Text the Romance Back Review – How to Attract Any Girl

Text The Romance Back ProgramText the Romance Back is a digital product in the form of an e-book which features some of the most cutting-edge and new-age tips and tricks to rekindle that romantic spark back in couples’ lives.

There are MP3 transcripts of the product also available so that you can easily listen to the entire book at your own convenience, even while being on the move. Both the e-book and MP3 transcripts can be downloaded almost immediately after ordering the product.

What all is contained in Text the Romance Back course?

Text The Romance Back EBook Well, it’s difficult to find the right place to start this! Honestly, when I ordered this e-book I was expecting only a few pages of information. But I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Text the Romance Back is made up of 4 distinct components!

Part one of the product is the crib sheet which is a quick-fire way of getting the gist of the entire course. This crib sheet is around 25 pages in length and is overloaded with all sorts of effective text message examples. You can easily take a print of the entire sheet and use it actively in real-life situations.

Part two of the product is the actual Text the Romance Back e-book. This e-book is around 124 pages in length and is full of wow moments! Let me briefly take you over the contents of this e-book.

  • Part 1 – What you need to know before you text
  • Part 2 – The 30-day program revealed
  • Week 1 – Appreciation texts and sensual compliments
  • Week 2 – Curiosity magnets and bait questions
  • Week 3 – Relationship Time Machine and text message
  • Week 4 – Private whispers and digital foreplay
  • Part 3 – Variations such as long-distance love, text dating, and text flirting

All in all, I was pretty impressed with what all Michael Fiore had to offer in his e-book. It introduced me to some really innovative ways of approaching romance. I just couldn’t help trying out these techniques on my wife almost immediately!

Part three of the product is Text the Romance Back FAQs. I never thought that an e-book on this topic could also have this dimension. The FAQs section features a whole lot of questions which are regularly asked by readers of this e-book. At the time when I read this e-book, there were around 16 questions in total. However, Michael mentioned that the list is expanding so your edition may have many more.

Part four of the product is ‘I like myself’ worksheet. Another highly unique component of this course, this worksheet is more about improving your self-confidence. The reason why it has been included in this course is that you can’t get people to love you unless you develop a liking for your own self. The worksheet helps in identification of aspects that you like about yourself and encourages you to develop certain routines that will increase your self-confidence.

Who all can benefit from Text the Romance Back e-book?

  • Text The Romance Back PDFText the Romance e-book is primarily aimed at people who are having a hard time in their relationships. Follow this course if:
  • You’ve been relegated to the friend zone by your partner, wherein you do get along fine with him/her but have lost that connection and passion.
  • You keep too busy to think about romance. Well, you aren’t alone as several people face this problem.
  • You feel that things are pretty much fine in your relationship, but that fire has died out.
  • You are dating someone and desperately want to avoid making the same mistakes you made in your previous relationships.
  • You feel you’ve hit a dead-end in your relationship. You just can’t meet up to your partner’s expectations despite trying your best.
  • You constantly crave for that deep and real bond with your partner but feel like that you both are drifting apart.
  • You desperately want more sex and passion in the relationship, but just don’t have time to make the effort. There are some excellent remote control foreplay techniques in this e-book that are guaranteed to work their magic in such circumstances.
  • You are going through difficult times in your relation owing to lack of communication, money troubles, kids’ stress, cheating or any other reason.
  • You have separated from a partner recently and have made yourself available, but are lacking practical guidance to make the right decisions this time.
  • You are constantly away from your partner owing to work commitments and desperately want some effective ways of keeping the intimacy alive.
  • You’re always getting into stupid fights with your partner and have no clue how to make things right.
  • Your day-to-day responsibilities, kids and job take up all of your time, leaving none for the romance.

Text the Romance Back pros

  • The best part of Text the Romance Back e-book is that the techniques explained in it are damn easy to implement.
  • It is a very comprehensive course with a 25-page crib sheet, 124-page e-book and 16 comprehensive FAQs.
  • It is suitable for all people who want to bring the fire back into their relationships regardless of their gender or current status.
  • The biggest pro of Michael Fiore’s book is that the methods explained by him in the course really work. I mean they really do.

Text the Romance Back cons

One and only one con that I found about Michael Fiore’s course, which is also dependent on the user’s personality, is that some people may find his texts to be slightly cheesy. Many of you may have a hard time incorporating them initially. However, it all comes down to your mindset whether you really want to act cool, or are simply contented with how things are?

Text the Romance Back Review – Final Verdict

Well, having implemented its techniques personally, I can say that Text the Romance Back does deliver. I found it is quality much better than I had thought earlier. All in all, I would like to give it a strong thumbs up.





Words not only inspire but also can crush one’s spirit. Words can build. They can also tear down. This program will teach you the most effective words to use in your text, make your texts inspire and build your relationships.

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