Spoiled Girlfriend Checklist: 100 Signs You’re Lucky in Love

Do you know what determines bad habits? without knowing that you are spoiled Think you’re not a spoiled fan? You might want to check yourself.

spoiled girlfriend

Ugh, don’t you just hate seeing your girlfriend spoiled? You know that person… She had a man walking around the mall holding her ugly purse. Or the guy who’s talking about her boyfriend’s insecurities as he’s running to get her a drink again so she can get louder, drunk, and nasty. The problem is there are girls. Not many know when they are spoiled. until no longer being complacent

We usually don’t know how spoiled we are until we are not spoiled. What often happens is that you break up with a guy because you think he’s an ass. but finds that the next person makes him look charming Are you really as big a fan as he says?

100 things that make you a big fan

Men have the ability to make you feel ungrateful and they can’t do enough for you. But what is the truth? Sometimes hard to decipher Are you a stubborn kid like him or are you giving more than you earn?

Before you decide to kick him to the curb. Make sure you’re not a spoiled and ignorant fan. There is nothing worse than seeing him hurt others. After you cut him off and think, “Man, I’m fine, and I don’t even know.” [Read: 25 signs and qualities that make a great boyfriend]

Okay, now these may seem like common etiquette. And it’s not something that spoils you. But it’s actually a matter of perspective. Courage may not be exhausted. But it’s hard to get And if your man does these things and supports you It might be as good as with being spoiled by extravagant gifts

Here’s what might make you a spoiled girlfriend.

#1 he opened the door for you

#2 he always recommends you

#3 He buys you a little something to let you know he’s thinking of you.

#4 he kisses you goodbye

#5 He says I love you and doesn’t just think, “You know.”

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#6 He doesn’t say bad things about you and his friends.

#7 He’s home from man’s night when he knows you’re having a bad day.

#8 He washes himself

#9 He knows how to open the dishwasher.

#10 He orders you or at least lets you order first.

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#11 He picked up the check.

#12 he took out the trash

#13 He keeps you moving… yuck!

#14 He called when he said he would go and text you back.

#15 He tells you that you look beautiful.

#16 He notices when you cut your hair or do your hair.

#17 He clings to you and his mother.

#18 He does small things without you asking.

#19 He talks nice about you when you’re away.

#20 he is good to your friend

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#21 He doesn’t care about you hanging out with your friends.

#22 He listens to you even when you’re gossiping.

#23 He always and I mean always. have a seat for you

#24 He holds your hand when he knows you need it.

#25 He is your emergency contact.

#26 when you hit him Your friends will always protect him.

#27 when he drives your car He didn’t leave the gas tank empty.

#28 He occasionally lets you control the remote.

#29 He’s down on you as much as you do him.

#30 His friends don’t like you because they like you too much.

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#31 He has a nickname for you.

#32 He smiles at you even if you make him angry.

#33 He is not offended and forgives. truly forgive you

#34 He makes you laugh most of the time.

#35 He doesn’t expect more from you than he gives himself.

#36 He is concerned about your well-being.

#37 He asks you how your day is.

#38 He said “I love you” even though other people, especially men, were listening.

#39 He does things to make your life better.

#40 You don’t even have to ask if he’s telling the truth.

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#41 You know that even if someone is bigger than him He will protect you until death.

#42 He never goes through your personal affairs.

#43 If he watches porn He’s good enough to make sure you don’t know.

#44 He had no wandering eyes.

#45 if he has a problem he told you so

#46 He rarely had a problem.

#47 if there is an option he will always choose you

#48 All of his best “stories” involve time with you.

#49 He accepts you as the best thing that ever happened to him.

#50 He’s jealous because he thinks he’s lucky to have you.

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#51 He’s on your side even if you’re not always right. Just because you have to hear

#52 He’s ready when you should be going somewhere without sitting on the sofa with his hands in his pants.

#53 He wants to work with you and doesn’t act like he’s helping you out by showing up.

#54 He is all about praise and “good work”.

#55 He’s proud to be with you, even if he has to tie your hair up at night.

#56 He doesn’t hold you or what you do for granted.

#57 You catch him staring at you sometimes for no reason at all.

#58 when you need him He would be in a heartbeat without hesitation.

#59 When you go to an event with him and you don’t know anyone. He doesn’t just leave until he knows you’re fine… Then he shows up with a drink to refresh you.

#60 What he has, he is willing to share.

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#61 He hates, and I mean hate to see you cry.

#62 He kisses you softly and often.

#63 he is not perfect But he didn’t think he was.

#64 He doesn’t run from conflict or from you when you’re upset.

#65 He’s not trying to tell you what to do. He tries to suggest what you think you should do.

#66 He will totally tell you if you have something stuck in your teeth.

#67 If he makes his own food He will ask you if you want to eat too.

#68 he remembers your birthday

#67 He doesn’t look at you up and down five minutes before you leave signaling that “You weren’t wearing that dress, were you?”

#68 He asks before planning for the holidays and that includes you.

#69 If he sees you shopping at the grocery store He will go to the car to help.

#70 He warms your car on a cold morning.

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#71 When you fight, he apologizes.

#72 He doesn’t say “I don’t care” when you ask his opinion and criticize all your decisions and plans.

#73 He doesn’t make you feel like he’s doing it for you to be with you.

#74 He watched the movie even though it might be. And don’t mock it or go crazy about it later to boot.

#75 When you get mad at someone, he gets mad at you and then ghosts the team.

#76 He loves you even if you gain ten pounds or 15, but more and he worries that something is wrong and offers to help you.

#77 You know he never cheated on you.

#78 He makes time for you on weekdays and weekends.

#79 He replaces the toilet paper when it runs out.

#80 He never left his seat on the toilet.

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#81 He doesn’t text another girl if he knows it will upset you.

#82 He doesn’t eat the last pizza before asking if you want it.

#83 He can make you laugh at the least funny moments.

#84 He thought he was a spoiled person.

#85 He cares what your mother thinks about him.

#86 if it’s important to you It was important to him, timing.

#87 He waits for you to buy yours and doesn’t just turn around and go to sleep.

#88 He holds your arm tightly while you sleep. *He’s a spoonman*

#89 When you’re angry, he doesn’t press the button.

#90 He lets you close the door when you’re angry.

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#91 He’s watching the Netflix series with you and won’t continue if you’re not around.

#92 He probably wouldn’t dare let you carry the bag by himself.

#93 He is not passively aggressive or passively aggressive.

#94 He supports your decision, even if he doesn’t like it.

#95 he is your best friend

#96 he loves you

#97 He never went to bed without saying good night. Especially if he can’t be by your side.

#98 He randomly texts you to remind you that you are loved.

#99 You know you can live without him. but never wanted

#100 he loves every part of you even the not so cute part

The grass on the other side of the relationship fence is always green, right? Don’t be jealous of what you don’t have in a relationship or think that being a girlfriend is spoiled. Everything must be perfect Spoilers aren’t about luxury cars. A diamond ring that will make you almost impossible to lift a finger. or worn over you all the time

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Being a spoiled girlfriend means having all the basics needed to be happy and in a good relationship. Don’t underestimate how spoiled you are. Because you may be more spoiled and lucky than you think.

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