Superficial Person Alert: 36 Shallow Traits They Just Can’t Hide

If you know a superficial person You may avoid spending too much time with them. Learn the signs to observe. before it becomes a problem!

superficial person

Superficial people are all about textures. That means they don’t care less about what’s going on below. A superficial person only cares about one person and that is himself.

Of course, you can guess that these types of people don’t enjoy being around. You can’t rely on them too much. A superficial person will not be a savior. Your emergency contact or the person you contact if you need anything. Relationship with them is what you can give.

Everyone can be superficial on occasion. This is normal for humans. However, some people are superficial at all times. And it’s tiring to be around Learn the characteristics and signs of superficial people and know when to step aside for your own mental health! Or these signs may help you identify the superficial features you’re hiding and what to do about them before they become a problem. [Read: Shallow people lack depth: 30 Signs you swim in the shallow end]

Superficial people warn! 36 Traits They Can’t Hide

Being superficial seems like you can get the best out of it with little. What it really means is that you’re not real, real, or that good. instead of being superficial You might want to dig a little deeper to find the truth you’re lurking beneath.

1. They go where the wind blows.

Yes, superficial people have no opinion or conviction that cannot be persuasive, persuaded, or simply eradicated without much pressure. Superficial people can’t pay attention to the “cause” or anything physical outside of them. [Read: 17 ways to be a citizen of the world while living at home]

2. have friends because of what they can do for them

Superficial people only want to be with people who participate. Relationships are unilateral and all about inequality that constantly flows in their favor.

3More concerned with looks than good

It’s all about appearance A superficial person is what they look like from the outside. Not what’s on your mind Good deeds are only good when they do it for them. [Read: Why is inner beauty more important than outer beauty?]

4They smile when they talk but look at you up and down.

The emotions expressed don’t necessarily match what they think. Good “bless your heart” and they’re all good to tear you to shreds while you’re out of ear range.

5. The gossip is equally profound.

If they have something to donate, usually “You’ve heard about…”

Gossip is as profound as it is. with which superficial people will talk to each other Because they use the mask of “I’m really worried about ___”, they don’t worry about anything but a story that keeps them in the heart of their attention. [Read: Drama queens – How to deal with these divas]

6They have nothing to add, um, what?

Do you know when you have a conversation? There is something called “A little more”, that’s not what superficial people do. They don’t even listen to what you say because they don’t care what you say. They may like to watch your lips move.

7. Their goal is “me”.

If it’s useless to a big “ME” then I wouldn’t put my energy or anything into the prize.

8. If you don’t have a brand, don’t wear it.

all about labels Not only are they not wearing things that don’t have a famous badge on them, but also insulting anyone who doesn’t do the same. Existing is all about looking your best. So you should look your best by wearing expensive clothes.

9. will do anything for “All eyes are on me.”

A superficial person is in the spotlight. if they don’t understand They did everything they could to keep all eyes on them. being the queen of drama start of rumor It’s no different It’s all about gaining the admiration of everyone around them. [Read: 12 signs you’re an attention seeker and don’t even know it]

10. Nothing is genuine but their wallet.

The only genuine thing about the superficial ones is the name brand purse. Believe me, there are no wonders in the world of superficial people.

11. Their iCloud is full due to selfies.

If you can’t decide which is the best selfie to post today? Check for yourself that you may be superficial. [Read: How to be classy: 20 traits that command awe and respect]

12. Their social media presence is the only thing they have.

There is a social media personality that people have created. Then there are real individuals who are about one-tenth the concentration of the created self. If you and your social media presence are the same Shows that you may not be genuine. This will make you look superficial.

13. They talk to each other. But when it’s your turn to talk They will stop talking

A narcissist in conversation has everything that is superficial. The only interesting thing they find is those that are related to them. They will hijack the conversation. So it always comes back to “me”. [Read: Are you a conversation narcissist?]

14. Date Someone to Increase Status Not because they like or know him.

Superficial people date someone just to increase their status. It makes no difference if there is a connection or sexual attraction. If you could take me up the social ladder i am yours!

15. They’re all about backhand compliments and probably don’t even know it.

Superficial people have no real self-awareness. So backhand compliments are just as good. with which they have been If they have something good to say, it’s always followed by something that will hit you. [Read: Backhanded compliment: How to react kindly or give back in kind]


Superficial people have no reason other than to develop themselves in some way. If they wear the logo for a reason Maybe it’s because it’s a fashion.

17. You unfollow them to stop your phone every two minutes with an update.

Superficial people believe that the world revolves around them, so you want to see what they have for lunch. What are they doing all the time? and want to know every second what their status is

18. They are always around when they need something.

But when you really need something, they are “too busy… sorry!”

19. Your problems annoy them.

The problem is likely to be with rolling eyes and the signs that “You wasted my time with your little trouble.” [Read: 17 bad friends you should unfriend from your life]

20. If you’re not cool, you’re a ghost.

If you can’t continue being superficial Don’t be surprised if they haunt you or don’t want to be your friend anymore.

21. You introduced yourself to them 100 times.

Why did they take the time to hand over your name and face the memory? you are not important but in your defense no one matters

22. They come to help and sit and watch your work. They are there to drink wine.

If they were all about It’s a vain “help” and it’s about drinking your wine while groaning at you while you work overtime. Show that you meet a superficial person.

23. They don’t have the same laughter twice.

Not even their laughter was real. [Read: 9 Subtle differences between a confident & arrogant man]

24. They tell you like “You know what you should do” or “Why don’t you just…”

Yes, they have answers for everything. and it often says “You are not as smart as me. So figure it out.”

25. They never brought They just expect you to pay.

“Ah, I forgot my wallet again? Next time I will be able to…”

26. Thank you is not in their vocabulary. Do they have the right to know?

They do not see the need to say thank you because they are not grateful for anything. In their heads they are right. Just give them what they deserve and that doesn’t deserve a thank you. [Read: Feeling unappreciated? 31 unappreciated quotes to empower you]

27. Everything you do is okay. What they do is awesome.

Yes, superficial people think they are the center of the universe. So everything they do is amazing, whatever. you Doing is mediocre at best.

28. What They Do You catch them posing, winking.

They are difficult to answer. pretend all the way It’s all about maintaining appearance.

29. They always come in and bail at the last minute because something better comes along.

They “lived there” until the moment they had to be there and could not be found. [Read: Got flaky friends? Here are all the reasons to ditch them]

30. They are always bent.

If they always try to show off Show that it’s all about the surface – the superficial.

31. They will not go out without or dressing properly.

Don’t even go to the inbox or Walmart has to show everyone 24/7.

32. They never have problems and everything in life is great every day, every day.

Superficial people have the most wonderful lives. beautiful spouse wonderful ball and all the tastiest things They can’t accept that they’re not perfect and their world isn’t either. Not at all. Every day for the superficial is awesome.

33. Everything they do has a purpose and we mean everything.

If they do something for you You should mark it That means you owe them in any way, shape, or form. [Read: Manipulative people: How to spot them and stop playing the victim]

34. Their phones are more important than anything.

Don’t try to compete with their phones. You will never win! Social media is more important than your insignificant ass.

35. Frustrated because homeless people sleep on the side of the road because they have to walk around.

It’s all about them, so if you’re going to lose a limb. Also, don’t splash blood on their clothes! [Read: How to manipulate superficial people: 13 proven strategies that really work]

36. They don’t just have to talk to each other. But if they have children They are the only promotional band.

Being superficial doesn’t stop with them. But it also slips into everything they own, have or make, including children. They must be as superficial as they are. They can’t go anywhere without dressing their kids like they’ve just left the latest catalog yelling “I’m superficial.”

The superficial is just the name that describes it. They make everything textured. Don’t expect superficial people to care as much about you. with what you do is the least important person in your life. The only person who exists in the life of a superficial person is them.

[Read: Shallow people lack depth: 30 signs you swim in the shallow end]

So if you want to be friends with a superficial person You should have thick skin, active, and ready to pose if you want to hang out.

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