From Funny to Tearful – 20 Songs About Breaking Up

There’s certainly no shortage of heartbreaking songs—something about the music seems to speak to the mood. And breakups are no exception. Here are 20 of our favorites.


Breaking up with someone you really care about. It is one of the most serious events that can happen. There was a feeling that life was coming to an end. It’s almost as if you’re going into a period of mourning with similar emotions. The human race has many different ways of coping with breakups. It usually depends on the situation and personality of the injured person.
Some of us need to vent our sorrows, shed tears, and lean on our shoulders. Some of us like to get back on horseback. Declare your intention to live again no matter who hurt us and a challenging ride in the sunset Some of us have been contemplating and thinking about the better times. Some of us are downright obnoxious and vengeful!
20 powerful mood-destroying songs
The beauty of music is that it can cater to any occasion. every feeling And the peculiarities of every angle, the following list of 20 songs, although including the ones that brought tears to my eyes, But it consists of other emotional outbursts. Another number that everyone should be able to pay attention to and hope to find solace.
#1 “I will survive.” – Gloria GaynerThis disco classic has been empowering people since the 1970s by encouraging them to throw the husks of their previous toxic relationships in the trash and move on with their lives. “No more welcome!”
#2 “So what?” – Pink. claiming to be from a public breakup with some celebs *which will not be named This modern breakup anthem is a sickening one-finger greeting to fanatics everywhere. Want to choose a battle? this is the song for you [Read: 33 interesting words for lovers, breakups, and fights]#3 “I’m so lonely that I can cry.” – Hank Williams. Classic country western shredder They didn’t feel any worse.
#4 “Ai F**k” – See Lo GreenThis song topped the charts like a lightning bolt a few years ago. And it’s no surprise. Another song that’s too embarrassing to say, Cee Lo comes out with a big female slap slap for gold-diggers everywhere.
#5We’ll never get back together.” – Taylor SwiftThe multiple victims of a series of rebound relationships eventually become spine-tinged and tell players to go for a walk. That has to hit a chord with some of us, right? [Read: Rebound relationships and why it’s good for you]#6 “Free My Heart” – Tony Braxton. This song is so sad that I know people in relationships that are so happy and content that it brings tears to my eyes after hearing it. Probably the saddest heartbreak song of all time.
#7 “Survivor.” – Child of Destiny. The classic game of Destiny’s Child takes the reins at Gloria. Gayner left Place the jet engine behind it. and threw them on the ass of the offender. These girls took nothing from anyone. with a life-affirming slap in the face to the perpetrators of unsolicited breakups everywhere.
#8 “Irreplaceable” – Beyonce. It seems appropriate to follow the previous entry on the show with Beyonce’s songs. *For obvious reasons* and the Martial Spirit was still evident. Will she lie back and mourn this separation? No way. Beyonce’s response was equally simple and brutal: “My name on the notches. Let’s move your bags!” [Read: What should you do after a breakup to feel awesome?]#9 “Unfinished Sympathy” – A Massive AttackIt’s a very clever song that goes hand in hand with a hugely powerful and beautiful soundtrack. with a tragic and sad melody If Shakespeare was alive This song is probably the song he wrote today.

#10 “Smile” – Lily Allen“Smile” is a cute, cheerful and happy song, and Lily Allen is cute and adorable singing it. It’s even more impactful when you realize that she wants violence and pain against her former lover, and in a twisted way as well. if you feel angry this is the song for you [Read: How to move on and deal with a breakup with a smile]#11 “Not the Sun” – Bill WithersWithers has an indispensable and charming voice that makes listening to his speeches as enjoyable as his music. Reach the pinnacle of a collaboration of musical excellence in this captivating spin-off song.
#12 “Mardy Bom” – Arctic Monkeys. This British indie outfit is known for being serious and serious observation. And this song is no exception. Although in the process of separating instead of breaking up The singer also set up a scene in the kitchen. where the once-romantic smiles and whispers turn into grimace and slang pairings. This song is catchy and slightly hints at the hope of a return for the better.
#13 “These boots are made for walking.” – Nancy Sinatra. Original Song Power Girl The message is clear: You mess with Nancy. You lost Nancy. Simple.
#14 “Pee in a rope” – WienApparently a Southern idiom for “go hiking.” The message is pretty simple and to the point: I’m done with you yelling at my friend. get all my money and don’t smoke Quit smoking now ! [Read: How to successfully break up with an obsessive lover]#15 “Don’t Talk” – No Doubt. A heartbreaking song that mourns a breakup at a pivotal moment—a singer who pleads for refrain from reason. Her pain was too much. The fact that this song only adds to the fury.
#16 “I hope you are happy now.” – Elvis Costello. Costello, the Master of Bitter Heartbreak Song This time, Costello outdoes himself by poking fun at his ex-lover’s new song. Especially the size of his wedding accessories!
#17 “A Part of Me” – Katy Perry. Half of the sad broken hearted song Half of the typical “wake you up” affair, Perry reflects on how heartbreaking she is. while displaying a newfound challenge with some vitriol.
#18 “That Phone” – Grace Potter and the Night People. This song is exploring the power of a clean breakup. Forget the regrets and the extraordinary little comebacks. Phones will never be answered again! [Read: 25 tips to end a relationship without making it messy]#19 “The Tears Dry themselves” – Amy WinehouseIn typical Winehouse style, there’s an introverted sadness in this song and almost trying to understand her part in a failed relationship. Pretty.
#20 “Cry Me a River” – Justin Timberlake. This song is regarded as having the best music video on the show. This song is far from the typical genre you’d expect from a pop idol. When she learns from the man she cheated on that his girlfriend betrayed him. So he mocked her tears when he knew. Rather bitter and slightly harsh But you can’t deny that listening is actually quite satisfying. [Read: Is it time to break up? – How to read the signs]However, in any case, your relationship will come or will end. There must be a song from the list above that matches the chords… In every sense of the word!

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