13 Needy Signs You’re Too Available for Your Partner

Did you go for the second run your lover beckoned? If so, you might have a problem. Here’s how to know if you’re too ready for your partner.

Signs you are too busy

No one likes someone who is always ready. Where’s the fun? No matter how much time you want to spend with your loved one. Being too prepared can have a negative effect.

Availability pitfalls

if you are too busy You may look like a needy person. It’s like you don’t have a life of your own. This could put you at risk of being overlooked. The old strategy “play hard”?? There is little effect when used, less often more.

Chasing is part of human nature. Everyone likes the act of trying to “get” ?? Some people. If they know you already have and can have you whenever they want. Interest is gone quickly.

I’ve been there many times. Unfortunately, I used to be a girl who would forget about her friends as soon as she started dating someone because she wanted to spend all of her time on the newest flame. And well… that didn’t work for long.

As I started putting the pieces together, I found I was too ready for the man in my life. I always say yes when they want to do something and that gets me taken advantage of. and encouraged them to have high expectations of my time.

In the end, those relationships didn’t work. [Read: 16 reasons why you’re always taken for granted by the ones you love]

So how do you know if you’re too ready for your partner?

Usually, these findings are not so difficult. Because there are so many signs that you are too ready. Take it from me: read these signs and switch ASAP – if you want to get something done.

#1 “Yes”?? how often your vocabulary If you answered yes to everything your new squeeze asked or wanted to do. show that you are too ready You don’t have your own plans? You don’t just want to curl up on the couch and watch a movie. Instead of going to a lame car show

#2 You immediately respond to any calls or messages. Hmm… you’re in the shower. You shouldn’t text back if you’re in the shower. This is a big sign that you are too busy. It’s okay to reply right away if you don’t mess with anything. But if you’re in the middle of cleaning your teeth at the dentist and have to spat at your hygienist to communicate, you have a problem.

#3 You apologize for the missing message/call. The second you see a missed call because you’re in a meeting or just taking a nap. Did you call back and immediately start apologizing and explaining yourself? To be honest, this sounds more hopeless than you’re being nice. Instead, say something short, “Oh, sorry, what do you want?” instead. It makes you more mysterious and makes it seem like you have a life outside of your significant other. [Read: 20 signs you’re a people pleaser and just don’t know it]

#4 You start most conversations. Texting him several times a day and talking about his day seems too busy. But still a little desperate as well. If you’re as busy with your life as it should be. You shouldn’t have time to send 50 messages a day.

#5 You accept last minute dates. friday night 4 Then he called *which you definitely answered the first call* and asked if you went to dinner at 6.Even though you’ve already thrown the pizza and prepared to lie on the couch *in your face-stuffed PJs*, you excitedly say “Of course”? Turn off the stove and go straight to the bathroom. This is a sign that you are too busy.

#6 You let them change their schedule at the last minute. On the other hand, perhaps 6 PM and you just finished taking a shower. but got a message saying “come up” ?? Now you’re left to switch BACK to your PJ and try to cut down on the cooked pizza.

Yeah, it wasn’t fun, but you replied politely *immediately, I might add* “No, Biggie!”?? and go on with your boring night Let other important matters Schedule last minute hassle-free. Doesn’t that mean you’re “understanding”? It means that you are too busy and ignore random changes in plans. Let him know that his canceled plans are being put off. You are not a doormat

#7 You cancel plans with your friends when they want to do something. I am very guilty of this. but it is unforgivable When you cancel a plan you made with a friend just because your partner wanted to have lunch. That’s a sure sign that you’re too ready. I can’t tell you every time, it’s okay. In fact, it’s a good thing!

#8 You don’t make plans with your friend hoping they’ll want to do something. Once again I am ridiculously guilty of this. If you were invited out on a Saturday night and declined just because you thought your partner could do something. Show that you’re ready for the worst way: you’re waiting for someone who isn’t. no need to care

#9 whenever he asks You tell him you’re busy—Even if you are full of new jobs and hobbies. Or maybe you always tell him you’re busy so he can ask for something. Although this is not very busy. But you’re pretending—which is bad too. [Read: The LovePanky dating girl code all girls need to know]

#10 Your friends tell you that you are too busy. Please listen to those friends! Because they might be the friends you don’t want to hang out with with your new special someone. If your friends tell you that you’re too busy *or: leave them or don’t plan with them at all*, that’s a sure sign that you’re really too busy.

#11 You always ask to spend time together. When you ask him to go out to dinner or go on a date every day. He’ll know that you’re not doing much outside of him. Let him ask you—and sometimes refuse. Always having free time and wanting to fill that time for him is a definite sign that you have too much time. [Read: 9 effective ways to stop being so clingy and needy in the relationship]

#12 You plan your life about the likelihood of him showing up. “Should I join a new yoga studio down the road? Um…if I do, I can’t cook dinner with *insert name* three days a week…”?? So you don’t join because maybe you’re busy with your special someone. Not attending events because you might be spending time with him means you’re making yourself too busy—and unnecessary.

#13 People ask if you ever spend time apart. ‘Cause it seems like everything you’ve ever done *Which, of course, is not much. You have to have an open schedule for your man because he* is with your significant other. People are curious about their hobbies and other goals. Yours…but it doesn’t seem like you’ll be able to answer fully without letting him get out of the equation.

[Read: 5 really big reasons why loving someone too much kills their love for you]

Spending time with your significant other is always great. But when you’re too busy It might have the opposite effect. You will not only look hopeless but uninteresting and disrespectful. Chasing is part of the fun. So let your man run after him.

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