How to Stop Being Toxic: 19 Steps to Not Be Bitter Or Blame Others

Realizing that you are a toxic person can be shocking. when you accept Learn how to stop poisoning, take responsibility, and move towards a healthier life.

How to stop being toxic

Toxic behavior is no fun to be around. when you are poisoned You always drive people away. and if you don’t Shows that you’re more likely to lure them away. These are not equal to all types of stable and healthy relationships. Maybe it’s time to learn how to stop being toxic.

If you want to start a life of honesty True friendship and relationship You need to cut out your toxic behavior and start taking responsibility for your past and actions.

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All of this toxicity is not directly your fault. Most toxic people have a history of trauma or problems that manifest toxicity. Unfortunately, these are often difficult to manage and acceptable. So working through these takes time.

Why are some people toxic?

People can be poisoned in a variety of ways and for a variety of reasons. But if you want to know how to stop poisoning You should keep in mind that this behavior doesn’t come out of nowhere. And most people are not born with it. It is something that is learned from others or developed over time as a defense mechanism.

Most toxic behaviors are unconscious. You don’t intend to hurt the people around you or be a manipulative person. The reason this behavior is likely to last so long is because you ignore it. This is not an excuse for behavior. But it’s the real reason why it happened.

Think of toxic behavior as an addiction. You are addicted to the feeling you get when you engage in this behavior. You don’t realize that you depend on it. But once you do that Stopping is the best cure.

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How can it begin to be toxic to others?

Become toxic from a lack of self-awareness Some people can see this behavior in themselves at the outset, and others can’t.

Instead, look within yourself to deal with pent-up problems. You reach out in need solicit attention or manipulate

Toxicity can be caused by things like jealousy and bitterness. fear of losing power or standing And it’s usually the fear of rejection. Whether it’s your promoted friend or someone who doesn’t like you. Shows that you exhibit toxic behavior.

But again, just like addiction, poisoning is a disease. But just like addiction You also have to take ownership of the decisions and actions you make that hurt those around you. If you want to learn to stop being toxic to yourself and others. You are responsible for your actions to move forward and become a bigger person. [Read: Am I a bad friend? The bad friendship skills that push people away]

How to stop being toxic

Poisoning is not something you try to do. Remember that you are not a bad person because you are toxic. You may have done some bad things. But wanting to atone for your sins and for the better says a lot.

When you realize you are toxic You want to correct the situation

That’s a good sign already, but from now on it will be harder, you really have to improve yourself. and accepting some things about you that you may not want. but it’s worth it When you want to learn how to stop poisoning You have to go through bad things. to get to something good sometimes

1. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

No, you don’t have to smile and never think negatively. We all have bad days. And that’s normal. but in a happy or neutral situation When your mind immediately goes to the negative side change that thought

If a friend announces their engagement Don’t assume that you’re not engaged or that she rubs it in your face. be happy with her and look forward to enjoying the wedding

If someone is expressing their emotions to you. Don’t roll your eyes and think you’ve been through something worse. Think about how your friend’s feelings are as good as yours. how do you feel And you can listen to them as it was to you. [Read: How to master positive self-talk and banish negativity]

2. Be grateful actively

The toxic thing that people hold onto is that their lives are not good enough. You may focus on the negative in your life instead of the positive.

Take a few minutes every day to feel grateful for things. in your life This could be anything from your health to your pet, your partner, or the roof over your head. If you want to know how to stop poisoning Know that accepting the good things in life can help you focus on them. to rebuild the foundation of reality [Read: How to be grateful – How to appreciate and express it the right way]

3. Do it for yourself

give yourself time Don’t do things to make people see you or what you look like. Do what you truly enjoy. This will remind you that you can fill it with what you like.

Take an art class. Go for a run. Do what you really enjoy. no matter what other people think Spending time enjoying yourself and for yourself can make you happier overall. which reduces toxic behavior

4. Build your humility

What you might have trouble with if you’re toxic is laughing at yourself. You’re easily embarrassed and ashamed of your mistakes or anything you’ve done wrong.

Learn to laugh at yourself Take the time to realize that no one is perfect. And you don’t have to. Your inability to laugh at yourself makes you look like you think you’re better than the people around you. It makes you less in a relationship. [Read: These 20 traits reveal the signs of emotional maturity in a person]

5. Avoid gossip

Falling into the trap of gossip can lead you back to toxic behavior. it can be addictive If you want to learn how to stop poisoning Remove yourself from situations where you feel vulnerable. For example, you might revert to your old habits.

When you feel strong enough to let go of those toxic conversations. You can also say “Can we change the subject? I’m not comfortable talking about someone when they’re not here.”

That doesn’t just show real strength and transformation. It also shows a desire to help those around you reduce their toxic habits.

6. Do it for others

do it only for others Don’t think you’ll get anything from it. kind to strangers Call your friends to chat and see how they are doing.

Being kind just to get kind back to you. Knowing that you’re making someone’s day or smiling at someone will increase your positive vibes. Give it to yourself and make you a more positive person in return. [Read: 20 grateful ways to pay it forward and start your own chain of goodwill]

7. Accept your mistakes

This is a big problem when you’re a toxic person. Deep down, toxicity can be caused by low self-esteem. But you have been buried so deeply that you cannot accept your own imperfections.

Take the time to admit that you’re not perfect and that’s okay. You have reached this stage in this feature. You have accepted your toxic behavior and are learning how to fix it. So you’re on your way.

8. Accept your mistakes or bad choices.

When you make a mistake, whether with malicious intent or not. Don’t just ignore it or act like it didn’t happen. really take time to think Why did you choose that? What made you do that? [Read: Are you manipulating those around you?]

9. Apologize and change

Being able to apologize is like admitting defeat to a toxic person. Admitting you’ve made a mistake and taking responsibility makes it feel like you’ve failed.

in fact it means you are growing the ability to own something and be responsible And really trying to do better shows that you are trying to be better and stronger.

10. Remove toxic people from your life or talk to them.

Sometimes your toxic behavior can be caused by people around you who behave similarly. You probably have people in your life who bring it out in you. Toxic people cannibalize each other, and sometimes being around toxic people can drive you to do that.

If you think this is the case Take some time from this person and see if you feel more positive. Then try talking to them. They might be protected, in that case, retreat and let them get there in time. Keep your distance from them first. Being around people who show off your worst qualities won’t help you stop being toxic. [Read: 20 signs of a toxic friend to instantly recognize the rotten ones]

11. Unleash Your Controlling Needs

Part of toxic behavior is manipulation and the need for control. You may need to control others and yourself. But life is not always in control.

You can’t control everything. And that desire for control will drive you crazy. having things The uncontrollable will make you feel extremely uncomfortable. and you will have to strike

Remember that life is a mess. If you want to know how to stop poisoning Let go of the pressure from things that are beyond your control. Your stress level will go down. And you will be able to enjoy life more.

12. Build Your Self-Esteem

Toxic behavior is often caused by low confidence levels. you are afraid of being rejected So you’re not yourself. Or are you rejecting others to move forward?

You may be needy and demand attention to ensure that you are good enough. External confirmation is only temporary. Believing in yourself and owning yourself will only satisfy you. [Read: How to build self-esteem and love life with these simple life changes]

13. Stop comparing yourself.

Stop comparing yourself to others online and in life. Poisoning can come from jealousy. You might think I hate this person because they have what I need. Your life is about you, not them.

Just because someone is successful doesn’t mean you are less successful. focus on yourself your motivation and actions and pay less attention to others

14. Don’t make excuses

Part of toxic behavior is blaming others for your failures or mistakes. You say, If this doesn’t happen then I won’t bother.. Learn how to stop poisoning by learning how to own it. Even if something makes you mistake. that doesn’t matter

The truth is you made a mistake! Own it and move forward. What happens after the problem and how you react and move forward is more important than excuses for why it happened. People will respect you more if you admit your mistakes and learn from them. [Read: 12 ways you’re sabotaging your own happiness and ruining your life]

15. Listen and don’t interrupt.

Many toxic people are prone to narcissism. You should probably interrupt other people’s stories to insert something about you. time to talk to other people If your thoughts drift to yourself Show that you are not a good friend or listener.

When someone tells you something, listen. Don’t interrupt except for clarity. Really listen to what they have to say and pay attention. This is to practice patience and reduce your selfishness.

16. Put some effort into the relationship.

Many toxic people test their friends. They claim that if someone cares about their friendship. They will reach out or do this or that. Don’t test your friends

Friendships and relationships are two roads and everyone has other obligations, you need to contact your friends too. Don’t just take and take until they have nothing left to give. It’s tiring and it’s how you lose friends. [Read: 15 signs of a taker in a friendship – Are you a taker or a giver?]

17. Try to do your best in people.

Worse expectations will cause you to defend prematurely. I think everyone’s intentions are bad. So you have to beat them with your own game. only to drive them away.

If you want to stop being toxic try to believe in people Be optimistic so that you can build real connections and bonds with people.

18. Think about what you are less toxic to do for others.

Don’t do all this to make people like you. Don’t do it just for confirmation from others. and others will believe that you are good Do it to let your friends know you care. So you can connect with people and build real relationships. Do it so that you can be a better person that people trust and want to celebrate their happiness with and rely on during bad times.

Realize that what you make of these changes will really have a positive effect on your and their lives. [Read: What makes a good friend? Your guide to honing your friendship skills]

19. Meet a Therapist

The toxic behavior doesn’t happen to you accidentally. It’s likely caused by something in your mind that you refuse to accept. It could be anxiety, depression, or traumatic memories or experiences.

Seeing an expert can help you through those hardships. So you can differentiate what’s causing that venom.

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Learning how to stop being toxic isn’t easy. Especially with people with toxic behaviors. But you can do it with time, practice, and self-discovery.

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