21 Subtle Signs a Coworker Likes You & is Deeply Infatuated by You

If you think a coworker is hinting they like you but aren’t sure, you need to know the subtle signs a coworker likes you. But how do you spot the signs?

subtle signs a coworker likes you

Many couples meet at work, but it is always a little risky to go for it initially. You don’t want to get a reputation or embarrass yourself. None of us want to put our jobs in jeopardy, so knowing the subtle signs a coworker likes you helps make this choice a whole lot simpler.

While it can be quite complicated to mix personal and work, many people actually find relationships at work. It’s not for everyone but if this is something you’re okay with, why not?

Before you take things a step further with a coworker you like, you need to know if they like you back first. Or maybe, there’s already a coworker who’s dropping subtle hints they like you, but you’re confused. But how do you know for sure without asking directly *just to avoid the awkwardness*?

Do you already know the subtle signs a coworker likes you?

When you are nervous about asking out a coworker, you may be psyching yourself out. There is a good chance you already know the subtle signs a coworker likes you but are overlooking them due to fear. Instead, reassess your interactions with this person.

Sometimes you don’t even need to know the subtle signs a coworker likes you; you just need to feel a vibe. You might already feel their intentions and feelings for you, but you don’t want to be too confident about it, just in case you turn out to be wrong.

When observing the subtle signs a coworker likes you, it’s all about their body language so watch carefully. [Read: The subtle hints to tell you the difference between friendly vs flirty]

How to spot the subtle signs a coworker likes you

If you want to be sure your coworker likes you, you’ll have to be hyper-aware. Because, just like you, they are probably nervous about liking someone from work. The signs this coworker likes you will be subtle. Just like you probably wouldn’t make it evident to your crush that you like them, the same goes for your coworker.

If you have any knowledge of flirting at all, use this to your advantage by spotting when your coworker is trying to subtly flirt with you. Maybe they keep touching you, laughing when you’re around, or staring at you.

These are all simple and subtle signs a coworker likes you, if you want to catch them flirting with you. [Read: The pros and cons of bringing sex into the workplace]

Dating a coworker: is it a good or bad idea?

If you ever wonder whether it’s a good or bad idea to date a coworker, it all depends on your preference. Some people are okay with dating someone from the workplace, while others aren’t. Certain complications can happen when you date a coworker.

For instance, things can become awkward if things don’t work out or if you potentially embarrass yourself in front of them. What’s even worse is if they’re a close friend and you find out they like you. If you take things a step forward, your friendship can be affected.

On the other hand, this relationship could be everything you’ve ever wanted in life. If you decipher the subtle signs a coworker likes you and it turns out they do *and you feel the same way,* then it can be a great relationship for the both of you!

Relationships and dating are always risky, but it’s just a matter of it’s a risk you’re willing to take. [Read: How to tell if your crush likes you with these 15 subtle clues]

The subtle signs a coworker likes you

Looking for the subtle signs a coworker likes you is not exactly hard, but takes a bit of insight. You need to be able to read between the lines and just read people in general. The chances are this coworker is trying to hide their feelings or at least not be obvious about them.

But, if you are keen on making a move and asking them out, you will want to know if they like you for sure. Here are the subtle signs a coworker likes you. [Read: Crush on a coworker: How to handle a coworker crush like an adult]

1. They stare

This is one of those subtle signs a coworker likes you *a lot more than you think.* When someone stares, they like you. And it doesn’t mean they are being creepy or ogling. They just are attracted to you and get distracted by that.

So if your coworker is staring at you, don’t be weirded out about it, but take it as a compliment and sign that they like you! For all you know, they could even be checking you out. [Read: 10 subtle eye contact moves to know for sure if they like you]

2. They know what’s going on with you

When a coworker likes you, they seem always to know what is going on with you. Whether they are up to date on all your Instagram stories or know the project you’re working on, they are always interested. This means that they’ve either been subtly stalking your social media accounts, or they really listen to your stories and everything you say.

Whichever it is, they’re still concrete indicators that they like you and are interested in you. Knowing what you’re doing gives them a reason to talk to you.

3. They make time for you

When you’re at work, the priority is work, right? Well, one of the subtle signs a coworker likes you is when they are taking time away from that for you. No matter how busy their schedule is, they can always insert quality time for you – and that’s how you know they like you.

There’s no way you would give someone even just a portion of your time if you don’t like them or have feelings for them.

4. They talk to you about non-work topics

We all have work friends. Someone who is showing subtle signs they like you will be more in-depth. They won’t just rant about your boss or Angie in accounting messing up your check.

If they talk about something in their personal life, such as their interests, what they did over the weekend, and how their family is like, you’re not just a coworker to them. Why else would they openly share these things with you if they don’t like you? [Read: How to keep flirting at work innocent and fun]

5. They cling to you at work events

One of the most unmistakable subtle signs a coworker likes you is the effort they make to spend time with you. Not only will they double-check that you are coming to the company picnic or holiday party, but they will be waiting for you to arrive.

Since they like you, they only have their eyes on you, even at work events and parties. Watch out for signs such as finding a reason to talk to you and making all kinds of excuses to talk to you.

6. They make you a priority

This is an obvious one as no coworker should make you a priority unless they like you. This can mean anything from making sure you’re handling your workload to reaching out if you’re late or bringing you soup when you’re sick.

They always make sure you’re doing okay and regularly check in. Especially if they drop their plans just to spend time with you, then they like you!

7. They remember what you say

This is huge. If you’re anything like most people, you probably zone out at work a lot, especially when your coworker is talking about their aunt’s Sunday brunch. But, if a coworker likes you, they will remember every detail.

If you told them you were going to your grandmother’s birthday party over the weekend and that you bought her a sweater, they will follow up on Monday by asking if your grandmother liked the sweater. Taking note of small things is a subtle but strong sign a coworker likes you. [Read: 15 ways to tell if someone likes you without asking them]

8. They notice any changes to your look

Physical appearance is everything when figuring out if they like you. Did you cut your hair or buy a new suit? This is the person who will notice that. It might be such a simple detail, but they’ll definitely notice if there’s something about your physical appearance that you’ve changed.

Maybe it’s your hair, your clothes, or anything else. They won’t shy away from giving you a complement, letting you know that they’ve noticed. [Read: The clothes make the girl: 15 tips to get you looking your best]

9. They notice changes in your mood

If someone at work knows when you’re having a bad day and tries to perk you up, chances are they are showing signs they like you. Maybe you’re stressed with your deadlines for the day or annoyed at your boss.

They’ll definitely be able to tell and might even try to cheer you up and feel better! Chances are, you won’t be able to hide your significant moods from them as they can tell. [Read: You can’t hide these signs of sexual tension with a coworker]

10. Body language

Remember how body language is crucial when trying to decipher the subtle signs a coworker likes you? Your body language should be able to reveal if you like someone, and the same goes for your coworker.

Do they hug you and linger? Do they put their hand on your shoulder when helping you with something? And do they make eye contact? These questions will help you decide if your coworker likes you or not. [Read: 12 strongest signs of mutual attraction between two people who like each other]

11. They avoid their phone when you’re together

Most people are glued to their phones 24/7, especially at work. However, if you really want to spot the subtle signs a coworker likes you, watch how they use their phone when you’re together. Do they use their phones even around you, or do they avoid checking their phones at all?

The fact that they avoid using their phones when around you indicates they obviously like your company and you!  It’s hard to come by undivided inattention nowadays. If your coworker keeps their phone away when with you, they are showing signs they like you.

12. They try to impress you

We don’t mean they will try to impress you with their killer presentation, but instead they will try to make you laugh or share their wild weekend plans.

If they try their hardest to impress you with their skills and abilities, they must like you a lot. We naturally put our best foot forward when getting someone to notice us, which must be the case for your coworker. [Read: How to impress your crush: 25 tips to steal their heart effortlessly]

13. They remember your food or coffee order

If this coworker surprises you with coffee or your favorite takeout when working late, they like you. They’re concerned about you and want you to remember them through these simple gestures. It might not be a lot, but it’s a gesture that means the world as they’re trying to tell you they like you!

They already memorize your favorite coffee and meals *no coworker should memorize the things you love unless they like you!*

14. They are nervous

Being nervous is a telltale sign a coworker likes you. If they’re flustered when you come by their office or blush when you compliment them, they probably like you.

You only get nervous around your crush after all, so it generally means they like you if they’re fidgeting or can’t keep still around you! Take it as a compliment if this is the case. [Read: Signs of unspoken attraction that will reveal if someone is into you]

15. You can feel it

The most subtle sign a coworker likes you is the feeling you get. This is not science or even something you can explain. If you feel the chemistry, you probably already know.

If you feel in your gut that your coworker likes you and the signs are pretty obvious, then they must have feelings for you! There’s no reason for you to doubt things any longer. [Read: The 15 subtle signs someone actually likes you back]

16. They always seek your help

With a crush, you can get them to notice you if you seek their help on something. So if your coworker always asks you to help them in specific work tasks *even when you know they can handle it themselves,* then they’re trying to get your attention.

If it’s not work-related, even better! Asking for any kind of help is one of the subtle signs a coworker likes you.

17. They dress up better than usual

If your coworker likes you, they’ll try their best to dress up better than usual. They might’ve even gone shopping for new clothes just to show off their fashion sense around you.

After all, the best first impression to give your crush is by dressing up well. So if you’re looking for the subtle signs a coworker likes you, watch their outfits whenever they know they’ll see you. [Read: Importance of first impressions: Secrets to help you make a good one]

18. They try and get to know you better

If your coworker likes you, they’ll make every attempt to get to know you a little better. Whether by asking your questions or listening to your stories more intently, they’re genuinely interested in getting to know you.

They could also attempt to get to know your friends in the workplace as they know your friends are the people who know you the best.

19. They make you laugh

The thing is, someone trying to make you laugh desperately is one of the concrete subtle signs a coworker likes you. If they crack jokes around you, tell you corny jokes, or make any attempt to bring out a smile or laugh out of you, they must like you!

It just means they want to see you smile and be happy around them, even if it’s in a simple manner like a joke. [Read: How to make a girl laugh, smile and like you instantly]

20. They flirt with you

It doesn’t get any more obvious than this, as flirting makes it clear that your coworker likes you. If they flirt with you in even the most subtle ways, they’re trying to tell you with their body language and behavior that they like you!

They might not say it in words, but if they flirt with you *and they don’t do it to anyone else,* you’re not just a coworker for them!

21. They try to get you to hang out with them outside work

There is such a thing as friendly dates, but if your coworker shows the majority of these signs and they ask you to hang out with them outside the workplace, they might already be asking you on a date.

This is the moment you decide whether you like them back or want to remain coworkers, for whatever reason. Especially if they try to get you to hang out with them with just the two of you, then that’s a clear sign right there!

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