Texting Before the First Date: 15 Best Ways to Start Things Off

The date, time and place are all reserved? you have more time 1 A week on the first date What message should you send before your first date?

Send a message before your first date.

Texting before the first date can be difficult or helpful. It depends on how you play. How many times have you agreed on a date that led to:

– They changed plans.

– Cancel at the last minute

– or worse, completely forgetting the date.

First dates are slippery. It can also be counterintuitive. Playing ‘follow the book’ when you text makes the other person think they’ve won your heart. and no challenge But if you don’t send messages at all They may assume you are not serious about meetings.

You can set the date and time for the first day. And then that information comes and goes without any of you knowing. It sucks. Sometimes, you’re still going to use exciting text-based conversations the day before your first date. That day felt more like a climax than the resurrection of the dead.

But what’s the best way? Should I talk too much? don’t say? Medium speaking? How do you go about texting before the first date?

Are you planning too much on the first day?

Sometimes formal appointments can feel pressured. Instead, create conversations and jokes. Let meetings take place from your best weekly schedule. That way, your time together will feel less predictable. This is an opportunity for you to get to know each other.

But that’s not always easy. Some people want to get to know you better before their first date. others want to be blind If you’re planning your first date until the last minute. You might be putting a lot of pressure on something that should be more intimate.

This can surprise people. man or woman early planning Too much can make you look overly enthusiastic. You don’t want to look desperate or want a friendship regardless of who the other person is. Getting to know each other on the first day is important. keep trying more and more When you know there’s a real feeling, it’s there, never before. [Read: How to text someone when you want to make the first move]

Send a message before the first date.

Sometimes both of you have busy lives. So an urgent date can’t happen. In this case, scheduling in advance is a really sensible approach.

So if you have a planned date a week or so in advance, How do you send messages before the first date? Do you send funny memes? Or have you known each other all along? Or do you stay silent until the day?

1. Keep the plan simple

If your date is hesitant or a little nervous about the first meeting, then let’s talk about it. You don’t want them to feel that going on a first date is going to be a hassle or that they have to stick to some extravagant plans. You don’t want to worry them or yourself anymore.

Keep it light instead, nothing is completely planned, there are loose plans.


Your date: ‘Where are we going?’

You: ‘See you at *your favorite restaurant*. We’ll grab a drink and have dinner if we’re hungry.’

Your date: ‘Okay, sounds great… see you Thursday.’ [Read: 30 fun first date ideas that will leave them wanting so much more]

2. Don’t talk too much

The previous example also illustrates this rule. Go for short and sweet messages. And once you’ve set up your logistics, don’t be pressured, the more you text someone before your first date. The more you feel like you’re trying to get him interested. This is not always true. but as a general rule

They will meet face to face. So you don’t want to chase them. You don’t have to be mysterious, but stop texting regularly. Message me something totally unrelated to dating or fun: memes, remarks. This should be enough to show that you’re still interested. But it’s not too much. [Read: 20 flirty ways to text your crush and keep them interested]

3. check in

Try to avoid messages like ‘How were you this morning?’ because it seemed too personal before the first date. Sometimes any questions It may seem like too many days before you actually meet.

When the first date is completed Remind them to save the date on their calendar by jokingly saying, You don’t want to stand up again or say ‘If one of us is late Drinks will be captured.” This is a fun way to show the value of your time.

4. no sex

Don’t be openly sexually active before you’ve ever met. That means no porn pictures. no nudity And you might want to stay away from all the topics. You’ll never know. How sensitive is that to sex talk? Whether it’s a joke or not

Unless having sex is your sole intention of meeting each other. Give it time to build that intimacy. There’s no need to rush if you want to make a real connection. [Read: How to get lucky on the first date: 15 secrets to get laid]

5. Send an indirect message an hour before


– ‘Hey, I ran 15 minutes late, sorry’

– ‘Hey, I’ll meet you outside the entrance next to McDonald’s. Catch you soon.’

These indirect messages an hour before remind your date of the plans without any rush or need. If there’s no response, or if you want to be direct, say: ‘How are you spending your time?’ This is a subtle yet enlightening way of showing confidence. First dates make you nervous enough when they show up. Making sure they’re there shouldn’t be complicated. [Read: How to avoid getting stood up on a date]

6. Tell 30-40% or less

you didn’t meet So getting to know each other better may seem like the way to go. If you know each other now Maybe dating doesn’t seem so awkward. And you’ll have a lot to talk about.

But this can go horribly wrong. Sharing too many messages before a first date can turn someone off or cause misunderstandings that never happen in person.

You want the chemistry to be its own when you first meet. And if you don’t feel that way You want to talk a little bit to make things less weird. If you covered all those topics while texting. that day will be boring worse Talking too much before your first date creates this perfect expectation. then when you meet You’ll be too worried or disappointed to open up to things that aren’t what you expected.

Instead, offer 30-40% about yourself so your date won’t be too worried about meeting strangers. This is enough for comfort and intrigue. But not so much that you have preconceived ideas about each other. [Read: 7 stages of first date panic and how to quell them]

7. Do not analyze a person through text.

If it seems fairly normal and there are no major warning signs. Just don’t ask if your personality suits other people or not. Of course, it’s more important to do some digging just so you both feel safe with that person. *and meet in public*

But it’s hard to read who’s who. Even if it’s personal Doing this through text is a practice of frustration.

It’s a weird experience to have a huge profile about someone before their first date. not knowing too much in advance Let the day become an exploration experience.

8. Do not pretend

Don’t be too smart or sneering through messages before the first date. It’s like you have to role-play on a date.

If you try to write too many messages You will have to do this manually. If not, you’re probably uncomfortable. Instead, stop trying to impress them. Be yourself and let them surprise you with your sense of humor, confidence, your personal world.

When you make a cool first impression through text and know that you can feel cold on a first date without confusing dating about who you are through text. You want to get the attention of your date and keep it up. But not so much that you feel that you need to follow the actions you create. [Read: How to subtly flirt with a girl: The art of subtle seduction]

9. Keep it short and sweet

This goes without saying unless you provide important logistical information.

Sending a long message to someone before you know them well can be a sign of broad innocence against social norms. Even if the text is long It may be normal for a friend or partner. But it might be too early for the first date . [Read: How long should a first date last? Your guide to timing it right]

Texting before a first date is like a royal court dance ritual. Being overly active makes the other person think you’re likely to trip your feet. But a nod and a short smile Indicates that they are confident movers. When it’s finally time to pair up You will know how well you go together.

10. Video chat

Video chat is something many people think they shouldn’t do before their first date. It can do weird things and go through the atmosphere. But it might be what other people need to feel comfortable in the modern world of dating. When it comes to texting before your first date. You must be safe and thorough. You don’t want to meet catfish.

You can plan your first date as a video chat. Drink coffee together half an hour before dinner that night. This will let you know that no one is lying about who they are. and you can feel the feelings for each other

11. Don’t be too personal.

It’s easy to open up to people through messages, in fact, much easier than doing it yourself. When you feel like you’ve clicked on someone before your first date. You just want to make yourself comfortable. You may also want to share how you were cheated or why you were using a dating app. All this is normal. But going too deep now can cause your date to break up.

Talking about your past is a great way to get to know each other, though. But too soon it was too much for no one to surrender. You are in flirting and feeling each other on stage. At least wait until you meet to discuss what you won’t have with your own parents. [Read: Why loving too much kills the love]

12. Share the Destroyer

You don’t need to talk about your deal breaker in-depth, for example, not to be a great communicator. but simple should be thrown away now so that no one wastes time You don’t want to be in the middle of a first date only to find that your date does something you can’t.

whether smoking or drinking Or are they hardcore vegan? while you are a butcher Finding these things should happen while texting before your first date.

13. Don’t be too impatient.

When you click on someone on a dating app you will feel excited For unanswered messages, bots, and weirdos in general. You’ve finally started talking to the person you seem to like. it’s exciting But the rarity of this might make you expect too much too soon.

take your time You want to meet and have a first date, but it doesn’t have to be now. And you don’t need to be dedicated or work hard. If you start talking on Monday Make plans to meet on Friday. talk periodically all week Then meet and see what happens. [Read: 8 signs you’re coming on too strong]

14. Don’t be too mysterious.

Playing hard to get it all is good and if it’s yours. But remember that you agreed to go on a first date. You may seem insecure about your interests. But being silent or replying to a text with a one-word answer can make your dating feel nervous and confused.

You want it to be bright but not so light that you make them think you don’t care. That’s a great way to cancel a date.

15. Honest

If you’re looking for a first date that leads to sex or something purely physical, to be honest, other people will be looking for that too. You don’t want to lead anyone to hurt them only. be honest about your intentions Are you looking to meet people and see what’s going on? Are you looking for something casual? Are you there? Maybe you’re ready for a relationship and hope to have a real relationship.

You’re going on your first date to see what happens. But if you don’t want anything serious or just want sex, be honest, it will pay off for both of you.

[Read: The texting and follow-up guide after a great first date]

Next time you’re confused about texting before your first date or wondering what you want to text? Just follow this guide. You will never go wrong!

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