How to Flirt Online – 11 Super Smooth Ways to Do it Right

If face-to-face flirting isn’t your strength. You can trust technology to take care of you! Here’s how to grab the attention of your crush online, by Geninna Ariton.

11 ways to flirt with girls online that are super smooth

You want to be sensitive to the way you express your feelings. but at the same time You still want to start hinting at how much you love your crush. You already have them as your social media contacts. But you’re not sure how to get in touch with them online without pressure on them to block you.

The good news is that social media gives you privacy, so if your crush doesn’t respond to your feelings. The people around you won’t be the audience you’re embarrassed about. And if rejection is like a new wound acid You can choose to delete all your interactions and unfollow people you like. [Read: The socially awkward person’s guide to flirting]

how to flirt with girls online

Ready to make your crush go crazy with your sweet messages and subtle hints? Try these tips

#1 Write down what your crush wears or does without making it clear. when you see someone you like Accept their presence with a “hello” ?? Or smile is enough, but when you have the opportunity online. Instead, send them messages and comment on what they do when you see them.

You can give compliments like, “Hey, I really like your band shirt. Where did you get it??? You can also choose the sorcerer’s path by saying “I see you making coffee like plain water. Stay for the exam??? These messages let your crush know that you’re paying more attention to them than you initially thought.

#2 See what shows, movies and music your crush likes to watch and stay updated. A simple Google search will keep you up to date with your crush’s interests. You can say they will be playing at local locations this week. If your crush is in love with a particular celebrity Send them a picture that your crush might have missed from online stalking.

However, if your crush likes to watch certain TV shows. Make sure you’re not an idiot who suddenly said spoiler People are pretty dumb about spoilers. And you shouldn’t be too careful! [Read: How to talk to your crush and make them fall for you]

#3 be careful like Sure, you can fool your likes and like everything they’ve posted since they arrived on Facebook, but the best route when it comes to likes is to pick just a few posts. so as not to flood their notification feed.

Like all photos can make you look friendly or like a stalker. On the other hand, liking only the selected photos will make your crush wonder why there are pictures that you like and those that you don’t. It will keep your attention on their toes and make it look like a guessing game.

#4 Don’t be afraid to comment. Don’t criticize your crush for looking handsome. but comment on what he is doing. Look at the details of their photos and ask them something like “Is it at Starbucks?”?? or “I have a phone case too!”??

Leave some comments that will guarantee a response from them. not just a thank you More interaction with your crush is better than just worshiping them. You can also start a small carnival. friendly there As long as you know if you’re going into the water or not.

#5 Leave a mysterious atmosphere to keep your crush hooked. If your crush sends you a message. Instead, quell the urge to respond and take a deep breath. You can visually zone them for a few minutes and think of the appropriate response to send them. This prevents yourself from appearing too active.

But don’t rely solely on your response speed. Vaguely answer their questions. If they ask what you did tonight Do not give detailed instructions to get to the bar you are going to visit! Tell them you’ll go out and wait for an answer, then go in and kill and hint that they’re willing to join you. [Read: How to get your crush to notice you and like you back]

#6 Tag to your photos together! Don’t be shy about letting the world know that you’ve spent time with your crush before. Let his friends and your friends know that you two are back.

Although these images are new let them tag And let everyone know that you two are spending time together. It’s not exactly you own it, it’s just a photo. But it’s a little reminder to the two of you, your crush, and the world that the two of you are having fun together. Give envy!

#7 Make your crush the center of your status updates. But for glorious love, don’t tag them! Make it clear that you are talking about something you and your crush talk to or something you do together.

For example, you could post a quote that you and your crush talked to previously. Alternatively, you can post a link to a site that completely proves you’re right about what you’re controversial. You can also post a YouTube video of the currently playing song when you go on vacation.

#8 Don’t be afraid to have the opposite opinion. Opposing opinions fuel more interesting conversations with your crush. For example, you might be totally crazy about Game of Thrones, but your crush is a professional Lannister. while you are a probaratian

Point out this and give a sensible, fact-filled reason why Baratheons are better than Lannister. This will certainly lead to friendly discussions. and in the end You can be a charmer who helps your crush win…

#9 everywhere And everywhere, it means being on your crush’s social media profiles. Keep yourself updated on everything. And make sure you switch replies to people you like. If you emailed your crush today. Tomorrow you should make sure you tweet a reply. Then the next day, like their photos on Instagram and so on.

This helps you think of them and bury you in their subconscious in practice. Just remember to text them sparingly to keep your crush from going crazy with declarations of love and admiration.

#10 Be there, but not really. Think about your crush on purpose. yes you read that right When your crush checks in somewhere Show up when you’re sure he’s gone. Then make a post that clearly shows that you are where your crush is.

This can cause your crush to react and say they miss you for a few hours. And you can say something like they should text you. If the person you like doesn’t respond Your typical friends might assume that you were there together. And they might start teasing you both. It might be the perfect impetus to make your crush think you might be nice to each other.

[Read: 6 subtly flirty questions to ask your crush]

Online flirting is much easier than flirting in real life. but you have to be careful Because going in the water can cause your crush to stop liking you. keep it simple delicate and smooth And you’ll have your crush like all your profile pictures in no time!

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