Who’s Your Main Squish? 15 Signs You’re Squishing on Someone

Squishy is like a crush but has nothing to do with romantic feelings. They are the ones who give you butterflies. And you can’t get enough of it.


A squish is someone you need to be around, but not in a sexual way. As a human Our nature is to want to be part of and connect with people. But there are few people we meet in life that we don’t know for sure. There are times when we meet people and are completely drawn to them. Love is what makes the world go round. But it’s not always romantic love.

What is squishy?

There are many ways in which you can feel a deep and profound attraction towards someone. when you flirt with someone It means that you have a strong feeling of love. But it has nothing to do with sex. You just love everything about him and be with them.

Squish is a new word for ‘bing’, but it’s not always the same ‘bing’. Sexual attraction for someone. You don’t just want to be friends with someone. You want something special for them. Like being a best friend or have emotional when you slap someone’s face It means you can’t get enough.

15 Signs You Might Have A Squishy On Hand

If you meet someone whether in a relationship or outside a relationship and think you are cut from the same cloth You feel alive for the first time with them. And they are your abominations.

#1 they just got you Your squish is someone who has just “taken” you, just like finding a kindred spirit. You want to be around them because you know that whether you’re sitting on the couch watching TV or hitting a golf club, it’s no different when you’re with them. You will have the best time. [Read: Queer platonic relationship: 25 signs you might already be in one]

#2 when they send you a message You will feel dizzy in your stomach. just like the person you like When you receive a message from your squishy You will feel dizzy like a school kid.

Your squishy is funny and witty. What they say brightens up your day just because you know they’ve contacted you. They miss you as much. with that you miss them

#3 You want to be with them all the time. Like the first time you fell in love You want to use the core squash as much as possible. in fact when they leave or you send them You talk about seeing each other again in an hour or two. There doesn’t seem to be anything better than when you’re with squash.

#4 When they walk into the room, you will light up. Butterflies are a key element in squeezing. but a little different from love It’s like they give you life. Everything that is black and white is colorful when entering the room. [Read: Good friends are like stars: 18 ways to build lasting relationships]

#5 They make everything better If you have a bad day or a very boring day. Playing squash will make everything fun. From a broken wedding to a less tragic funeral. When they’re around you feel like you’ve got a great personal bubble!

#6 when you have a problem They are the first people you call.. If you are in a car accident your boyfriend broke up with you or you have a tragedy Whether you have a lover or not They are the ones you turn to get everything done.

#7 They make you exhilarate and happy. Even if you are temperamental But you can’t frown or be offended in the face of your oppression. They make you happy no matter what. They have a personality that is just like everything you’ve always dreamed of coming together. It has nothing to do with sexual feelings. [Read: How to have fun with friends: 30 really fun ways to beat boredom]

#8 You will do whatever they want, even if you don’t.put it onIf they call and say they want to go to a Cool & the Gang reunion *yes, you don’t know what that is* then you’re ready. It doesn’t make a difference in what they want to do. If they ask, you’re on. are you ready and waiting It’s not about what you do together. It’s just being together

#9 You’d be a little jealous if there was a third wheel. There is nothing worse than the third wheel unless your squishy wants it to be there. You are good to them having other friends. But when it’s your turn it’s your time You don’t like people joining in.

#10 You find a reason to contact them. If everything you see makes you want to share Or have you figured out a way to contact them during the day just to make sure it’s real and intact? You might be putting pressure on them. [Read: No friends? Uncomfortable reasons your life’s how it is]

#11 You have a nickname for them. If you’re not really the nickname type but suddenly find yourself shortening their names. or even make a cool name from one of your adventures You may have a problem at hand. Nicknames are a way of saying that you mean something special to them.

Julie can have thousands of them, but if you change them to “J,” then you separate them from the rest.

#12 If you have a free night that you want to spend with them. If you have a free night, Hell is free for two hours. You want to meet your squishy to recharge. They are like a breath of fresh air and are the best way to get through a long day on or off the right way.

#13 You dress the same.Whether on purpose, God forbid, or simply because you are so alike. Often times, you and your buck find yourself dressed alike. You appear with the same color or the same outfit. You know you should go home and change, but think about it, let’s do this.

#14 You start listening too. You and Squishy spent so much time together that they started talking. you use the same phrase use the same hand gesture and find that you finish each other’s sentences Sometimes it comes from being together so much. while others are because you are two peas in a pod. [Read: The 8 kinds of friends everyone needs in their life]

#15 You all like the same thing. You agree that margaritas are bombs. you like the same movie and laugh at the same old jokes as if cut from the same cloth You never argue about what you want to do because you both want to do the same thing.

Having sex with your best friend is one step away from your best friend. because it is a secret love But it has nothing to do with sex appeal. It’s just pure attraction.

[Read: Platonic love and its revealing secrets]

If you find someone who understands you You want to be with me all the time and they make you feel exhilarated. Show that you find yourself a greedy person.

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