Singorama Reviews – Does Singorama Really Make You Sing Better?

You have come to the right place if you are looking for a comprehensive review of Singorama.

First and foremost, I want to clarify that I will be giving you an unrestricted and unbiased review of Singorama. What you are about to discover are the essential details you need to know before you obtain a copy of singorama. You will also have the privilege to look at some snapshots I took from my membership account.

What is Singorama?

Singorama eBookSingorama is a complete voice training course for those who want to learn how to sing and are not willing to pay a fortune for vocal classes. Singorama is suitable for both beginners and advanced singers to improve vocals, and taking average ability to sing to a higher and more professional level.

The course will guide you through a series of audio lessons together with Singorama workbook to help you achieve singing with full vocal range, and hitting notes with perfection in less than 3 months. So you will be able to sing to the world with confidence!

  • Understand the type of voice YOU have and how it affects your vocal quality.
  • Gives you vocal exercises to help improve your vocal tone (similar to the ‘Sargam’ exercises of Indian Classical Music that I have been using during my rehearsals) and teaches you the techniques of correct breathing and posture.
  • Tells you about Chest & Head Voice, the Solfege system, Major & Minor Keys, Key Signatures, and the different styles of singing.
  • Tells you about the bad habits to avoid while singing and gives you tips to extend your Vocal Range.
  • It also gives you some tips on performance while on stage & during auditions, while also telling you how to overcome performance anxieties.

The good points about Singorama ?

A good combination of software packages put together in a logical and systematic manner. It gets downloaded easily and functions well upon installation.

The ‘Interactive Audio Course’ has 28 lessons that aid in learning the basics of singing and help you rehearse (nearly 7.5 hours of audio training).

The ‘Singorama Workbook’ is a 154 page eBook with illustrations and exercises. It acts as an aid to the audio lessons.

The three software bonuses ‘Mini Recording Studio’, ‘Perfect Your Pitch Trainer Pro’ and the ‘Jayde Musica’ are a cute bundle of software packages. These aid in your learning process and enable you to record and listen to your own songs with ease.

The ‘How to Read Music’ is a useful 99 page eBook for those who want to learn how to read and understand written music (and for those who play musical instruments).

Good support in the Member’s Area.

And what’s not so good ?

Too exhaustive!! Will require some time to go through the entire course and begin to start understanding the different aspects of the course. I advice perseverance when going through the course.

The ‘How to Read Music’ eBook is not for people wanting to improve their singing but for those who play (or want to play) musical instruments and want to learn about the art of reading music (The Clefs, the Grand Staff, Measures, etc). However, no harm done by throwing in that extra bit.

Things To Know Before You Sing To The World

If you are struggling with breathlessness and hoarse voice when you sing, then you should follow these 3 tips to help you overcome your problems.

Vocal warm up

Vocal chords need to be used regularly. The concept is similar to your muscles; they get stronger with frequent use, and get weaker with the lack of use, or it can be damaged if you use them inappropriately.

So just like an athlete who needs to warm up before a 100m sprint to prevent a sprain or a muscle break down, there are exercises for singers too. Singers also need to warm up the voice before singing to avoid killing the voice.

A 10minutes vocal exercise a day can make a huge difference in your singing, and how long your voice can last. Singing a song is not considered as a vocal exercise. You need to stretch your vocal cord, relax your throat to loosen your vocals. You can find free vocal classes on the internet which can help your singing online.

Warm ups should be soft, relaxed, and gentle, not pushing yourself to the limits.

Vocal cord closure

A good vocal cord closure is an important part of the singing. Your cords have to come together to make a sound. To get a different effect in the sound, whether it is a powerful intense sound or a clean and crisp sound, it is all down to how you close the cord. Closing the cord correctly not only helps to produce an ideal sound, but it also reduces the risk of causing strains and injury to the voice.

You need to practice your vocal cord closure daily, until you get accustomed to it. The end result is a healthier and clearer tone for your singing. Check out the youtube video on how you can do that –

Bad habits that can kill your voice

  • Smoking

Smoking causes inflammation of the throat, and dries out tissues of the throat and vocal cords. Reduced lubrication in the mouth and throat can lead to improper vocal cord vibration and function, eventually your singing will be strained. If singing under this condition is prolonged, you may experience irreversible damage to your voice.

Smoking can also cause acid reflux which will irritate the food pipe and throat thus affecting singing. Lung function will also deteriorate with prolonged exposure to chemicals in cigarette, when that occurs, there will be a reduced air flow to the vocal folds, affecting your singing. So quit smoking now, don’t let you bad habits affect your music career.

  • Alcohol

Alcohol is known to cause blood vessel dilation, which increases the risk of haemorrhage on the vocal cords when you are singing. It also causes dehydration thus dries out your vocal cords and singing begins to feel strained. In that case, there is also a tendency for you to lose a few notes off of the top of your range.

Prolonged drinking will lead to damage to the voice permanently. So, you have to limit drinking in order to protect your vocal cords, and do not drink at all before any performances.

  • Food

Dairy products are known to increase the production of mucous, which makes your voice hoarse, thus interfering with clear vocal production. It is advised not to consume any of them 2 hours before singing performance.

Fatty and deep fried food and spicy meals can lead to indigestion and acid reflux. The latter causes excess acid from the stomach to rise up to the oesophagus and may cause irritation to the vocal cords.

The bottom line

Singorama is a well known singing software that is available for downloads on the internet. It teaches you every essential singing technique from A-Z. If you are really eager to learn how to sing but haven’t got a clue where to start, Singorama is the ideal program for you. Singorama 2.0 is a complete singing software that contains audio lessons, ebooks and softwares which will guide you anytime you want at the comfort of your home. It would take you from a singing wannabe to a singing star in no time.

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This is the most deliberate attempt that I have ever come across, on teaching anyone how to improve their voice quality and help them to sing better. Singorama draws on a collaboration of knowledge and experience from professionals who are passionate about music and love singing.

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