Sudden Repulsion Syndrome: What It Is & Why the Sudden Repulsion?

Ever been beaten only to find yourself evicted by them a week later? You’re not crazy, you just have Sudden Repulsion Syndrome.

sudden thrust syndrome

I used to be with the guy I was crazy about. We’ve been together for about two months now. And I’m never enough with him and want to spend every second with him. he is beautiful For reasons that make me completely baffled I can’t stand him any longer. He annoyed me and didn’t have to do anything to annoy me. Just breathing is enough. Crazy, right? It turns out that maybe not as crazy as you think. I just have Sudden Repulsion Syndrome *SRS*

If this situation ever happened to you You may feel confused and a little guilty. You can’t get enough of someone one minute and then want to stay away from them as much as possible next time?

It might not be that noticeable. But you notice the little things that start creeping in for a short time, they really start to bother you. shortly after These are things you can focus on.

Classic Sudden Repulsion Syndrome

Are we crazy?


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What is Sudden Repulsion Syndrome?

As the name suggests, Sudden Repulsion Syndrome is expelled by someone for no reason. do you really like someone you spend a lot of time with them They are perfect in your eyes and bam! They are the most annoying people in the world.

Sudden Repulsion Syndrome is the reason many people break up. The sad thing is that no one really knows what the cause is. Is it your girlfriend or boyfriend’s fault that you suddenly find them repulsive? number! Even though you don’t know why you feel that way Of course, explaining the reason for not wanting to be with people That longer can be tricky. No one wants to hear how nasty they are to someone. Especially with the people they spend time building relationships with.

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Humans are quite violent creatures at times!

What is the cause of the sudden expulsion?

To complicate matters, no one really knows! Scientists and psychologists have been studying SRS for a long time. And there’s no clear reason why it happened. or when is the most likely to happen? It is not uncommon for couples to be married for many years. Suddenly one pair developed SRS and couldn’t stand the other.

in the same way Couples can be together for a few months. Totally crazy about each other In the real honeymoon, then the SRS begins and everything is over.

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However, they do offer some possible suggestions as to why SRS is happening:

#1 Sudden Repulsion Syndrome may be linked to hormones.It usually happens at the beginning of a relationship when we spend a lot of time with someone. We OD with them just as we overdose. Our hormones change, and suddenly we feel different for no other reason than chemicals.

#2 SRS could be a biological ‘down field’ strategy. Our hormones *Those nuisances again* may require us to play on the pitch. truly. Men are driven to spread their biological love as much as possible: their seed. and women are sent to stronger and more biologically fit men. All of this is based on evolution and nature to a high degree. And no one really understands its technique! [Read: Why oxytocin can be toxic in flawed relationships]

#3 Your subconscious is telling you that he or she is not.Your subconscious might be one step ahead of you and now realize that they are not you or Miss Perfect and certainly not The One. Call it self-preservation if you will, but your ‘higher self’. telling you to leave now

#4 Sudden Repulsion Syndrome may be linked to unrealistic expectations.If you are in a relationship with too many expectations, such as if you have high or unrealistic expectations from the person. *You watch too many Disney movies* You are unconsciously picking your flaws.

Maybe we never really know 100% why SRS happened and why we can go from hot to cold in a matter of days. But here are some of the common reasons people in the know consider.

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Can a relationship survive the sudden repulsion syndrome?

no my relationship and it seems that others Most of them don’t either.

Sudden Repulsion Syndrome (SRS) can be so severe that it’s hard to see the good stuff. in that person again You’re stuck with all the annoying things that you suddenly discover. When you start to feel that way about someone It’s very difficult to overcome. You don’t want to spend time with them. As a result, you’ll avoid calling and meeting them. The relationship will end effectively.

SRS can be confusing for your partner. If you decide to end the relationship It’s important that you act in a gentle but sincere manner.

Don’t tell them you can’t stand being around them anymore. because it’s so cruel Explain that you don’t feel that the relationship has a long-lasting future. Be kind, but don’t expect them to reunite in an exaggerated future.

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This doesn’t mean that every relationship affected by SRS has to end if deep down you don’t want to say goodbye. Or have been together for a long time and feel like it’s not worth giving up what you worked so hard to build? shows that there is still hope waiting on the horizon

It depends on the degree of Sudden Repulsion Syndrome in your relationship. if it is moderate to low It was possible to overcome it with a slight change in attitude. and may consult It’s important to explain to your partner that you’re having trouble in the relationship without telling them that they annoy you for no reason. You should try to minimize any expectations you might have about them, for example if the reasoning behind your SRS is unrealistic. No one is perfect. You shouldn’t expect it to be either.

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Another good route is to spend a little time apart. There are a few nights a week when you spend time with friends or alone. This will give you time to think about each other and build relationships again. After a while, think ‘date night’. Focus on discovering what brings you together first. it takes time But it’s not impossible.

The good news is that in general The longer you stay together The less likely you are to develop Sudden Repulsion Syndrome. not strange But it’s certainly rarer than a relationship that has just started or is in the first few months to years.

Remember that we are not perfect in ourselves. We can’t expect others to include every feature we need either. Disney and Hollywood movies have given us high expectations of what love should look like. Prince Charming isn’t about to come into your life on a horse. And that glass slipper won’t magically fit your feet either.

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The best way to deal with Sudden Repulsion Syndrome is to remember that being human means being flawed. It’s important to love someone for their flaws as much as it does. with their positive qualities too.

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