30 Hot Texts That Will Turn Him On and Leave Him Obscenely Horny

Want some ideas for some sexy text messages to turn him on? Look no further—30 ideas are guaranteed to get him hot under the collar!

message to open him

If you’re just starting out with guys or are just having some fun. Even if you’ve been together for years and want to increase your sex power. Sexy messages are also a great way to motivate him to build. increase that tension And when we meet later, I want to tear each other’s clothes off right there! If you need ideas for text messages that will get him interested, we have 30 great ideas for you.

People are using sexy texting as a way to increase their flirtation since cell phones are texting. They definitely add excitement to your sex life. Sexy messages bring you closer together. increase sex power and add a deeper, deeper connection to your relationship than you ever felt before.

30 messages that will open him up and leave him troubled

If you get the sexy message correctly You can learn how to drive your man to extremes with his lust! We understand if you’ve never done it before. may feel a little worried

If you’re not sure if your guy will respond or feel a little ‘stupid’, don’t worry. Help is at your fingertips! learn techniques that you might want to try Including sexy text snippets to copy from the page and send it to your guy right away!

So whether it’s the love of your life Or just the handsome guy you just traded for numbers? Here are 30 messages that will blow his mind!

#1 start slowly There’s no need to rush into the dirtiest thing you could ever think of right away. If you’re not 100% sure how he’ll react, slow down. Start with something cute and flirty. Compliment him or tell him you’re missing him.

You have plenty of time in the world to create more sex things. So do this and go too deep and startle him! [Read: Flirty fingers: How to turn a guy on over text in 10 steps]

#2 Draw a picture. Get creative and use your imagination to portray how you feel and everything you want to do with him. describe the feeling what you wear How hot will it be later? Attracted to his feelings to make him earnestly conscious.

#3 build it up While texting back and forth creates tension. Add sexiness and clarity to each message you send. This will cause you to build up the sexual tension that he can’t stand and want to quit right away! [Read: 20 sexy questions to ask a guy and seduce him]

#4 Learn what his answer means. Judge your emotions. If he takes a moment to respond or he doesn’t really understand what you’re saying. Maybe it’s because he’s not in the right mindset. and it’s okay He might be busy or stressed about something. Don’t take it as a rejection and don’t push it. Just let him be and try again again.

#5 make him request it Really teasing him with your message. Make him horny and make him ask you to tell him what you’re wearing or what you’re doing to yourself. The concentration drives him crazy with desire! [Read: 35 texts that will make him hard and crave your sultry touch]

#6 add some pictures In this day and age, you don’t just have to use words to get sexier on the phone. If you feel comfortable with it Why not add a few sexy pictures here and there to really keep him going? [Read: How to send sexy nude selfies and not get into trouble]

#7 the right time If you first started a sexy conversation on Monday morning when you found out he had a one-on-one business meeting? It might not be the best time. You may find it difficult to talk in sexy texts all day long. So start an hour or so before you meet him. That way, you’ll maintain momentum and go down as soon as your eyes meet.

#8 Not over promised and under delivery! If you start a sex conversation and use a few messages that will boost his mood. Don’t get distracted by doing the laundry and letting him hang. And he comes home to find you eating Cheerios from a tiring bundle. He might be a little disappointed, so if you’re not in the mood. Maybe leave a sexy message for another day! [HelloGiggles.com: I sexted my S.O. every day for a week and this is what happened]

Now you understand the timing and techniques of sending a sexy message. Here are some examples of the hottest messages to motivate him. And how you can start a sexy text conversation with your guy:

#9 last night i dreamed of you You don’t wear a lot of clothes.

#10 Licking the ice cream and thinking about you…it’s delicious. [Read: 30 hot, sexting examples to start a naughty text marathon]

#11 You. I. No. Now.

#12 Tell me what you gonna do with me later I need all the details

#13 Miss you so much now

#14 Can’t stop thinking about what we did last night It made me want to do it all over again.

#15 tell me your imagination It may be true later… [Read: 12 arousing sex fantasies to try in real life]

#16 Lie in bed and wish you were here…

#17 I’m very naughty today how will you punish me [Read: The couple’s guide to erotic spanking]

#18 I feel like something is missing in my life… Oh yeah, you’re naked on me.

#19 I just got out of the shower and couldn’t find the towel. Would you like to come?

#20 touch yourself and miss you

#21 Tell me the dirtiest thoughts you’ve ever had about me. if you tell me your I’ll tell you mine

#22 Just wanted to let you know how hot she is. I really mean Just thinking of you makes me shake.

#23 Let’s have dinner later Use whipped cream to make dessert.

#24 I need you so much now

#25 Can’t stop thinking about kissing you…everywhere… [Read: 60 dirty and seductive things to say to a guy and arouse him]

#26 What I would do with you if you were here right now!

#27 You know how crazy we said we would do it one day. I think tonight might be the night!

#28 You’ll never guess what I’m wearing…

#29 I can’t do anything because I’m thinking of your naked body on my naked body. It’s very distracting.

#30 I’ll do the dirty things for you when you get back from work, ready. [Read: 15 sexting messages to send to your boyfriend: Go flirty or go dirty]

so you have it If you’re thinking of sending a sexy message to your guy. Now that you know what to do, if you’re not sure, start slowly and do things. Have fun and flirt to see how he reacts. If you know he likes dirty things. It starts right away!

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Sending sexy texts is all about flirting and adding sex power to your sex life! Just remember these messages to open him and see where it takes you!

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