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When you’re single and still have certain needs Friends can fill your gender gap. However, you may want to read this before going to bed with your friends.

sleep with friends

I think we’ve all been in places where we thought sleeping with friends was a much better choice. Compared to the risks of coming home with strangers Or we get lost and our attractive friends are the next best choice.

It’s not wrong to sleep with friends. Some made it work. They slept together a few times, so stop, keep the friendship in one piece. However, the others end up feeling it and everything gets complicated.

Will sleeping with your friends make you fall in love with them?

I blame movies like useful friend and no obligation That makes people believe that the second you have sex with your friend, both of you fall in love instantly.

These movies are fiction, people, although some people may end up dating someone who is just a friend after sleeping with them. and ended up getting married and having children. But that’s not the usual case.

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Maintain friendships when sleeping with friends.

Not everyone has to go the hard way when sleeping with their friends. In fact, there are many ways to have sex with your friend and not hurt anyone. In addition to having a good and satisfying time
If you want to sleep with a friend but aren’t sure what limits you should be aware of. Please read this list first. it might be useful


when sleeping with friends You’ll need to follow these rules on what to do before, during, and after.

1. Make sure there is no feeling

If you want to sleep with your friend just because you’ve had a crush on him for years. don’t do that You must be completely emotionless. except like them as friends You only complicate things. [Read: 25 friends with benefits rules to remember]

2. Make sure you can handle your emotions.

There are many things to sleep with friends. You can’t beat them if you just got out of a serious relationship. Your past feelings for your ex can be transmitted to them if you’re emotionally insecure. So skip it if you’re in a bad mood.

3. Discuss it before it happens.

If you want to sleep with friends Talk to them first. A good way to do this is to start with a joke. “What will happen if we get together! It must be very strange, right?” and look at what they have to say.

They may be thinking of contacting you as well. You really never know But make sure you mention everything before diving in. [Read: How to accidentally kiss a friend and get away with it]

4. Tell all the truth about them.

if you have had an STD or did not use birth control and even how you feel before and after the fellowship. The only way to sleep with a friend is for you to maintain an open and direct line of communication.

5. Keep it low

Not everyone in the world needs to know that you two are dating. Especially not everyone in your friend group. people started talking And it can make group hangouts awkward and uncomfortable for everyone.

6. Use some protection

This person is just your friend. It’s not someone you have feelings for or can see yourself in a relationship with. For this reason, I always recommend wearing protective gear. If you are pregnant by your friend It will destroy more than just your friendship. [Read: Pulling out is completely safe and other bad sex advice]

do not

If you’re planning to mess with someone who is just a friend. You must follow these rules of what not to do. If you want to control things

1Don’t do it when you’re really drunk.

The mood is especially high when you’re really drunk. and at the same time You don’t make the best decisions you can, so if you want to sleep with your friends. I recommend not doing it when you’re so drunk you can’t figure it out.

2Don’t be jealous when you want to slap someone.

The best thing about sleeping with friends is that you can sleep with other people too. because you are not bound by them. But this means they can do the same thing.

Don’t be jealous if you find out they’re sleeping with someone else. Jealousy means that you have more feelings for them than you initially let. don’t be that person [Read: 16 annoyances of long term FWB relationships]

3. Don’t lie about your emotions.

I know you might want to tell someone that you don’t have feelings for them just so they can sleep with you as a friend. But if you lie about your feelings You will only make things worse. It ends up being difficult for you.

4. Don’t expect more from them.

They agree to be friends with you for good. not your important person your shoulder to cry on or your confidant They are there to sleep with you and don’t change the relationship in any other way.

That being said, you can’t expect them to do things. Give it to you just because you’re sleeping together now. Don’t expect them to treat you differently than your other friends. [Read: How to stay good friends after sleeping with each other]

5. Do not avoid them in groups.

Yes, you sleep together. Yes, you will see them in groups with your other friends. Don’t avoid to keep things low.

If you avoid them People will start to wonder what happened to all of those things. In fact, you tell everyone that something depends on the two of you. If you avoid them all the time [Read: 33 guilty pleasures that are best left a secret]

6. Let’s not hug each other later.

Hugging someone who is just a friend after sex is a bad idea. It can be comforting and you might enjoy that kind of love after having sex with someone. Remember, that’s what a relationship is for. Not a friend with benefits

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should not sleep with friends Following these dos and don’ts will make it a lot easier for both of you.

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