What Exactly Is Soul Gazing? Learn to Foster a Deeper Connection

Have you ever looked into someone’s soul? Learn about spiritual gaze and you’ll foster a deeper intimacy and relationship with your partner.

staring at the soul

You may think you have a deep and meaningful connection with your partner. But until you look at the spirit You never delve into their souls.

It sounds painful, but luckily it isn’t!

Staring at souls is a practice that has been around for thousands of years. and used in relationship counseling but also includes tantra practice Whatever it is, it’s a hobby you can use with your partner and learn how to get closer together. by teaching you about people It’s more of a seat in front of you than you’ll know from the conversation.

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The problem is, most of us feel extremely uncomfortable sitting there and staring into someone’s eyes for more than a few seconds. You might end up laughing the first few times you do it. But hold on to it because this is truly something worth trying.

What can a spiritual gaze do for you?

Spiritual gaze increases trust and understanding between people. which are often romantic couples, although not always. But it’s also a way of increasing intimacy and having a moment of development that feels like you know one another.

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Soul gaze is a type of meditation. This means it takes practice. The eyes are the entrance to the soul. and gaze into You are unlocking the door and moving into another dimension of knowing others. It’s an experience you shouldn’t forget. Even if you start out wrong

You don’t need to focus only on spirituality with your partner. you can do it with friends family members colleague or even someone you’ve never met before. But to get the most out of this experience Try it with your partner. It’s also a safe area because it’s already known. And if you laugh a few times You’ll just know it’s okay!

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how to stare at the soul

Before you start to see the soul Talk to your partner first. Make sure you’re both comfortable with it. Although you may have enjoyed it from the start Just because staring at someone can be a little uncomfortable at first. The more you practice and benefit from it, the better. The more you earn and learn.

You have no control over what you feel or discover. For many people trying it can be a very emotional experience.

If both of you are willing to move on. Choose a time that works for both of you. You should be free from distractions. So make sure to turn off both phones. Do not choose oppressive times between other commitments. Staring at the soul half an hour before you have to be somewhere is not a good choice.

Staring at the spirits only took five minutes to cultivate. But should prepare in advance. That means making sure you feel comfortable. not wearing tight clothing The light in the room is not too bright and distracting. and the heat is at the right temperature You need enough light to see each other clearly. But not so much that you have to squint or avoid reflections.

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When you sit down to begin the soul-seeking You have to make sure that both of you are very comfortable where you sit. You should be upright and level. Place the cushions on the floor if this works best for you. And make sure you aren’t bothered by back pain or anything else that might distract you from the discovery you’re trying to make. If you find it easier to sit in a chair, that’s fine, but make sure you’re at the same height as possible.

Ideally, stay about an arm’s length away from your partner, facing each other. Set a timer for a period of five minutes. When you’re ready to start Instead, put your right hand on their left hand. and your left palm down to their right hand.

before you start You may find it easier to center yourself. So sit in your posture with your hands clasped as I just sketched and you both closed your eyes. Focus on your breath and count to 30. This is a great way to calm down and focus on the moment.

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when you are ready Just look into your eyes Stare directly into both eyes or stare at one eye. Whatever works for you here! There is no right or wrong answer. If you want to blink, that’s fine. don’t stare this should be natural

If you are struggling to connect Align your breathing to bring you closer together. while you breathe in Raise your hand slightly as you do on your stomach. then exhale and let it fall back down softly Your partner will easily sync your breathing patterns with you from these signals.

Rule number one: Don’t talk. That’s the only thing you shouldn’t do 100%. These five minutes should be free from noise or verbal interaction. while you stare at the other party You may feel emotional or want to cry. You might want to laugh or feel weird and can’t be labeled. That’s okay, the longer you stare at them. The more you understand why you feel that way.

when the timer goes off You can take your eyes off their eyes. It is helpful to sit together and hold hands. Just keep the connection for a few seconds longer.

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What should you learn from staring at souls?

Whatever comes to you! There is no definite answer here. You may feel closer to your partner during that time. It may last for several hours after that. the more you do The longer the feeling

You may feel like you’ve learned something or found an answer to a question. It’s a personal experience. This is best done when you feel open to everything that comes your way. If you have any expectations of what spiritual gazes will bring you You are often disappointed and left too much effort to analyze everything.

Soul gaze is often used in tantric practice to strengthen ties between allies. But you can do it in every situation. with whoever you choose between partners It opens the door of intimacy and develops a deeper sense of trust. The more you do, the more comfortable you feel. then the more you will get from it

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Staring at spirits takes time and practice. You shouldn’t expect everything to fall into place the first time. But take it seriously to get the most out of it.

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