To Ma’am, With Love – A Teacher and Student Story

Ever fell in love with a teacher only to despair? This is the sweet story of a teacher and student’s love that changed two lives for the better by Dave Rowland.

teachers students love

Year 1999.

I’m studying for a master’s degree, awaiting graduation. Throw on my coat and hat as high as I can. and walk on the green fields that await everyone who dares to dream

my dreams and college

I definitely have a dream I want to make it big in the real world.

I want to be a business consultant or vice president or whatever in those lines of work.

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However, the idea of ​​walking around in clean clothes and tight hands It felt like the perfect way to live my life.

My friend just wants to graduate. and me too

The teacher was not happy to let me reach my dreams in such a simple way.

My friends and I are both athletes. Or at least we pretend Every time a group of girls walked past us to the basketball court. And if there’s no one around, we hang out at the dorm or our favorite corner on campus.

Every morning started the same way for me and my roommates.

We have to set the alarm clock in our mobile phone in snooze mode. Set alarms on ten different clocks. And hide it in a place we can’t reach without opening our eyes wide, and the result is good.

Our morning started with swearing. followed by the sound of a broken clock But we’re good at scraping through the door before the professor gets inside.

Late start and good day

One Tuesday morning, I was late. I snapped in my pile of clothes. and threw something over himself and ran away. Contemplating the perfect, elusive excuse to babble as I stepped through the classroom door.

I ran halfway and walked to the class on the right. and stood near the door I hold the stitches and wait for that familiar annoying sound to kick me out of class while I’m outside. irony of education

but it didn’t come I looked up and saw a woman near the wide chalkboard. She wasn’t really that kind of woman. Because she looks childish like the other students in the class, it could be a presentation. But students are taking notes. And that certainly didn’t happen in the presentation.

I looked at her and waited. Wondering how to talk to her? I don’t need to say anything because you just smile at me And your eyes tell me to step inside I stood there for a few seconds.

her eyes are so beautiful Pulling myself back together, I walked to my seat towards the back of the class. I poked my friend and asked who she was. They were too infatuated with her to know I was there.

Finally, after communicating in such a way that young children 4 Understood, I knew she was an assistant teacher or a substitute who was supposed to take the first hour of theory classes for three weeks. She was clearly in a business development project where she had to give several hours of presentations and seminars to be eligible to accomplish anything. I didn’t understand what my friend said.

I love my class!

I just stared at those beautiful eyes, the same kind of eyes that were defined and liked. Everything about her emphasizes everything in her. She looks gorgeous and it’s not just me. But everyone in the room had a hard time taking their eyes off her.

Seeing her was like watching a tennis match. All eyes moved from left to right. and from right to left Every time you walk past the board I found out her name was Sophie.

Wow… the name melts in my mouth every time I repeat it. Like cotton candy, Sophie… Sophie… Sophie… and yet. Even the sweet sickness of overeating cotton candy couldn’t stop me from repeating her name over and over again.

over time I don’t need an alarm clock to get up. and i’m in class Ten minutes before she walked in. I try to hold the bench in front of her class. and I stared at her There are too many of us And she couldn’t stare at anyone in particular while explaining something I didn’t want to hear. [Read: How to look good while trying to get someone’s attention]

All I want to see is your lips trembling when you say a few words. Look at her like a romantic French movie. I really don’t understand what she said. But I love hearing the way you listen. I try to make eye contact with her. and in the rare event that It lasts for a few seconds and then disappears. [Read: 10 subtle tips for eye contact flirting]

The gaze is often followed by a smile showing off her beautiful teeth. Perfect and very neat I used to contact her after school and chat for a while claiming to understand something. We used to talk about almost everything. And as long as I don’t remind you that I have a crush on you all the time it’s okay She usually smiled in response to any words. mine with the word “…You look great today…” or “I hope you come out for lunch today…”? Right, “Don’t make me beat you with a stick now. Remember I’m still your teacher!”?? [Read: Tips to flirt with a guy without really flirting]

Losing her before dating her

If she is another student I know that I will always kneel and proclaim my undying love to you. Even though she’s the same age as me But she is still my ‘teacher’.

It’s okay. I know three weeks later. when she finished school We’ll be friends, but alas, she didn’t go to school one morning. Our Master’s laziness has returned to his duties. And we were told that Sophie had to leave immediately due to some personal obligations. And that happened a week before she was scheduled to leave. I still can’t find her number! [Read: Things to say to a girl you like]

Moving on with my downhill life

Life was sad at first. But after a month or two Highest hope to meet her and the low that followed every time she didn’t come overwhelm me And I went back to using multiple alarm clocks. The river of the morning curse

The class was even more annoying. Because the idea of ​​a professor taking that course instead of beautiful Sophie is disgusting. She was still a topic of conversation during lunch hours, so we asked around to see if we could get an inside story about her. Or hopefully it’s her phone number. but we are unlucky The next few semesters passed quickly, and we finally graduated. [Read: How to stop thinking about someone you still like]

I totally forgot about The hottest ‘professor’ I’ve ever seen in my life. Sophie is a thing of the past. And I keep going

Life gives me ups and downs I fell in love and was hardly there. However, most of the women I dated never understood my desire to make a name for life. They just think I don’t want to be with them because I don’t spend every hour with them. I really can’t help it. ‘Cause I’ve been dreaming of making it big my whole life And I see no reason to change my life because women want me to work 9 o’clock 5 o’clock and watch movies with her every day! [Read: Movie date tips for a successful date]

i achieve my dream

I joined a business company as an apprentice. All odds fall into place. I’m in an organization that I’ve always wanted to be.

I slowly began to climb the stairs. With different presentations and winning offerings, the years went by and I stuck with who I wanted to be. In 2008, I was asked to be Senior Vice President of Operations. I was very young for my credentials and was going places. Faster than most of the others, I was summoned to a large field. and known for pulling them in my way. [Read: 12 tips to change your life and be happy]

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