48 Songs about Cheating to Heal and Help Ease the Pain

have you been cheated If music can relax the mind We have a playlist for you! Here are our top 48 songs about cheating.

song about cheating

Cheat… We’ve all been there! whether you are a doer or deceived Cheating is the worst. That’s why we looked at 48 songs about cheating. no matter which side you are on

Unfortunately, infidelity is common in relationships. Whether the relationship is long-term or just beginning. That’s why we use music to calm the mind. From 90’s classics to modern hipsters. We have a huge list of songs about cheating. cheated song and even a song for another couple by their side do you want to hear We have received the list!

Song for the Scammers

Physically, emotionally, or both: Cheating happens. around us. For those who have been in pain, it’s really heartbreaking. whether you are sad or angry We’ve followed these 15 songs to narrow down how you feel right now.

#1 “Tell me everything”?? — Adam Cohen

“Did you fall in love with her? I mean really fell in love with you. Tell me, have you fallen in love with you yet? As I have, you know, losing a friend is hard enough. Want to know if I’m out of love or not??

#2 “One week only”?? – Honorary position

“Are your lips dignified with others? Am I the only one? Every time I try to talk to you These are the thoughts that go on. Say something else, girl, I don’t want to leave. Our communication is almost never the same.”??

#3 “Cry for Me River” ?? – Justin Timberlake

“You don’t have to say what you do, I know, I know from him. Now it doesn’t have a chance anymore. for you and me It will never happen And don’t make you regret it. you tell me you love me Why did you leave me alone? Now you tell me you need me when you call me on the phone, girl, I refuse, you’re confusing me with another guy. Your bridge is on fire And now it’s your turn to cry Cry for me a river” ??

#4 “Litos”?? – Ambassador x

“What have I done? My heart is on the ground? I must have gone insane. Come back and ask for more. But if you stay and if you just stay overnight. swear I’m yours Then I will prove that I am right”??

#5 “Most suffering” ?? – Mayday Parade

“Don’t pretend you’re alone tonight. I know he is there And you might hang out and make eye contact. as he stared at the other side of the room. I bet he would dare walk the ground and ask my girl to dance. And then she will say yes”??

#6 “Say my name”?? – Child of Destiny

“What happened to this, tell the truth, with whom? How would you like it if I came with my group? Don’t try to change now You see, you have to bounce. two seconds ago say you just came into the house I can’t believe I’m home alone. after hearing I heard other people’s voices. Just this question. Why do I feel like I have to lie? Get caught up in your game when you can’t say my name”??

#7 “Give me another little piece of my mind” ?? – Janis Joplin

“Didn’t I make you feel like you were the only man? Am I not giving you almost everything a woman can do? Baby, you know I do! And every time I tell myself that I I think I’ve had enough But I’ll show you, darling, that a woman can be strong.”??

#8 “excuse me”?? – Timbaland / OneRepublic

“I’ll take one more chance, knock down, shoot you and I need you like my heart needs a beat. But it’s nothing new i love you red light Now it’s blue And then she said “sorry” ?? like a heavenly angel Let me think it was you, but I’m afraid… too late to apologize.”??

#9 “Walking on Broken Glass” ?? – Annie Lennox

“And if you try to bite me You know I might bleed ‘Cause if you try to overthrow me I know you will succeed And if you want to hurt me There’s nothing to be afraid of because if you want to hurt me You’re doing really well, honey.”??

#10 “Who sleeps here?” ?? – Hin Kling

“Tell me darling. who sleeps here What you say, the girl you saw that night I’m doing the right thing. Oh soldier, sailor, there’s three musketeers. Yes, they’ll tell me now who’s sleeping here.”??

#11 “Screaming for cheating”?? – Confessions of Dashboard

“I held the blanket and bedsheet close. I’m alone in my defeat I hope I know you are safe at home. your hair is everywhere screaming for cheating and wearing it”??

#12 “My mind is a mess”?? – Gotye

“Your heart is a mess. you won’t accept it it doesn’t make sense But I’m desperate to connect And you can’t live like this love is not safe You won’t get hurt if you keep your purity, so you can wait, but I don’t want to lose your love.”??

#13 “I heard through the vines”?? – Marvin Ke

“I bet you’re wondering how I know about your plan to make me blue. with other men you knew before between the two of us You know I love you more I have to say in amazement when I found it yesterday. Don’t you know I heard it through the vine? Soon you will be mine I heard it through the vines I’m about to lose my mind.”??

#14 “I don’t want you back”?? – Eamon

“I don’t know why. I like you so much. I entrust all my trust to you. i tell you i love you Now it’s over You hurt me.”??

#15 “Where did you sleep last night?” – Nirvana

“My lady My lady, don’t lie to me, tell me where did you sleep last night?

Song for Cheaters

You naughty, naughty boy… or girl! do you know that 57% men and 54% women Have you admitted infidelity in their past relationships? Men and women seem to be no different! no matter what the facts are If you are a cheater These songs are for you.

#16 “borrow”?? – Leanne Rimes

“I know you’re not mine, just borrow it because you’re hers. At least you said so But I’m starting to believe that it’s not entirely true. while we lay side by side I totally understand you.”??

#17 “Magnet” – Revelation by Lorde

“Never felt bad about it. because we drink heavily from lies ‘Cause I feel like a melting magnet, baby, the moment I see you through my closed eyes Smoke and sunset. Outside Mulholland, he’s talking. I wonder, ‘You and that woman. Is she your boyfriend? face from heaven Bet on the world you don’t know Pretty girls don’t know what I know.”??

#18 “What To Do With My Hands” ?? – Her Space Holiday

“I will do my best to make you sleepy like the southerners. With my old watch on your wrist and my thumb in your mouth. Suck my fingertips ’til’ you kill all my prints. So your boyfriend doesn’t know how much I touched you.”??

#19 “Cheating”?? – Rihanna

“And I know he knows I’m not being honest. and it kills him inside To know that I’m happy with another man I saw him die.” ??

#20 “Back Street Boys”?? – phone

“Listen, honey, I’m sorry, just wanted to say don’t worry, I’ll be late, don’t wait for me. I will say again that you are draining my battery. You know we’re going to a nearby place. I have to go.”??

#21 “New Love”?? – Tom Odell

“And I want to kiss you. make you feel okay I’m just so tired to split my night. I want to cry and I want to love. But my tears are gone with a new love.” ??

#22 “Kiss ‘n Tell” ?? – Kesha

“Never thought you’d be the one I act like when I’m gone. Maybe you shouldn’t kiss ‘n’ tell. You should really keep it in your pants. Hear dirty stories from your friends. Maybe you shouldn’t kiss ‘n’ tell”??

#23 “How do you die?” – Snow Patrol

“Don’t go crazy. If I tell you the truth, no, you don’t know what happened and you’ll never know. If you don’t listen to me while I talk to the wall This blanket is very cold It was already in the hall. where you’ve been with me for hours Until I’m sure what I want, but baby, I want the same thing I wanted before. so dear tell me what happened I won’t stop, no way.”

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