12 Signs You Have a Slutty Girlfriend: Be Proud of It!

Does your boyfriend have sex like Casanova? Get your sluts radar as we list the signs that you have a cool girlfriend and you’ll love it!

cool fan

When a man has a handful of women littered behind them or with countless girlfriends like he is building his own brothel. It was seen as an unusual male hallmark. Something worth celebrating and honoring Other men idolize men with colorful sex lives in the background. But it turned out to be a woman following in the footsteps of a male lover. which is seen as a bad thing and a bad thing she is a big fan

They call these types of girls sluts, girls who really want to have fun. But it’s the type of person you don’t want to take home to your mother *but why not?

but the point is What if you fell in love with someone? What if you fell in love with this sexy, smart and charming girl? But you think she’s too loose with her sexuality. What if you’re dating a really cool boyfriend?

this is the deal

First of all, we’ve been in the 21st century for almost two decades. And you, like many others, should know better than to judge anyone based on their gender. or even just the clothes they wear Sex is not dirty or disgusting. It’s something worth celebrating, so if your cool girlfriend comes in with more gusto than you expected. You shouldn’t worry You should even consider yourself lucky!

Signs that you have a cool boyfriend

But before you call your girl “cool” and spank her, look for the signs that you have a slut for your girlfriend.

#1 she went to commando a lot! She may believe that clothing limits her. And she’s comfortable in her own skin. Her body was her own. So she can do whatever she likes. Besides, she has a great butt. And you love how she teases you by peeking into her personal life. Even in public! [Read: 12 bad girl traits every guy wants in his girl!]

#2 She is not afraid to go public. She really likes PDA, and she’s not shy about showing her love to you. She will tease you and associate with you even in the middle of Sunday brunch. how much she loves you Be thankful—that hot girlfriend is hot for you and proud to show the world.

#3 She first tackled the issue of gender. Remember the first time you met? She was probably the one who was leaning on the table. Her beautiful breasts collide with it. Ask you about your sex life or your wildest sex fantasies. She won’t hesitate to discuss sex with you. Even if you just met

She considers sex to be very natural and commendable. This shouldn’t just be whispering and confined behind closed doors, so she’ll openly reveal her sexuality to you. And you’ll be surprised to learn a thing or two! [Read: 7 signs a girl gives away if she wants to sleep with you]

#4 she started having sex She’s the type of woman who will do whatever she wants. Maybe she’s the one who made the two of you a couple. And now when you’re together She can’t let go of you. It’s like she’s just touching you and the fire of passion will consume both of you until you end up having sex every time. and when it comes to you when she wants it She desperately wants it—and she can get it anytime, anywhere.

#5 She likes rough She’s not the type to play timid and shy in bed. She can even be a parent in bed. She likes it in every way and you will be amazed every time. She definitely likes it when you’re harsh on her and it’s easy to make sense of. As a result, having sex that is as hot as with the same exercise with hot love

#6 and freak You ask her and she’ll tell you that she could do anything, role play, bondage, toys, threesomes and whatever you have. Her record might be long, even if it wasn’t yours. When it comes to freaks, she’s the queen, in fact, she has a collection of toys in her wardrobe. Including porn videos on her computer—all for your sexual satisfaction. [Read: 10 unexpected qualities kinky women will surprise you with]

#7 She really knows what she’s doing in bed. the first time you do You might be surprised how brilliantly and brilliantly she unbuttons you—and still—for giving you head. You’re one of the lucky ones because you sleep with a pro. She’s not the type to be humble and pretend to be a fool. So you wouldn’t think she was a slut. She is confident in bed and all her experiences bring you the best orgasms of your life.

#8 she likes to be naughty She couldn’t help but show her sexy, mischievous, playful side. And you like that she’s unpredictable. She will have sex with you during a busy work day. And that’s enough to keep you motivated throughout the day. Feeling down? She might even send you a nude photo of her so you can “wake up.”

She will touch you there when no one is looking. *And even if someone is watching* and you’ll both laugh at the good times you had, as long as you weren’t caught off guard. [Read: 20 very dirty dares with a naughty twist for girls and guys]

#9 Show that you have a lot of skin Again, she is so comfortable with herself and her body that she doesn’t care what others think of her. She takes good care of herself and doesn’t hesitate to show off what she has. Her wardrobe consists of slim-fit, slim-fit clothes that will show her every curve and crevice—and you thank the heavens for being all yours!

#10 She enjoys the stare of men. because of what she wears and her mannerisms So she got a lot of attention—envy and attention from women. Admiration and libido from men Either way, she likes the attention. Her presence commanded a room and everyone was amazed by her movements and speech. Anyone could easily tell that she was a powerful woman who wasn’t afraid to speak her mind and that was sexy. [Read: How to be a happy couple envied by all]

#11 She is with a lot of men. Not many women accept this. But you are lucky that your girlfriend is open and honest about her sexual history with you. She’s not ashamed or embarrassed that she’s infatuated with many men and she’s only ventured into a few one-night stands. But now you’re with her benefiting from her broad experience and (hopefully) more mature frame of mind. [Read: 8 crucial moves you need to do to turn your girl on]

#12 She is wild and crazy. You’ve seen photos of her and heard what her friends say about her. You are the life of the party. And every time you’re with her Those moments will never be forgotten. And all because she is not afraid to experience life. [Read: 11 things girls do that get them unfairly branded as sluts]

She felt what she felt and it showed. She can give you the best moments of your life and make you do things you never thought you could. Every second with her was—wild and crazy—and you wouldn’t want it to be anything else.

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If you think you have a girlfriend who is stupid because she’s not afraid to speak her mind, express herself, and be comfortable with her sexuality. Being a slut isn’t that bad. You should even be proud to date a woman with fire in her eyes and a thirst for life.

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