12 Surefire Ways to Get a Creepy Guy to Leave You Alone

Some creepers are so stubborn that you’ll need to come up with other creative ways to get them out of your back!

creepy man

It happened to all of us. We meet a guy we think is attractive, smart, and charming and start talking to him regularly. We might even go on a date with him. But after getting to know him a little better We begin to realize that he is not as great as he seems.

Regardless, we find some annoying facts about his life. Or he begins to express the impression that he might be wrong in his head. Before long, we begin to hope that we will never meet the man. And we’ll do whatever it takes to make him disappear. The only problem was that he was unbelievably attacked!

He seems to be always around, and to the point where telling him to get lost can make him upset enough to do something stupid.

How to get rid of a stubborn boyfriend

Fortunately, there are ways to make creeps leave you alone without those harsh words. Here are 12 of the most effective ways to free yourself from the creeps’ unwanted attention. Each method is optimal for its level of creepiness.

#1 Politely tell him you’re not interested. If you find the guy a little creepy and not intimidating. Honesty is the best policy. tell him he’s a good man *Even if he’s not* you’re not attracted to him in a romantic way.

If he asks why Point out important differences between the two of you. For example, you enjoy sports activities but he doesn’t. Or do you like to party while he enjoys a quiet night out? He might ask if you can. still friends But to break up with the person, you can tell him that you will feel uncomfortable continuing the friendship with him after what happened. [Read: How to stop a guy from hitting on you]

#2 Stop calling back and texting him. When a creepy guy isn’t 100% obsessed with you or is chasing other women too. You may not need the above speech. You may gradually disappeared from his life instead

The first thing you need to do is stop calling him back and texting him even if you’re bored. because this will make him hold on to any hope that he has that you may be interested in him After texting and calling back a few times. He should take the hint. “We’re not a match” [Read: 14 no-fail ways to turn down any type of guy]

#3 block him on social media In addition to not calling back and sending text messages. You should block him from the list of social media contacts he has open. If you feel blocking is too harsh and you think he’s not dangerous You should at least delete him.

Keeping him in your contact list will make him feel that the two of you are still in a relationship. whether it is personal or professional And it is acceptable for him to contact you.

#4 change your phone number Changing your phone number is a huge pain. But what if a guy keeps texting you multiple times a day, even though he knows you’re not interested? It might be something you have to do for yourself.

When you get a new phone number Don’t post anywhere online, as your spy or spy friend may stumble upon the number. Also, be sure to tell your friends not to give away your number without consulting you first.

#5 pretend you have a boyfriend Sometimes if the creeps think you already have a man They will retreat and go find another woman. Especially if the creep in question is a little shy and clumsy.

You can start by informing Creepy that you are no longer single. And he might leave happily. If he does not respond and reacts aggressively to the news You may need to find a muscular guy friend to pretend to be your boyfriend when you two see him nearby.

#6 get a dog This is not a realistic option for everyone. But if you have a job and your own place And you’re being chased by one of the creepiest men. Consider investing in a dog. If you think a problematic creep is coming to your house at some point. Knowing that you have a dog can scare him. A medium to large dog can act as a protection if you are walking out and come across him.

#7 Travel with friends. If you feel creepy men are threatening your safety. The best way not to travel alone Instead of walking around alone, go to town with a girlfriend or two. Or even groups whenever possible. If you’re driving, you’re fine. As long as you park near the entrance of the place you will be going at night.

Creeps often bother women who are alone. So if they see that someone is with you They tend to continue immediately. If creeping threatens you At least you have someone to stand up for you.

#8 Find another route to school, work, etc. for frequent walkers The route you currently take to school, work, or other regular activities may lead you to where Creep is, at work, or where he frequents socializing. If he is particularly stubborn He may be deliberately planting himself along your path.

So when avoiding creeps that tend to be in your area for whatever reason. It’s best to find another way to get to places where you regularly walk. It might take a little longer to walk to your destination, but at least you’ll know you’re safe.

#9 wear a hat and sunglasses A hat and sunglasses will come in handy if you really need to spend time in places where you might actually meet him. A reptile can annoy you if he recognizes you. And if you have most of your hair tucked under a hat and Your eyes are closed, he probably won’t.

#10 Alert your boss and coworkers. When you don’t call back, text or text online. It is possible that the first place Where the creeps will look for you is your workplace. If you think that there is a high probability that he will show up while you are at the event. Tell your boss and your co-workers about him. That way, they can call security and get him out quickly if he gets annoyed.

However, if you think that the creepy guy you meet doesn’t know where you work, then rest assured, these guys are very skilled at finding these things!

#11 Someone you trust tells them to stop communicating. Unfortunately for us Men tend to respond better when other men tell them what to do. more than women If the creeps you are dealing with are very stubborn and constantly try to contact you. You may need help from a brother, a male relative, or a trusted male friend.

You should choose the man in your life who is the strongest and most reliable. So that when he informs this creepy friend that you don’t want to communicate with him anymore. The creeps will be left in his boots. The only situation where you shouldn’t ask someone for help is if you think the creep might hurt them. And if so…

#12 Involves the police. This is a last resort and should only be used in extreme cases where creeping seems very dangerous. and other solutions Many other things didn’t work. If you call the police with a creepy person Be prepared to provide evidence of the harassment or disturbing messages he sent you.

When you think that the situation has reached this stage Don’t forget to save the online messages, texts, and voicemails they leave for you. in most cases He will be charged if he is threatened by you. But you must have valid evidence to prosecute.

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If you’re dealing with an idiot guy. Cutting off contact with himself is enough. However, if a creep looks like he can become a full-blown stalker. More serious measures may be needed. no matter what your actions You shouldn’t feel guilty as long as it is legalYou have the right to live in peace without worrying about troublesome men!

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