35 Texts That Will Make Him Hard and Crave Your Sultry Touch

One of the best ways to get your guy in the mood is to send him a hot message. This is the best message to get him in trouble and want you bad.

Messages that will make him difficult

If you want your relationship to last. You have to do something to keep the spark alive. Without constant effort Relationships will be smooth, boring, and eventually ending. So you have to try new and exciting ways to make your love life hot and hot. One way to do that is by texting your guy that will make it difficult for him.

Men have great imaginations. But it’s not always possible to get a clear picture without a little help. That’s where you come in. If you want your man to burst into tears of anticipation the second he comes home, Sending him a naughty message will definitely help.

Why Expectation is the Secret to Great Sex

We all know that sex can greatly improve action. When you think about the hands of other people around you all day. The release you feel when it actually happens is greater than you can imagine. And the best way to skyrocket that expectation at full speed is through sexy texting.

When you fill a man with anticipation They only think of one thing: you, every time they see your name pop up on their phone. They will only think of your dirty thoughts. and when they finally got home They want to put those inner thoughts into practice. [Read: How to foreplay – The key for the best sex of your life]

Messages that will make him difficult and desire you dearly.

There’s no better way to grab a guy’s attention than surprise him with a dirty, sexy message during the day. when he didn’t see it coming The shock alone was enough to harden him.

Not to mention all the different things you can say. When it comes to texting that will make him difficult Stimulating his imagination is the best way to do it. If you are looking for a way to liven up your love life. Look no further We have everything you need. [Read: 10 tips to reignite the lost spark in a relationship]

#1 I need you. now.

#2 I’m thinking about all the dirty things I want to do with you when you get home.

#3 If I let you do something – and what do I mean – to me, what would you do?

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#4 I can’t stop thinking about your lips on my body.

#5 All I need is my mouth with you – everywhere.

#6 Remember the last thing we did in bed? I can’t stop thinking about it.

#7 Guess what I’m wearing now

#8 The bed feels empty without you.

#9 Baby I’m so wet for you

#10 Last night I had nightmares about you. Guess what happened in it

#11 Let’s spend the whole day together this weekend. Lie in bed.

#12 If you can guess the color of my panties I will blow you will never forget

#13 Tell me your dirtiest fantasies about me.

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#14 I have a special surprise for you tonight. Better get ready

#15 I’ll reward you tonight If you can guess where I’m touching myself right now

#16 I can’t stop thinking about what I’m going to do with you tonight.

#17 Let’s watch porn together and perform each scene.

#18 Have you ever wanted to have sex in public?

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#19 All I need right now is your hands with me, down there.

#20 I just have the naughtiest thoughts about you. But it’s too dirty to send a message.

#21 Is there anything special you want to try tonight? Get ready

#22 Today I am a terrible woman. I think I must be punished

#23 I’m going to wear high heels tonight. heel only

#24 You have three wishes that I will give you tonight. What are they?

#25 guess what i think about I will give you a hint It has to do with my lips.

#26 I am horny and you are nowhere else on the site. Looks like I have to get the job done. I will miss you

#27 Something is missing today. I think it’s you between the legs.

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#28 Today I can’t focus on anything because I’m distracted by the last time I was in bed together.

#29 I just finished taking a shower

#30 I think it’s time for us to try a new position that we’ve already thought of.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Naughty Sex

You might be thinking that a simple message Just one message was enough to drive him crazy. And although that may be true in some cases There are a few things you can do to make your sex life more effective.

#1 Claim what he likes Don’t just select one of these messages when you know he doesn’t like something mentioned. The best way to please him with a message that will embarrass him is to tailor it to what you already know he likes.

Not only does this show how well you know him – it’s open-minded – it will instantly boost his mood. If you know he has some amulet Focus on that before you dive into other naughty messages. [Read: 22 things men like most in the bedroom]

#2 Don’t make promises you’re not willing to keep. Many women make the mistake of “Talk about the big game.” They send messages that they know will upset their people. But then they didn’t really do what they were talking about.

If you really want to make it difficult for him Do what you say and next time you have sex with him. It will be more effective because he will know what you mean.

#3 Lure him. Send him a message that will force him to respond to make things happen. more interesting Keeping him interacting with your naughty sex will greatly increase your chances of changing him. Let your message be over so he can reply and join in the fun.

#4 Avoid uninteresting phrases and words. There are some things that women think sound dirty and mischievous that are not attractive at all. Muted phrases and words include things like juice, squirting, sludge, shaking, and even excessive swearing. not necessary for them Say what you mean and get creative with adjectives, not nouns. [Read: 60 dirty and seductive things to say in the bedroom]

#5 to your own mood first What better way to tell him that you’re horny – and really mean it? That way, you’ll be more meaningful and true to what you’re saying. You can also explain to him what you are doing to open yourself up. That alone would be better than any other textbook that would make him difficult.

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Some say that the way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach. We think the dirty message will make it difficult for him. Let your man be the judge by trying out these naughty sex!

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