9 Subtle Differences Between a Confident & Arrogant Man

Confidence and arrogance may seem similar. but in between is a thin line It’s better to separate the men you should date with the men you don’t have.

Difference Between Confident and Arrogant

It is undeniable that there is a thin line. Between being arrogant and confident Many people say that one trait cannot exist without another. And that belief is true to some extent.

according to the dictionary of Merriam-Webster, the word “arrogant”?? Means “having or showing an insulting attitude towards someone who believes they are better, smarter, or more important than others”?? While “confident” ?? I mean, “having a feeling or believing that you can do something good or achieve something”??

I surveyed 20 boyfriends and gay friends asking them what personality traits men like and hate the most. 5 What is their first? Arrogance is at the top of everyone. 5 most hated trait while confidence is at the top of everyone 5 Favorite appearance What do these common findings tell us? There is no doubt that the thin line There is a thin line between arrogance and confidence. Between being loved and hated [Read: 15 reasons nice guys finish last all the time]

How can you tell the difference between arrogance and confidence?

If you’re new to the dating game, or if you just feel like you need to pay more attention to the signs your partner is spitting it out, this is it. 9 Hints that can help you determine if your guy is arrogant or confident.

#1 modest First of all, you need to keep an eye on your modesty. The arrogant man didn’t even know what it meant. They tend to boast a lot about their achievements. Likes to tease his own horns and constantly express himself. They will never be able to praise their achievements to others.

Confident men, on the other hand, will be happy to have you engage in conversations about their successful endeavors. but always say “My part has to work very hard. But I wouldn’t be able to do what I had without support. of my nanny”?? [Read: 12 things to look for in a guy before dating him]

#2 how he treats others Another way to tell if the guy you’re dating is confident or arrogant is to pay attention to how he treats others. I don’t mean to look down on his boss or his more successful friends. I’m talking about waiters, taxis, maids, valet, lawyers, etc.

Arrogant men are always rude and energetic, while confident men never forget their manners. Always remember that a man should not be judged by the way he treats those who are equal. but should treat those who he thinks are lower at the totem pole than him.

#3 Admit it. Another difference between a confident man and an arrogant man is that the former isn’t afraid to make and admit his mistakes. Confident guys aren’t afraid to ask your server for help.

An arrogant man might act like he knows what every item is. even though he doesn’t speak French. He wants to show the world that he knows everything and can’t do anything wrong instead of admitting that he has a weakness.

#4 maintain eye contact A confident guy will have no problem making eye contact with you during a conversation. He will undoubtedly focus all his attention on you. encourages you to express yourself confidently

On the other hand, an arrogant man might have a different look in his eyes. Whether he turns his back on you, next to you or around you. Arrogant people won’t focus on the person they’re talking to because they’re more concerned about finding someone else to talk to, more appropriately, someone they think would be helpful. them more

#5 his general behavior Your guy’s general behavior will indicate he’s arrogant or self-assured. Arrogant men tend to express feelings that they are better than everyone else. From the way he bragged about expensive cars to showing off his shiny watches. His arrogance is all-encompassing, negative and hard to miss.

Confident men, on the other hand, are more down-to-earth and respectful of nature. He may own an expensive car and a $30,000 watch, but will choose not to tell you. [Read: 30 characteristics that make him an alpha male]

#6 Willingness to learn. An arrogant man would do anything to give others the illusion that he knows everything, in fact he knows nothing. A confident man will try to learn something and get it done. He’s not ashamed to admit that he can’t do anything and will consciously try to make it happen. His confidence lies in the fact that he will eventually learn what he wants to learn. But he still didn’t get there.

#7 do more than talk You’ll know you’re dating an arrogant guy when his words are more important than his actions. For example, you might mention in your passing that you want to change careers and want to test the job market. He will not be ashamed to boast that he knows this CEO and that manager and that boss and that shareholder and will promise to contact you. Either he couldn’t or just didn’t care. He may not keep his promise unless it is directly beneficial to him.

When it comes to confident men Actions speak louder than words And if he says something or promises you something? There is a very high chance that he will follow.

#8 what to say and how to say What he says and the way he speaks separates an arrogant man from a confident man. Arrogant people work by pretending that they know everything and everyone. Even if you know what they are saying is nonsense. But they do it with such confidence that you start to doubt yourself. Arrogant men often speak to others in a contemptuous tone and are not afraid to correct or ignore others. Even if it means to embarrass them greatly.

Confident men, on the other hand, value the beliefs and opinions of others. and always value the opinions and opinions of the opposing party. Because it will give them the opportunity to learn and grow. [Read: 5 clear giveaways of emotionally unavailable men]

#9 social relationship How your guy behaves in social situations tells a lot about him. if he is arrogant He always disappoints others. shame them Ignore or ridicule their opinions. He must have many acquaintances. But there are only a few true friends.

Confident people, on the other hand, will attract others to them like fire moths. They are often loved by many because they tend to uplift others and enjoy the success of others. They don’t feel threatened when others do better than them.

After all Do not dispel anyone just because they are arrogant. It’s highly likely that they are because of how they were raised or because they just made up for their shortcomings. Tell them honestly that their arrogance can be annoying. And no matter what happens, be patient with this person as much as you can. especially if you love them.

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Although confidence and arrogance may seem the same. But these signs can help you differentiate. When you’re done You’ll be able to discern whether the guy you’re with is blowing his trumpet or if he truly believes in his abilities.

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