8 Sneakily Accurate Ways to Tell if Your Girl is Lying

Are you wondering if your girl is lying to your face? Find out the truth by using these foolproof methods to tell that she’s lying!

8    Sneaky way to tell the truth if your girl is lying or not.

At some point we may have lied without realizing it. Sometimes, small lies are what people tend to use. For example, a friend might say that they’re sick instead of saying they just don’t want to hang out. Your girl might say that she’s fine when she doesn’t want to talk about things that bother her.

Sometimes it may be easier to pick up things as you see fit. Instead of prying to find the truth But there are times when those lies aren’t so important. Those little lies may protect you from the truth… The truth that might hurt you in the end [Read: 15 types of toxic relationships to stay away from]

Men can be paranoid when women lie about certain things. Did she lie because she was unfaithful? Are you lying because you don’t want me to look up important things? Is she lying because she doesn’t respect me enough to think that I can handle the truth? The answer may change from one situation to another.

Is she lying to you?

If you feel that your girl is unfaithful to you. You can try checking for these telltale signs.

#1 Her lines sound rehearsed and not like her at all. You ask her how are you today? and she said “I had lunch with Ann. then we go to the mall and then go home”?? If your boyfriend always tells you about her day, that’s fine. It could be a warning sign.

When your girl tells you about your doubts. You can check if she’s lying by asking her to tell you again later. If you repeat the story verbatim It could be a sign that she practiced her role before talking to you. Why does she feel the need to remember what she did on a particular day if those events really happened? [Read: 7 signs that your relationship is heading downhill]

#2 There was inconsistency in her story. this is for girls who don’t have time to rehearse Minor inconsistencies can give you clues that she’s not completely true, for example, the first time she tells her story. She said she was with Ann. and the second She said another friend was with her.

Maybe she forgot that another friend came by, or has she forgotten her former affair? It’s easy to forget the small details when we talk about what we do on a daily basis. But it might be a little weird if she changed her story almost completely.

#3 She panicked when you asked. It’s normal for you to ask how your boyfriend is doing. Because she’s the one you care about, so if she starts to panic. This will allow the alarm to ring in your head. Why did she suddenly panic? If you’re just asking about something totally harmless?

You can tell if she panics if the volume goes up or she starts talking very quickly. Another way is to tell if she’s using exaggerated hand gestures. After that, she may act restless, or she may begin to become paranoid about you asking to the point that she is anxiously trying to change the subject.

#4 she is angry when you ask “I told you!”?? It’s what she should have said. Although in her defense It’s quite tiring to repeat what she’s already said. Why is she angry?

Getting angry or defensive when you ask a question does two things. For one, it can cause you to avoid this topic. because it clearly bothered her. This will make you wonder why. Second, being angry might give her enough time to change the topic and accuse you of being too prying on what she does. If she’s lying, she’s relying on both of these consequences. So that you don’t have to lie again [Read: 10 tips to fight fair in a relationship]

#5 Too much or too little detail? This will depend on how often she tells you things. While some girls like to talk about all the small details, others keep the details aside to bring up a quick point. Now, we’re assuming you master the way your girlfriend talks on a regular basis.

If she’s the kind of person who puts a lot of detail into it and she’s suddenly short-spoken, then something might be wrong. It might be a little weird when she starts talking about small, unimportant details. [Read: 18 ingenious ways to catch a cheating partner]

#6 She looked very distant. when someone lies They usually don’t want to make direct eye contact with you. Because it’s easier for you to catch them lying. What they usually do is take their eyes off one object to another.

People tend to ignore them when they feel uncomfortable. Of course, lying to loved ones is uncomfortable. So looking the other way is a person’s way of trying to distract yourself from your judgment. To keep them from swaying when they lie, now your girl doesn’t need to keep an eye on you all the time she’s telling you something. But if she uses about 90% of the conversation looking the other way, you might want to start double-checking what she said. But when she meets your eyes too much…

#7 She looks at you straight in the eyes. Have you ever felt like your boss was hypnotized when he told you to do something? Notice that he’s looking straight at you. And how can you use his gaze to make you do as he says? This strategy also works when someone is lying.

When people make direct eye contact with you It can make you uncomfortable and make you careless. when your boyfriend does this She may be trying to convince you to believe her story. It’s possible she thinks looking the other way might make her look weak and unsure of her story. So she does the opposite so you think there’s no reason to doubt what she’s saying.

#8 She is preventing you from double checking. Okay, you must have thought that she was lying about something. in order to prove that she is You could try checking the facts a bit. You try to check her phone. But she always carried her phone with her. or she has password protected Let’s say you guessed the correct password. And you start spying on her messages and pictures. What you find is an empty inbox and an empty photo album.

Her phone is now not an option. You test the hacker’s abilities and try to check her Facebook when she’s not looking, but alas! All her messages were deleted or she changed her password. Now that there’s nothing to see on her phone and Facebook, what other options do you have?

You try to ask her friend where she’s been. But they don’t answer you suspiciously even if they are online. It’s three now We think it’s time to talk to your girlfriend and ask her if she’s hiding something from you, who knows. She might just surrender and admit that something happened that she didn’t want you to know.

[Read: How you can get over trust issues in your relationship]

Lies can be the beginning of other bad things. that your girlfriend can do to you Check for these red flags or use them to confirm that she is dishonest. Better to squeeze the problem in the bud before things get out of control.

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