The Art of Make Up Sex: A Guide to Master the Romp after the Rage –

Every relationship experiences arguments from time to time. It’s not fun, but it’s normal. Turn negative into positive with sex makeup!

sex makeup

when you are in a relationship controversy will arise If the argument does not arise at all where is the passion Of course, constant quarreling is not a good thing, but sometimes shouting contests can clear the air! Differences are inevitable when you’re in a relationship. and it is good to expose them in the open. You can increase your passion in the right way with hot sex makeup!

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should let the recurring problems get worse. Fertilized and unresolved, just so you can get down and dirty for a while. But when the mood is intense and hot flashes Sex can be the perfect way to get rid of frustration, stay calm, and help you remember what’s most important in your relationship – the two of you together. [Read: The 7 sexiest types of sex you can ever have!]

Why are arguments normal in relationships?

You might be wondering about this. Because we say arguing is bad, of course yelling at each other and misunderstanding is not a good thing. However, every relationship has its problems sometimes. You can just let it go and let your partner always have his way. (not good lead to resentment), or you can distinguish between the two of you.

Not everyone can calmly talk about problems. If you’re less restless and can always stay calm, well done, you’re definitely in the minority! [Read: Relationship arguments: 23 Do’s and don’ts to remember]

Arguments help you isolate the problem. As long as you can set boundaries because your arguments don’t become offensive. Remember that at the end of the day You love each other and your love is more important than your anger. However, uncontroversial relationships are not normal. It’s lacking in passion, lacking care, and it’s a little boring, don’t you think?

How many arguments are too many?

Arguing too much is not a good thing. But if you are experiencing problems from time to time There’s nothing to worry about. Trying to include a certain number of arguments that could signal a problem is impossible. Every relationship is different. Some couples may argue rarely but still love each other. while other couples may argue more often and can easily take it one side. [Read: 8 Things to tell yourself when fighting with your lover]

listen to your gut If you feel like you’re always arguing over the same thing, that’s a red flag, it means you’re not solving any problems, you just cover up and hope the problem goes away.

So perhaps the best answer is to try to figure out what you’re arguing about and look for patterns. Instead of trying to put numbers on what’s normal and what’s not.

What is sex makeup?

Sex might be the last thing on your mind when arguing. but sometimes When you both hugged or stood really close to each other. and in each other’s private spaces Anger and panting can suddenly turn into a sexual rush. [Read: 8 Ways to avoid the awkward tension after an argument]

Many couples have never experienced intense sex. But there are enough that they can vouch for the intense sex and the incredible opening act.

If you’ve ever ended a sudden brawl by throwing each other to bed It’s possible that you’re having raging sex. [Read: 30 sexy ways to spice up your sex life]

Why does sex makeup feel hot?

In the mind, happiness, pain, fear, and other intense feelings Almost all of them secrete chemicals that make your heart beat fast and leave you feeling short of breath.

When you turn your anger into sexual arousal. You’re redirecting your quarrel fanaticism into courtship. This could end up making sex feel more passionate and animalistic than romantic flirting. [Read: Passionate sex: 11 Realistic ways to have it]

But even as passionate or confused as makeup Avoid creating conflicts just to enhance sex. While involuntary romping between fights can be a fun way to end a fight It wouldn’t be much fun if it was repetitive. It might end up upsetting the other party. or worse It breaks the relationship because you have to be in constant crises just to feel the love between them.

how to make up sexy

Don’t start a fight just to make love. But if you find yourself feeling uncomfortable during the fight. Think of these tips to turn arguments into hot sex. [Read: Top 50 kinky things to try in a sexy relationship]

1. A close quarrel .

You might be very angry but forcing the minds into each other’s private spaces Even the thought of approaching an angry partner might annoy you at first. But a moment of anger can turn an argument into a stimulating experience.

2. Hold your partner tightly (But don’t hurt them)

Can the fight be out of control? Has your partner slapped you on the arm or pushed you away? This might be a good time to hug your partner tighter and closer. And if you feel that anger has turned into arousal Show that you’re ready for furious sex.

But remember to kiss your partner only if your partner reciprocates within a few times. Sometimes, one of you may be too upset to put on makeup. especially if you go to bed with other people. [Read: Sweaty sex: 12 Animalistic reasons why it’s so dripping hot]

3. Your partner responds

If your partner reacts to your kiss with an angry back kiss. Or even fiery silence. Don’t wait, get your partner there. Sex makeup is usually a joke and not a romantic relationship.

4. excuse me

An apology is easy when you’re sexually bound. It doesn’t matter if you’re wrong or right. Sorry for the hot times Then your lover will soften or apologize to you in return.

When you’re obsessed with glowing sex makeup. You’ll find it much easier to forgive each other or leave the matter to discuss in a more peaceful, calm time. And a strong apology opens up more issues while having sex. like talking dirty [Read: How to talk dirty with your partner and turn them on]

5. Talk about your feelings – calmly.

When you and your partner have passionate sex after a fight. Your defenses will decrease and so will your ego. you have already apologized Now talk about your differences, or about your happiest, deepest feelings. Have sex. Don’t delay, but don’t stop talking. Say whatever you like to each other, and you’ll soon learn that sex makes honest communication a bit like walking in a park.

6. lost anger

If you’re still mad at your boyfriend Getting more angry, slapping around each other’s claws. and do whatever it takes to release the tension and anger that has accumulated within you. You’ll feel more stimulated every time you get angry. But it does feel better with each moment of momentum. However, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t go too far. Do not intentionally hurt your partner. And if they tell you to stop to listen and do as they say Makeup for sex can be a little angry. But it’s not designed to hurt or offend anyone. [Read: How to sound really sexy while having sex]

After sex makeup…

Sex makeup can help both of you open up more and connect better on an emotional level. It will be easier for you to speak the truth and forgive. This makes communication between each other much easier and more convenient.

Don’t wait for a fight to test this out. The next time you are in love Let’s talk about their feelings for each other. You’ll know how much talking in bed will bring the two of you closer together.

Filling it with affection shows that your relationship is more important than a small argument for both of you. So it’s definitely a good thing as long as you know the right time to love and avoid the right time. [Read: The correct way to fight fair in a relationship]

Makeup time for sex is good. with a time that is not

When is the best time to put on makeup? There are times that are better than others. Let’s take a closer look at the good times, and when to avoid them.

1. You’re fighting for something that doesn’t have a clear answer.

2. When small differences explode out of proportion [Read: 10 Immature things couples fight about all the time]

3. Explode jealousy and insecurity

4. The two of you are arguing over the minor annoyances that happen throughout the day.

Sex makeup time may end badly.

1. you cheat [Confession: I cheated on my boyfriend and feel so much better!]

2. Your relationship is about to collapse.

3. Are you insulting your partner or having fun arguing?

4. You create conflict just to have angry sex.

[Read: 12 tips to be a happy couple that’s envied by all other couples]

If you’re one of the lucky couples and enjoy sex to settle the argument. is good for you For those of you who have never been mad at makeup sex, give it a try and you’ll see how good your relationship is.

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