70 Speed Dating Questions to Reveal Everything and Fast

with quick dating questions You will need to have these questions ready. You don’t have much time to get to know someone. So make the most of it.

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When you go on a regular date You spend two or three hours sitting with your date. Sure, there’s a bit of chatting and flirting, but with speed dating, everything goes faster. And quick dating questions are important.

A quick date is a great way to avoid small talk and openly ask those important questions and answer them. [Read: 60 get to know you questions for a new romance]

You want the best speed dating questions.

You might think speed dating is stupid. And you just use it to see if you have acquaintances or not. That’s fine, but if you’re hoping to take this fun game and turn it into something else. You have to ask really important questions.

Sure, it might be easier to ask about what they’re watching on Netflix, but is that important in the long run? Will their TV setup really lead to dating?

Think about what’s important to you in the person you’re dating. What are your Dealbreakers? This is what you should ask. Unfortunately, you don’t have much time to really understand these people. So asking deeper questions in speed dating is a must. [Read: 20 revealing questions to get to know someone better]

fast dating question

Take out your pen and notebook. Because you’ll want to write these quick dating questions for your next dating event.

Now, make sure you’re not just asking them in order. And definitely don’t read from the list you’ve created. Instead, choose questions that are important to you. So you can get the most out of these quick dating questions.

1. Why are you single?

It’s a great opportunity to see why they think they’re single. and what they are looking for Swing or relationship? This is probably the most common speed dating question. [Read: The thirst is real: 15 realities of being single for too long]

2. What do you do?

This is a good introductory question to learn many things. Something about someone from their career choices.

3. What did you study in school?

Perhaps their work and education will be completely different. You never know. It’s a good way to see why they went down that road. Asking these quick dating questions can help you discover what you have in common.

4. Have you ever been married?

This question is more for you. Do they want to get married in the future? Maybe you two are heading down different paths.

5. How old are you?

They say age is just a number. But it’s always nice to know how old someone is.

6. What do you like to do on weekends?

Do they like staying up late and watching Saturday morning cartoons? Maybe they will suit you or maybe they will like it. 6 Hiking, who knows *unless you ask* [Read: 50 perfect questions to know instantly if someone’s right for you]

7. Do you have any children?

Are you ready to date a guy who has a family? Are they interested in growing up in a family? These are the key questions you should ask if you’re envisioning a future with someone.

This is something people without children rarely think of. but it’s a big deal So it should be on your list of quick dating questions.

8. Do you want a child?

If you are looking for a long term partner This question must be raised. If you’re thinking of starting a family and they don’t want children. It may not be appropriate

9. Do you have any pets?

Maybe you are allergic to cats. And they are cat lovers. Or maybe they hate dogs. and you have five

10. Do you like animals?

If they’re not interested in animals in general, write them down. It’s weird. If they find this quick dating question weird because everyone should like animals, you’re gold.

11. Who is your favorite movie director?

You can tell a lot about a person based on the type of movies they watch. so pay attention

12. Do you like traveling?

If you have travel bugs but don’t have That would be a big problem. [Read: 9 reasons traveling is a great test of compatibility]

13. Where in the world would you like to see?

This is a good question to see what they think is their final destination. Sometimes it’s rough, or sometimes it’s more peaceful.

14. What do your friends say about you?

The way friends describe them is the most realistic.

15. What is your secret talent?

Maybe they will show you then and there! And this is a more light-hearted question to strike a balance between greater intensity. This might not be the most intimate speed dating question. But should give some light questions.

16. Do you prefer country life or city life?

If they don’t have the same lifestyle as you. This can be a challenge. This is a great way to see how they live and the long-term goals for where they want to be. [Read: How to get to know someone on a date in no time]

17. What is your dream job?

Maybe they can still succeed. But it will be interesting to see what their dreams are and why they don’t follow or act accordingly.

18. What are you looking for in a relationship?

Okay, you must know this. What do they want? Can you give them? This is a must-have question about speed dating if you want to make sure you’re on the same page.

19. What is the most important factor in a relationship?

Relationships are built on two roads. So you have to be on the same page of what you and your partner value.

20. Is religion important to you?

If you are going to marry this person You should understand and respect each other’s beliefs with the same understanding. [Read: 10 inconvenient truths about intercultural relationships]

21. What’s your favorite season?

Is he a winter child? or a beach girl? Do your seasons match?

22. Do you believe in love at first sight?

I know this sounds cute. But does this show how romantic they are? This quick dating question will lead you through a discussion of why you agree or disagree.

23. Do you follow politics?

Look, you can have different political beliefs. But these things can cause sarcasm at the dinner table. Know that.

24. Who was the first person you liked?

This is a great way to hear their heartfelt stories about love at first sight. And it’s a sweet story.

25. What is your favorite music genre?

Maybe they like death metal. and you like classic People dating tend to have similar tastes in music, or at least respect other types of people.

26. Where do you see yourself again? 5 next year?

Do they have long-term goals? If they don’t know the answer to this question. Show that they don’t spend time thinking about what they want. These quick dating questions will open your eyes to the future.

27. How important is gender compatibility to you?

This one is important. Sex is an important part of any relationship. So if you’re in the mood for sex but don’t have a chance to date. there will be a problem [Read: How important is sex in a relationship? The truth revealed]

28. Are you a morning person or a night person?

This one is just given. who want to be alone every morning while their partner continues to snore

29. If you can make a wish 3 What will you request?

Who knows what they will say? It’s just a fun question to ask between all the serious questions.

30. What is your favorite TV show?

Maybe you like the same TV show. Or maybe you like the same type of show? If so, you can see it on your second date. This might seem a bit shallow. But TV plays a big role in dating right now. This quick dating question can start great things.

31. What is your worst habit?

Did he bite his nails? Does she burp at the table? Will you be able to stand up to their habits?

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