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If you are new to the dating world. You may or may not have heard of relationship fundamentals before. It’s time for you to enter the circle.

relationship base

If you’ve never had a boyfriend before, then surely “base” is just a myth floating around in school. But the relationship base is very real. I’m not sure why we use metaphors about sex, but we do.

It’s basically the level of sexual intimacy you’ve ever met with your partner. Don’t panic, it’s not as scary as you might think, and reaching any “base” doesn’t make you a person more or less.

four base relationship

when you talk to your lover It’s much easier to describe your level of sexual experience using the basics. You should know that there is no official definition for the meaning of each base. But it’s funny how people seem to understand what each base represents without official approval.

Here’s everything you need to know about relationship bases and metaphors about sex.

#1 First base. Ah yes, this might be my favorite base. It’s harmless, sweet, and full of emotion. first base is kiss *Includes a French kiss* May have a finger touching me But there’s really nothing extreme.

Think of the first base as what you will do on the first or second day. It’s like testing in the water with a fun little kissing session. [Read: The perfect first kiss – 22 tips to make it oh-so-amazing!]

#2 Second base. Now the second base is kissing. but slightly more concentrated There will be some caressing above the waist, such as touching, grabbing and rubbing the breasts, breasts and nipples.

Now if you want a visual idea about this Think about it when you’re watching a movie on the couch. You start kissing, and it gets a little intense. The more you touch, the more you kiss It made it a little harder to breathe. that’s the second base [Read: How to make out and 10 steps to make it really awesome]

#3 Third base. Third base is when you and your partner no longer care about the movies playing on the TV. You guys are completely focused on each other. The petting is heavy and an impulse is created just below the waist.

This includes blow jobs and other oral sex techniques. If you are caressing and touching your vagina, penis, testicles, or clitoris. You are now at third base. But remember that at this time no infiltration is taking place. [Read: Dry humping and the virgin’s guide to orgasms]

#4 Fourth base/home run great ending The fourth base is when you go all the way. you are having sex now If you are a virgin This is the moment when you are no longer a virgin. [Read: Losing your virginity and having sex the first time]

More relationship bases and baseball metaphors!

The rest is not basic. But it’s a baseball metaphor you might hear when talking about sex. Maybe know what they mean before you talk about it.

#5 Strike Out Now I don’t like this word at all. but you will hear as a strikeout That’s when you’re unsuccessful in foreplay or sex. It makes it look like you’ve failed at something. But you know that just because you didn’t have sex or hit any bases. you did not fail

It wasn’t the right time, trust me, there were times when I had sex. But it didn’t work. Sometimes it’s because I drink too much. or I am not affiliated with anyone. [Read: Sex buzzkill – 23 remarks that’ll kill the mood for sex]

#6 throwing Tossing is when men have anal sex. This usually means that he is having anal sex with another man. but actually This word, although still in use, is outdated. I mean, unless you’re anal sex. that really cares whether he will have anal sex or not [Read: How to prepare for anal sex: A beginners’ fantasy guidebook]

#7 hold It’s basically the opposite of pitching. This means that the man is receiving anal sex from another man.

#8 hit switch Switch hitters are bisexual people. means they ‘hit’ for both teams. Are you getting a baseball referral now? You’ll hear this word from time to time, so it’s good that you know what it means. If someone identifies themselves as bisexual, use that term.

#9 play for another team You may have heard in the movies that “They play for another team.” If you have, this person is gay or lesbian. Another nifty baseball term, but actually I think the LGBTQ community would be cool if you could just say gay or lesbian instead.

#10 Play for both teams They played for both teams saying this person was bisexual. I know there are many phrases to remember. Because in general switch-hitter mean the same thing [Read: Dating a bisexual: 12 things you should never say]

#11 Ask your friends for help. If you forget the meaning of each base Don’t be shy about asking friends for help. It can be a little confusing at first to remember everything for each base. so that you both have the same understanding

#12 Make sure you both want it. before the two of you ascend to the base Make sure you both know this is what you want. Also, make sure you both agree and understand where the boundaries are. [Read: How I lost my virginity: 15 true stories that aren’t so sexy]

#13 Wear proper gear. Oh my god, I’m starting to go crazy about baseball metaphors. but seriously If you’re going to experiment, make sure you have the right equipment ready. Will you hit home right away? Maybe not.

But sometimes things happen when we least expect them, so at least you should be prepared. and when i mean the device I mean getting ready with proper contraception. whether it’s contraception or condoms

[Read: Sex on the first date: Should you give into the urge?]

Now that we’ve read the baseball sex metaphor. You are well updated on correlation fundamentals and other baseball terms. For having fun under the cover Have fun and be safe, but remember you don’t have to touch all the bases at once.

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