14 Surefire Signs Your Guy Thinks You’re Smokin’ Hot

Wondering if guys will see you as sexy even if you’re already dating? So here are 14 ways to prove if he thinks you’re irresistible.

Signs Your Guy Thinks You're Hot

It is undeniable that being your partner’s eye is very important. Why bother with anyone else? But how do you know if he thinks you really look good and won’t get lost if he meets someone you think lives by socially acceptable standards of the ideal woman? [Read: How to be the irresistible woman that guys will fall for]

The press has ingrained in all of us that a six-foot-tall figure is the ideal woman. Stop worrying about what the media announces. What do they know about the real world? It all comes down to each person.

14 signs your guy thinks you’re hot and irresistible!

Not all men are Leonardo. DiCaprio, who only dates models There are plenty of men in the world who will find you sexy and desirable, no matter how deep your curves and edges are.

You should trust your man when he tells you that you are beautiful. You should also remember that being hot and sexy isn’t just about beauty. but including the brain

However, if you are someone who wants to be sure that your man still finds you attractive Here are 15 clear signs that tell you he thinks you’re really hot and sexy.

#1 He tells you how he feels. The last way to know if your guy thinks you’re hot and sexy is to pay attention to the moment he tells you that.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t believe him when he says he finds you irresistible. You should know him well enough to tell if he’s serious or just pulling on your leg. If your guy always tells you how he feels about you He’s always looking at you as sexy and smoking a lot.

#2 he compliments you Another way to know if he feels you are sexy and hot is by complimenting you. Your guy should know that by now you might like to be told how awesome you are.

Don’t focus on the compliments he gives about your appearance. Enjoy when he tells you how funny and smart he thinks you are. This is a heartfelt compliment, and for many women these compliments mean more than getting positive feedback about their appearance. [Read: Are you awkward when it comes to taking compliments?]

#3 he is proud of you If your man flaunts you Show that he definitely thinks you are a god. Trying to unite his son is an obvious way to tell you that he thinks you are all.

There’s no doubt that when he shows you He thinks you beat other girls. nearby even his friend’s girlfriend When your man puts you on a pedestal You know he truly cares.

#4 he likes to touch you Physical contact is a surefire way to tell you that your guy finds you sexy. Whether it’s placing your hand on your little back, putting your arm over your shoulder in a possessive manner, holding your hand, or kissing your neck. He definitely finds you attractive.

There’s no way a guy wouldn’t want to touch a woman he’s hot. Guys are pretty easy on this matter. If they see what they like They must have it close to them. And you are no exception. [Read: How to playfully touch your partner for a deeper connection]

#5 he dressed you When men try to make you look good You know he feels you hot and sexy. He knew that he had to be equal. with your look Or at least try to stay balanced.

Shave, trim bushes, spray cologne, comb your hair and put on a clean shirt for a date night. These are all signs that he cares about you and wants to please you.

#6 he started having sex Nothing proves his desire more than he wants to do you over and over again. If he started having sex all the time There’s a high chance that he won’t be able to make you sexy enough. You have nothing to worry about unless he is indifferent to sex.

#7 he is romantic When a guy proves his love for you by turning on his charms. There’s a good chance he wants to hold you back in his life. You can indicate that he is comfortable with you. You can just brush it off because he’s just cute. But we all know that the real reason behind all of this is that he’s afraid of losing his sexy partner.

A man moves mountains for his loved ones. So you should be glad he’s trying to be romantic. [Read: Need ideas to reciprocate the romance?]

#8 he surprises you When a guy tries to please you by surprise He will care deeply about you. Whether it’s an unannounced presence at your home to cook for you. Or surprise you with a hot stone massage. No doubt he wants you to be hot and sexy all the time. If he tries to make you smile

#9 His Highness favors Making a woman happy will keep her nearby. Your guy might find you irresistible if he can’t help but continually do little things for you. He may have a fear of mocking and telling him that he will lose you if he doesn’t make you happy.

Nothing scares a guy more than knowing that his sexy girl is walking away because he isn’t doing enough to please her. enjoy the favor But don’t take advantage of it. [Read: 30 super sexy ways to keep a guy really interested in you all the time!]

#10 He admires you. Countless movies, TV shows, books, and stories from friends and family tell us that when a man doesn’t show appreciation for his spouse, He may not be very interested, so if your guy puts the time, money, and effort into showing how much he appreciates you. That’s a good sign.

Whether it’s gift giving, flowers, homemade playlists or home-cooked meals. He also shows you that he appreciates the fact that you are the sexy star of his life.

#11 He can’t stay away. Wanting to spend every waking minute with you is a sign that he can’t get you enough. When he starts to disappear for days, stop calling back or asking for something bad. like an open relationship He doesn’t look at you like he used to. Enjoy the fact that your guy wants to spend time with you as he finds you clearly hot and sexy. [Read: 25 compliments for guys they’ll never ever forget!]

#12 He is cute. most of the time You have to extract the sweetness from the man. So if your partner gives you unfazed attention and affection, He definitely finds you hot and sexy.

Guys love to check out what you probably already know. But he will keep doing it because he loves you. So if he shows affection and is always trying to please you. You’ll know he thinks you’re attractive.

#13 He buys you sexy clothes. You’ll know your lover appreciates your body when he buys you sexy underwear. He won’t want to see someone he doesn’t feel attractive walking around in crotchless panties. So be glad if he surprises you with something sexy to tempt him. Play this role and enjoy the fact that he likes to make eye contact with you all over the place.

#14 You catch him staring at you! There’s no way his eyes will wander whenever you’re in the same room as him. That’s one very clear way of saying how hot he thinks you are.

[Read: 30 facts about guys that can help you read his mind]

at the end of the day Don’t worry too much if your man doesn’t show all the signs. Each guy has his own way of letting you know that you’re hot in his eyes. So if you feel love He knows he has a goalkeeper!

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