17 of the Best Naughty Ideas to Spice Up Married Sex

Marriage doesn’t mean that sexual intercourse is over, as we know. In fact, there are things you can do to make it even more exciting.

Jake and Melissa have been married for 15 years and are on the way. There’s John and Addy too. The only difference between the two couples is that the latter has 3 Children, as the former had a cat and a teacup pig. Still, they both faced the same problem: boredom in their marriage and sex life.

All four have achieved successful careers and comfortable living. In addition to conventional mortgages They don’t have any financial problems. and even cash saved for rainy days Maybe it was because they had so much responsibility that their lives had turned into a comfortable but boring routine. This does not mean that they are unhappy. far from now The four are reportedly happy with their sweetheart.

Still, the four expressed their concerns about the over-compliance with the routine. May their life be good, they may love their partner. But they are bored with their sex life. don’t blame the marriage Because even long-term unmarried couples face this problem. It is very normal for our carnal instincts to be turned off. And before you know it Convenience took its place.

Why is this happening? According to an article Posted on the Huffington Post, “It’s human nature to crave novelty. As the great thinker puts it back, as Pliney the Elder put it, that’s what makes the new couple want to rip each other’s buttons off. and wore sparkling underwear until the wee hours of the morning, but eventually, reaching the naked body night after night erodes its novelty.”??

if this is the case There is no excuse why you have to be in that position. There are so many naughty things you can do to spice up your marriage and make it look like a new couple all over again.

How to Bring Sexiness Back to Your Marriage

Don’t know where to start? Here are a few naughty ideas you can try to spice up your romp.

#1 Forget about your sex routine. One way to spice things up is to forget about your sex schedule. Tear it and throw it down the toilet. don’t let anyone see Most couples tend to engage in boring routines at specific times. For example, John and Addy tend to have sex only on weekends. Because this was the only time they weren’t exhausted from work and their kids. On the other hand, Jake and Melissa formed a morning love affair on the day of “Not a gym”??

Practically the same as having a sex schedule. Without a doubt, it’s a terrible way to deal with the basic and primal instincts we have. Add color by doing it whenever you want. Not whenever your schedule allows.

#2 Enjoy the cookies For continuation of the points I have mentioned above. Take in the opportunities you have. This way, you won’t have to worry too much about your schedule or make sure you’re not late for work. Either you smash your wife in the garage before heading out to work. Or invite your husband to play in the kitchen sink. Enjoy important meals because they are God’s gifts for busy people.

#3 use props Suggest bedroom props for the next opportunity you get. You’ll be surprised how useful this pair of furry handcuffs are. How about a feather whip? Seasoned lubricant, perhaps? If you are embarrassed to go to a sex shop Buy everything you need online. Same day delivery anyone? You can also take advantage of what’s in your kitchen. Ice, honey, and whipped cream are great sex tools. And if you’re a chocolate lover, grab a bottle of Nutella for the ultimate fun. [Read: 50 kinky ideas for a sexy relationship]

#4 watch porn together everyone watches porn So don’t be rude and look up. Make it important to watch porn with your partner. Not only will it entertain both of you. You’ll also collect tips and ideas from these silly videos. not only that You’ll have an idea of ​​how much your partner likes it.

Pay attention to the type of video they choose. Like a tag that says “Public”?? “Orgy”?? “bottom”?? “Red-headed”?? “Students”?? Or “lesbian”?? There are hundreds of keywords and tags when it comes to porn. So pay attention to what your partner likes. And try to repeat it the next time you get it. [Read: How do the ladies like their pornography?]

#5 having sex at work There is nothing worse than having to do some stunts in the darkest places in the world. That’s the office. Ladies, why not surprise your husband at lunch? Stop in with his favorite meal and lock yourself in his office.

dress normally But be sure to include something voluptuous underneath. think of a tank top sexy lingerie crotchless panties And other naughty clothes, boys, do the same with your girls. But add some color by wearing nothing under those pants, just leave it alone, right?

#6 try a new position More sex than missionary and dog style So be sure to explore the pleasurable world of happiness. Buy a book or search the internet for erotic sutra locations. You will be amazed at the many positions that will give you an orgasm in no time. [Read: 18 girl on top tips to make sex a lot hotter]

#7 Taken by myself. One of the best ways to liven up your marriage is to photograph yourself. Turn on the camera mode on your laptop and film yourself. Make all the works out And try to play with mood lighting. Props and music, why not? One thing to keep in mind is to be careful where and how you store this video. Unless you want to be the next big porn duo. Remember to keep this file away from prying eyes.

#8 get dressed. Good sex isn’t always about being naked together. There is something very fizzy about dressing up in a costume. Who is the sexy nurse? Want to jump on firefighters wearing gold ladies? Dressing isn’t limited to costumes, all of the girls out there invest in luxury lingerie. And level up by wearing sexy stilettos. Your man will not be able to take his eyes or hands off you. The mission is complete.

#9 Indulge in sex talks Of course, sex can be about action. But don’t underestimate the power of dirty talking. You’d be wrong if you thought it was just for losers in long distance relationships. Everyone should be obsessed with discussing sex to keep things dirty in the bedroom.

Moaning, “Give me a little harder” ?? and “She feels really good. Dirty bastard”?? Your heart is pounding and your adrenaline level will surely increase. Even if you leave the bedroom, whisper softly to your partner, “I can’t wait to get you trapped under me”?? It will definitely get them excited about what’s to come. Play with the jargon and you’ll find out how sexy married sex can be.

[Read: The woman’s guide for dirty talking to a guy] [Read: The man’s guide on how to talk dirty to her without turning her off]

#10 Sexting is fun. Technology has surpassed the world. And one way to harness its power is through texting. Send a naughty message or email to your partner while they’re at work outlining how horny you are and you can’t wait to undress them when they get home. SnapChat is also a great app. for use Because you can send the dirtiest photos you can without worrying about accidentally being sent to a family group chat. [Read: 20 sexy text messages to start a sexy conversation]

#11 Play Futzy Being mischievous is a matter of courage. So don’t let go the next time you’re at a nice restaurant with your friends for dinner, sit next to your partner and kick off the action by playing with your feet and holding hands. When it’s time to serve the second course Your fingers should be in private and open quickly.

The key is to make sure you’re eating somewhere with a tablecloth. Because the last thing you want is for that child to be at the table across from you, crying to tears. The more naughty the place, the more naughty you are, the more sex will be when you finish your meal.

#12 Check in at the hotel. As long as you like to come home in your comfy bed and do this between your familiar bedding and showering in your familiar bathroom with your familiar coconut shampoo. Add some color by checking into a luxury hotel. Nothing compares to the love of a beautiful space. expensive room service ordering make everything desolate *Especially hand towels* and check out the next day [Read: 10 benefits of going on a sex vacation]

#13 Role play. One of the easiest ways to liven up your marriage is through role-playing. Pick exciting characters and meet up somewhere to meet up. For example, CIA agent Damon Cooper and Mossad agent Larissa Headley meet at the bar of a luxury hotel. 5 Stars while out on an undercover mission to destroy a group of terrorists. one thing leads to another and you get the picture

Set the stage for your imagination and enjoy playing. From the rape scene to the doctor-nurse’s dating scene. Indulge in everything that blows your mind and don’t be shy about it.

#14 Free time. Don’t be shy about showing off your body when you’re with the person you love. There is nothing more fleshly than doing everyday things in nude form. From making tea to reading the newspaper to browsing your TiVo shows, spend a moment unfazed by your lover naked. It’s out of the house and you don’t expect the cleaners to let themselves in. [Read: How to look better naked by using these 15 simple tips]

#15 Be romantic. No matter how long you’ve been together Make sure your romantic side never dies. Try to aim for date nights at least twice a month. Book a good place, get dressed, enjoy good food. and indulging in fine wines Even if your thoughts on a fun night out include eating dinner on the food truck Never stop trying to impress your lover. As long as you never stop seeking each other. You can be sure that your marriage will be spicy and glowing.

#16 Play stupid. Playful play isn’t just for stubborn teens. Pick a date and play with your spouse. Whether you choose to relax around the house or play around the city. Enjoy each other’s gatherings without worrying about the routines your life has to end up following.

#17 Exercise together. couples working together together It will give you a good whole world to always remember. Staying fit and healthy is one of the best ways to liven up your marriage. Not only will you stay in bed longer. You won’t have twitchy angles and positions to worry about the next time the two of you join in on a topless day. [Read: 25 tips to motivate you to work out]

at the end of the day There are tons of naughty ideas to liven up your marriage. As long as you try and convince your spouse to step on the boat, you will succeed. There’s no reason your marriage has to be one of those boring subjects that researchers and life coaches are eager to analyze. As long as you keep discovering new ways to maintain the spark The two of you will be fine.

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