How to Have Tantric Sex: Beginners Guide to Awaken Your Sexuality

Want to know how to have sex instead of trick? Here’s a complete guide to history, location and step-by-step instructions for beginners to try for yourself today!

how to have sex instead of trick

sex is fun But can you take it to higher levels of sexual ecstasy and emotional connection? Learning how to have sex instead of trick can help you succeed. And it’s not as confusing as most people think.

Ever wondered what tantric sex and tantric sex are all about? When you make love with your lover The fellowship may last for half an hour or more.

But hot sex can help you prolong your connection and increase your sexual intimacy a hundredfold if done the right way! But before we get there Let’s try to understand first what tantra and tantric sex are all about.

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What is a tantra?

In ancient Indian philosophy, tantra means technique. Although the modern world has mistakenly misunderstood the concept of tantra, tantra sex refers to the technique of intercourse. not uncommon It’s not a taboo thing. Intense intercourse is a technique of intercourse used to achieve a level of pleasure and connection within and with your partner.

Just like yoga is for the mind and body. Irritable sex is the soul and soul of your partner. In Tantra, as in yoga or any other path to attain spiritual happiness. We have two types – right and left. without going into too much detail or digressing. The left is rough and full of rituals. while the path on the right is purer and more self-reflecting.

Tantra is the process of consuming energy within your own body. to reach higher power levels and connectivity. with yourself and with your partner [Read: How to find happiness within yourself and manifest a better tomorrow]

tantric sex

What is tantra sex?

according to ancient Indian scriptures The energy level of the human body is governed by nine chakras (wheels) that run in vertical straight lines. Some people believe that there are only seven chakras. While the ancient texts refer to the nine chakras when talking about the Tantra.

By activating and establishing a connection with these chakras. you will experience happiness Eliminate pain and emotions or control and enhance the human emotion you used to feel.

Today, science has proven the existence of these energy centers in the body. And still trying to understand how it works.

Tantric sex is a sexual technique to stimulate these nine chakras during male and female intercourse. when doing so You will experience happiness beyond words. and connect on a higher plane beyond the boundaries of our minds.

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What kind of hot sex isn’t?

Tantric sex is not a dirty fetish or weird taboo that goes against human behaviour. It is purer, cleaner, and more pleasurable than first falling in love. Learning to have sex instead of trick is an art that must be learned and mastered. It’s meditation and mental awakening while having sex. It’s pure LSD of sexual pleasure. [Read: Everything you need to know about orgasmic meditation]

Experience happiness through sex instead of trick

First of all, give yourself a few hours of undisturbed time. without phone calls, text messages, or distractions. Lock your phone in another room. We know how hard it is to spend a few minutes without scanning through new notifications!

To make an explosive sexual relationship You have to pay attention to each other and not do anything else.

You can have sex instead of trick for an hour or more a day! It really depends on you and your partner. in the beginning Indulge in tantric sex for an hour or two. You’ll soon realize that two hours of sex are too short when you’re making connections between them in territories beyond the physical plane.

confused? Yes, let’s have sex!

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tantric sex

Understanding Sex Instead of Trick

Here, we’ll tell you how to do it for the first time with step-by-step instructions. Explore and create your own connections. Because hot sex is like our own thoughts. that is as unique as a fingerprint

How to Have Sex Tantric for the First Time – Step by Step Guide

Follow these steps and take a break whenever you want.

area setting

Arrange things in a way that will satisfy all of your feelings. Use a perfume like musk or sandalwood to stimulate your senses. Light a candle and use a soft music playlist.

Dress in loose clothing that is easy to remove, such as a sarong or tunic. Red is the color of fertility. And it’s more desirable than other colors. Choose an aphrodisiac like strawberry, oyster, or chocolate. to feed each other while having sex [Read: 6 sexy ways to dress for sex and turn your partner on]

Choose a drink, such as a light red wine, so that you can get drunk rather than drink.

sensuality and awakening

Sit cross-legged or kneeling in front of each other. Relax and feel at ease in the surrounding area. When you’re all over the giggles and blushes

Staring into each other’s eyes in the soft candlelight And prepare your partner by gently moving your palm or fingertips. Go all over the other person’s body to feel energized and awaken the nerves. Tease your partner by stroking the length of their body. Brush close to high-feeling areas such as the body and breast. without touching the erogenous zone [Read: How to arrange your bedroom to turn it into an erotic sex bedroom]

Preparing for Sex Tantric – The Nine Chakras

When you touch each other’s bodies with your hands for at least a few minutes. Your nerve endings will have an increased sense of touch. Now it’s time to stimulate the chakras in your body.

They face each other and sit very close to each other. but don’t touch each other Place your fingers on your own nipples and massage yourself in a circular motion while gazing into each other’s eyes. *Or hands if you think staring is disrespectful!* Massage yourself for nine long deep breaths. [Read: Eye contact during sex will take your orgasms to the next level]

N.S. 9-Massage steps to stimulate your chakras

We are talking about the nine chakras. Therefore, the massage should be done in multiples of nine as you move your hand down.

#1 Slide your fingers down to the ribs and repeat 18 times, twice. 9 time

#2 Slide your finger down to the end of your ribs. Repeat the movement and breathe slowly for 27 times, three times nine times.

#3 Now move to the middle between the ribs and the navel. Repeat 36 times, four times nine.

#4 Now bring both hands together under the navel. Then circulate your skin as you take 45 slow breaths.

#5 Then massage the middle between the navel and the pubic bone 54 times.

#6 Then do the same over the pubic bone for 63 times.

#7 Your personal massage for 72 sessions.

#8 Finally, massage the bottom and back of the penis for 81 times.

#9 now lie down next to each other but don’t touch each other

Hint – If you’re confused about where to massage yourself. Don’t worry as long as you have nine points between your nipple and the last massage point.

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Tantric sex

Awaken Kundalini

Kundalini is the sexual energy that resides within us all like a coiled snake. When you massage yourself and think nothing but your lustful desires. Your sexual energy will begin to grow with your desires.

to awaken your partner’s sexual energy Women should sit closely behind men in such a way that their breasts and backs touch each other. Repeat. 9- Massage into multiples of nine But this time the woman did all the massage first. followed by a man sitting behind a woman

You can stop between procedures to sip wine or aphrodisiac. When you’re done massaging each other. Lie flat next to each other with both sides touching each other. [Read: How a man’s size matters to his woman according to the Kamasutra]

increase alertness

Sit down with your back touching and feel your butt touch. Put one hand on your heart and the other hand rests on your private part and slowly swings back and forth As you take a long deep breath, close your eyes and visualize the different colors. and thinking only of their sexual desires for each other

shortly after You will begin to feel sexually aroused. If any of you is trying to swing faster in the sexual excitement. The other party should limit the pace and maintain the same speed. Imagine having sex and closing your eyes. Look at the colors and invigorate you. [Read: The 5 senses of sex and how to awaken them]

Sometimes the sexual energy can be very intense. Your eyes may begin to fog or water. But don’t stop moving. And don’t break the contact by laughing or talking about distractions. Experiencing blissful moments means that you have awakened intense sexual energy that you have never experienced before.

Now switch from back-to-back movements to circular motions and circle your waist at the same time for ten minutes or more. This takes practice and should slow down faster than in the early stages. Lie down again and rest for a moment.

combine sex power

Face each other and sit down. You should sit cross-legged or kneeling with your knees touching each other. Put one hand on your heart and the other on your secret part and swing it back and forth. look into each other’s eyes

Lean back on the inhale and exhale as you move forward. Do this calmly and slowly. Self-massage the nipples as you begin to move in harmony. Personalize your gaze from your partner’s eyes. and shift your hand from your nipple to your partner’s shoulder.

when you do this Your sexual energy will come into contact for the first time. Keep moving and taking long, deep breaths as you feel your sexual energy surge in waves.

united in one mind

The woman now moved up to the man’s lap and sat down on his lap facing him. As you both move together through tantra links. A man will infiltrate a woman while she sits on his lap and locks him on her thigh. [Read: How to ride a man and look sexy doing it!]

The woman now places the man’s right hand on her back between the shoulder blades. and his left hand supports his buttocks. The woman’s left hand goes between the shoulder blades and the right hand on the scapula. which is the base of the spine This completes the path of the flow of sexual energy between men and women.

In this position called Maithuna, the energy chakras line up between the navel. The solar plexus and the heart and energy flow through each other in ways you’ve never experienced before.

Make eye contact and cover their mouths together. You don’t have to kiss passionately or start waving at each other. Just inhale calmly as you swing. Then connect your tongue. This connects your body, mind, and spirit. Let this wobble become a wobble and eventually become a driving force. [Read: How to kiss more passionately and romantically]

climax in sexual pleasure

when reaching the climax Both of you should close your eyes and move your hands from between your shoulders and up to the nape of your neck. You can stop whenever you’re close to climax. until you are ready to reach the peak This is like edging where you can’t wait to reach the climax to prolong your sexual pleasure. [Read: What is edging? How to orgasm harder and better than ever]

As the waves of orgasm begin to vibrate towards your core. Grit your teeth and bring that feeling to your head. to the point near the top of your head. above the scalp Let go of your thoughts and stay still as the wave of sexual unions dominate you. [Read: Top 50 kinky sex ideas to have a sexier relationship]

cessation of sexual intercourse instead of trick

Stay in the same position until both of you return to the ordinary world. and your breathing and heart rate will return to normal. Staring into each other’s right eyes, stroking each other’s faces, necks, and shoulders, slowly began to make a gentle disconnect. Lower your hands to the sides and gently allow the woman to lift herself from her lap and sit facing each other. [Read: 9 relationship stages all couples go through in their relationship]

Farewell to sexual power

According to the Tantric sexual philosophy, human physical unity is sacred and is similar to the combination of divine powers with earth powers.

As you sit facing each other Let’s touch each other’s knees. Place your right palms on each other’s left knees. Feel the connection and let it fade away

Gradually let go of your physical relationship and separate yourself. Close your eyes and sit in your own space. Open your eyes when you’re both ready and thank each other for what you share.

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When you’re sexually obsessed with tantrums While action is important But it was the moments leading up to that that made it more satisfying. Now you know how to have sex instead of trick. *Even if it’s just one of many A unique* way to connect with your partner and you’ll learn to enjoy sex like never before.

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