’s a sign that he really likes you. and want to show off you Now you can be a chick and meet his friends. Usually, he likes to keep you and his personal life separate. That way, gossip won’t spread. [Read: Ready to be a side chick? Follow these drama-free rules]

#2 He rarely sees you. if you are his fan He’ll take the time to make sure he sees you as much as possible. He only saw you once maybe twice a week He sees you but devotes most of his time to his true soul mate. You are not his main woman. [Read: The signs he’s only using you for his enjoyment]

#3 I don’t have your photo. If you’ve been dating him for a while It’s normal to have your photos on social media. But when you try to take a picture of him He’ll get mad and tell you not to post anything on the internet. Come on, you know what that means. It’s not because he thinks he looks bad in the photos. It’s because he doesn’t want anyone to know that he’s dating you.

#4 you don’t go on a date when you are dating You usually go on a date with your boyfriend. Maybe you go to the movies Go to the mall or the amusement park. The point is, he’s taking you to spend some good time with him. Netflix and popcorn in his bed don’t count. If he doesn’t take you out of the house there’s a reason why

#5 he doesn’t open up When you know you’ll only be sleeping with someone for a short time. You won’t really reveal yourself. because it will hurt you If you try to get him in the mood and he shuts down. He doesn’t want to be attached to you.

#6 He calls you… in the middle of the night. But I’m not talking about the six o’clock phone. We’re talking late night calls, if you ask me, this is the most obvious sign that you’re a chick anytime after 10 and he’s just looking for quick, easy sex. Has he ever called you during the day to go out? think about it [Read: Booty call moves that can impersonate as true love]

#7 Usually the same day, same time when he sees you It’s always the same time and day. It’s like a routine. He had to keep it like this because he cheated on his art. He has a specific excuse for that moment when he’s with you. That’s why you never see him outside of that time and day.

#8 He will be silent for days or weeks. He tends to suddenly disappear without telling you where he is going or what he is doing. And what’s more, he will appear miraculously like never before. Maybe he needs to chill a bit because his partner is starting to wonder.

#9 he doesn’t sleep Now, some guys might like the comfort of their own bed. But if he really likes someone They will give up one night in your bed, however, if they haven’t slept in your bed for a night. That’s because you’re not special. This is what makes the difference between the girlfriend and the chick next to it. [Read: Does he only want a secret relationship with you?]

#10 He overprotects his phone. No one can protect their phone if they don’t have anything important or secret about it. If he deletes all daily call logs and pictures are encrypted. He may have some questions. Also, if he tends to walk away every time he texts or talks on the phone. That’s suspicious.

#11 He doesn’t answer your calls. It’s funny when you call He is not getting a good signal or his battery is low. Is it convenient? There’s a reason why he doesn’t answer your calls after work. And this is a clear sign that you’re a chick and nothing more. Maybe he’s with his family or his girlfriend? Don’t jump to conclusions all at once. But if he doesn’t answer your call And do something else on this list too. Be careful. [Read: 16 subtle signs he’s definitely cheating on you]

#12 You don’t know where he is. He only knows where you live, is that weird? Unless he’s embarrassed to tell you he lives with his mother. There’s another reason why you’ve never stepped into his house. Maybe because he wasn’t there alone. Hint: It wasn’t his mother.

#13 You are not important. Whenever you really need him he is not there If you are his partner He won’t ask anything. He will do what he needs to help you. But you’re not important to him. He might not even be the first to come into your mind. which is a great sign in itself [Read: The signs you’re nothing more than a hookup]

#14 He has a wife/girlfriend. If you find that he has another woman You can be sure that she is your girlfriend or his wife. If he doesn’t treat you like a partner. So you’re the side chick in this story, those other girls? Yes, they are the ones he values. You’re just an extension when he needs a change.

[Read: The signs he just wants to cheat with you and isn’t looking for something serious]

Signs that you’re all side chicks are the same? If you think you are now You have to decide what you will do. Do you want to be his side chick?

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