Spit or Swallow: What Should You Do with Your Man’s Happy Ending?

The old question of whether you should spit or swallow has finally been answered. If you want to know how to do it, here’s the answer.

Spit or swallow

Let’s be real for a moment: everyone is different. Not everyone wants to spit and not everyone wants to swallow. But there’s still a lot to debate about whether you should spit or swallow.

Why are blow jobs special to men?

Many people may wonder why you need to consider one of these options. What if you don’t give blowjobs? If not, I’m here to tell you that you should do this. Why? because it means a lot to men There is something more intimate about blowjob than sex.

Of course, sex is the furthest thing. But when you decide to use your mouth instead. it means more And that’s because you really get nothing from it. You are only focusing on their happiness. And that means a lot to men.

Now that you know how important intercourse is in a relationship You’re probably wondering if you should spit or swallow. [Read: 11 secrets to giving him the best blowjob ever]

Should you spit or swallow?

The truth is, it really depends on your preferences and even what your guy likes best. The truth is that you should swallow it. and this is the reason

#1 it’s polite if you think about it Swallowing is just manners. What if someone runs to the bathroom to rinse their mouth after cursing you? It’s rude and it makes them feel bad, so if you’re not sure what to spit or swallow, Think about how you will feel.

#2 It made him feel special. This is one of the main reasons to swallow. When you use all of them It will make that man feel special. You’re swallowing something really intimate with him. It made him feel accepted and loved. [Read: 15 sweet ways to make a guy feel special and wanted]

#3 It’s really good for your brain. It is known to have sedative properties in sperm. One study found that women who swallowed instead of saliva had much less depression. not only that But it can also help you sleep. which can alleviate the symptoms of depression

#4 and also for your health Did you know that swallowing is like taking a multivitamin and more? There are actually about 200 proteins and many vitamins per tablespoon of semen, calcium, vitamin C, zinc and other essential nutrients. can be found in the sperm [HerCampus.com: The many benefits of semen for women]

#5 it creates intimacy There is something very intimate about swallowing male ejaculation. He doesn’t just like you. But you’re also creating a stronger bond. This will create a better sex life and better relationships in general.

#6 Some women find it arousing. Swallowing something intimate and special to a man is really sexy. Some women find control and the fact that men like it is a big opening. [Read: 12 surprising facts about semen you didn’t know]

#7 men find it hot Men also find it very sexy. There is something special about a woman who takes these things and swallows them. She only took time to please him and him. And now she’s about to swallow all the way? men look sexy

#8 make women feel in control There is nothing more. Women have total control. They feel responsible When women swallow, it’s because they like to have full control over their man’s happiness. [Read: 20 sexy blow job tips you have to know]

#9 It’s easy to clean. In fact, if you want to know whether to spit or swallow think of cleaning Can get a little messy if you choose to spit. Swallowing is easier, sexier, and after that you almost never have to clean up.

#10 Swallowing avoids the taste. This may sound unreasonable. but please listen to me If you choose to swallow It’s in your mouth for a split second. if you spit You have to put it in your mouth until you can find a place to spit out. That makes you taste longer than you just swallowed. [Read: The many tastes of cum – Straight from women’s mouths]

Why do women choose to spit?

Although men like to swallow more. But some women don’t like doing that. Here are some reasons why women choose to spit instead of swallow.

#1 They don’t like the taste Some semen are tasteless while others are foul. Women who live with men whose semen doesn’t taste the best prefer to spit instead of swallowing. And that’s just so they don’t have to taste it for long. Although the spitting didn’t really help with that. as described above [Read: How to improve the taste of semen and 15 other ways to enjoy giving head]

#2 Sometimes the spit is hotter. Some men and women like to spit for sight. This isn’t usually when women spit in the tub and brush their teeth. This is like a woman letting it flow out of her mouth and down her chin. That image can excite some people.

#3 They don’t think it’s “clean”. Some women just think that semen is terrible. They don’t like it because they think it’s not very clean. This doesn’t really have science to support it. There are only those who have a dilemma. In fact, swallowing can only be turned off because it is found to be unclean. [Read: 15 of the biggest turn offs for guys in bed]

#4 Consistency is undesirable. Sperm is not very uniform. Some women really can’t stand it. It probably has nothing to do with flavor at all. There is a certain consistency that makes women want to gag, and so is semen for some.

#5 It didn’t sit well with their stomachs. Some women feel sick after swallowing. There’s something about semen that makes them sick. Of course, you wouldn’t eat anything that makes you sick to please other people. So there are women who spit for this specific reason.

[Read: How to master the art of the perfect blowjob]

Whether you choose to spit or swallow is up to you. However, if you consider how much more swallowing can help your relationship and your health, it’s up to you. That’s a much better option.

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