10 Surefire Ways to Stay Friends After Having Sex

Sex doesn’t have to be the end of a friendship. You can still be friends! Here’s how you can switch from partner to friend.

Being friends after sex

There is nothing else in the world that is complicated between two people who enjoy sex. Sex is filled with the most powerful emotions, such as love, lust, and jealousy. This makes people totally unreasonable. Therefore, it’s no surprise that sex often makes friendships seem impossible after the act is done. It can’t be like this If two people can avoid the common pitfalls They are able to maintain and strengthen friendships after sex.

There are usually two people who were once good friends. But after having sex They began to regret their friendship. For whatever reason, it doesn’t feel right. Unfortunately, this should ruin the good things they’ve done before.

Sometimes people have no choice but to stay true to the former flame. They may be colleagues or have other professional relationships. They may be in the same social circle. They may have children together. If they will inevitably meet It would be much easier in the long run if they avoid drama and just get along. [Read: 9 steps you can take to be friends with your ex flame]

Can it really be done?

Yes! It certainly can be. Ex-girlfriends can be friends. avoiding certain situations Maintaining a mature attitude Planning and managing meetings and interactions Two people can find friendship even after having sex. They just follow these steps…

10 Ways to Be Sure to Be Friends After Sex

#1 take your time You may both decide that you want to be friends after a breakup or your relationship. But that doesn’t mean you have to dive in. Take it slow. If you’re gone for a few weeks without seeing each other, that’s fine. It might be better if you try to keep your distance for a while. [Read: Does the “no contact rule” really work?]

Think of it like a new friendship. You don’t call or text new friends every day. Can send messages from time to time But don’t do it out of loneliness or when you’re drunk. Limit communication initially to once or twice a week.

#2 Go in a group. When you start to meet again in society Try to make sure it happens in groups. Go out with your mutual friends and try to treat each other like you would with other friends. Avoid going with other couples as it may seem like dating this way.

#3 avoid alone time If you can’t find another friend to go with. Hang out somewhere you won’t feel like it’s just the two of you. If you are meeting for a meal Choose a casual lunch place or a coffee shop. Not a friendly restaurant A park during the day is another good option. Cinema is probably the worst idea.

#4 stay dry do not drink alcohol Drinking often leads to one of two outcomes: getting into a heated argument or getting drunk again in bed. Because these are the last two things you want to happen when you’re trying to build a friendship. You should therefore avoid drinking by any means. As time goes by since you’re a couple and your friendship grows stronger, it might be okay, but in the beginning it’s okay. It’s not worth the risk.

#5 No sex talk! Whatever you do, don’t talk about sex. Don’t talk about the sex you had with your new boyfriend. And let’s not talk about the sex that you two had. There is no reason to start talking about your past because it will compromise the friendship you are trying to cultivate. It’s not always easy Especially if you’ve had good sex together. Reminiscing about it may seem fun, but in the long run, it just adds unnecessary temptation. and it will hinder their friendship.

#6 Be honest about new partners Although you shouldn’t talk about the new sex you have. But it’s not wrong to tell your ex and your new friends when you start seeing new people. It might be better to wait. But it’s always better if this information comes straight from you rather than through the rumor mill. It’s not a bad thing to ask them if they saw anyone. But if you don’t feel like you can handle the right hearing. should avoid the topic

#7 Avoid the old routine At least at the beginning of the friendship It’s best to avoid traditional bad areas. Stay away from restaurants where you go on dates or meeting spots where romance blossoms. You may have told each other cute little jokes inside before or nicknamed each other. But should leave those things behind. Remember that you are starting over from scratch and you must keep the slate clean. [Read: 16 clear signs your ex secretly wants you back]

#8 avoid owning The most important thing for both of you is to be mature. And the best way to show your maturity is to not possess your ex. Remember that you are now friends. And you have to treat each other that way. The need to know where someone is what did they do last night Or who are they having lunch with tomorrow? It is unacceptable between friends.

It’s normal to have feelings of jealousy, but you have to work to overcome them. Your friend is his or her person. and have the right to make independent decisions without consulting you. Being too possessive will make them resent you, and no friendship will grow with resentment in the mix.

#9 Don’t try to provoke jealousy. Although it is important for both of them to overcome their feelings of jealousy, it is important to both. But it is important not to try to tempt them either. It can be a short-term ego boost knowing that your ex is jealous of your new flame. but immature to try to make them feel that way Both of you are trying to overcome feelings for each other. So trying to make other people jealous is a small thing. underage And it’s a terrible way to turn from lovers to friends. [Read: Are you jealous of your ex?]

#10 Fight temptation.For many people, this is the single most difficult step. Even if both of you want to quit sex, and 99% of the time you don’t even want to. But there are also temptations that can ruin your judgment and lead you to do something you will regret later.

Sometimes an ex is like an addiction. The person you know is bad for you. But you can’t deny it. It usually stops late at night or after a few drinks when you call or lean in for a goodnight kiss. Self-control is your ally here!

The high road is an easy road.

Being an adult will make life easier in the long run. Hating someone takes more energy than getting along. really no reason that you can’t be friends with your ex Or you have to let a drunk man ruin an old friendship. [Read: What your relationship says about your odds of becoming friends after breaking up]

you can make it happen Being friends after sex takes some work. but then again All kinds of friendships require effort. Don’t let your history ruin the beautiful friendships you still have!

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