The Devotion System Review

The Devotion System eBookTargeting single women is a book from dating and relationship expert, Amy North. It gives you full know-how on how to cement a relationship with the man of your dreams. Have you have failed in every relationship and are determined to get a relationship that lasts? Then the Devotion System will walk you through the most scintillating ways of captivating his heart and attention.

The Devotion System is one of Amy North’s most compelling works. It offers women a hurdle over complex male issues and how they can win the challenges of a relationship. This book focuses on captivating the heart of your man. It also touches on the actions and inactions that affect the outcome of your relationship.

The self-help guide is beautifully crafted from the author’s researches and studies on women who have gone through desperate processes. This book is to simplify your efforts, so your man falls deeply in love with you.

What Is The Devotion System?

Have you have always been at the helm of a relationship and can’t fully understand what your man is thinking? Or why he is behaving the way he is? This eBook will give you a glimpse of what his actions are about. At the same time, the self-help book is not just about getting Mr. Right but also lets you realize what you are doing wrong in the relationship.

The Devotion System will help you avoid the most common pitfalls of a relationship. It is also informative on which parts turn a guy off. The whole system was written in a clear and understandable manner. This allows you to quickly take action and build a stronger relationship.

It does not just touch on your envisioned romance but gives you an insight at how to be the perfect woman for the man of your dreams. Not only that, but the Devotion System is a complete relationship course which helps encourage a healthier relationship and a happier life.

This book will take you on a journey to self-realization and compel you to make the right decisions, so you keep the man you have longed for so long. The tips and tricks provided by Amy North help you visualize how your actions and passivity affect the groundwork of your romance.

She teaches you techniques on the crucial areas affecting a man’s emotions and longing for a companion. Not only does the author give you a definitive answer to getting you lasting goal, but also provides an ending quiz where you can unlock the power of her insights.

The Devotion System Captivate His Heart And Attention

Who is Amy North?

Amy North is a dating and relationship expert who has authored some of the best-selling books about women and their struggles to find true and lasting love. The Devotion System eBook will take you to a journey of self-discovery so you can achieve your goal of getting the man that you desire. Amy North holds a degree in Social Psychology graduating from the University of Western Ontario.

As a dating and relationship coach, she has worked on some of the most compelling realizations brought by years of experience, and through the eyes of the women, she has encountered. Most of her works are a culmination of the lesson she has learned from couples and how communication affects the value of the relationship.

The Devotion System is a captivating guide divided into sections that allow you to captivate your man’s attention, improve your relationship, and help you deal with romance and connection issues.

Amy North is not just a relationship coach, she is a self-professed love guru, a challenger, motivator, and a supporter who aims to direct you towards true love and happiness.

What will you learn from The Devotion System?

The Devotion System is a 13-part training series with videos and an adaptive quiz system that allows you to gauge how much you were able to master the lessons taught by the author. It also has a summary of tips for each section allowing you to grasp the full nature of the topic and what each concept is about.

Judging by the context and presentation of each topic, the Devotion System was well researched. It touches on some of the most common relationship topics and thought-provoking issues that allow you to win over Mr. Right. But beyond each question, the author delved deeper into your personality enabling you to discover your inner self.

The Devotion System works in the most basic method of giving you confidence so you can attract the man of your dreams with finesse and dignity. The whole program is divided into several topics touching on the most intricate processes of a relationship.

What to Expect?

Part 1: Letting Go and Moving On. Though not wholly about relationships, this part of the program focuses on the most critical part of your life that drags your future relationships into ruin – your past. Amy North has a powerful way of helping you regain your focus so you can become the dream woman your man wants.

This part of the program is all about you and how you can better yourself. The author has a convincing way of helping you understand your real value regardless of what you’ve been through.  This chapter also includes techniques on how you can master the art of making your man head over heels about you just by being yourself.

Part 2: Men 101. This section of the program shifts the focus from yourself to the fundamentals of understanding your man. Amy North has a powerful way of explaining the concepts behind Men 101 with topics including the secrets behind a man’s body language, love methodologies, and more.

Part 3: The Stages of Love. The last part of the program focuses on how you can build a strong relationship that lasts. Amy North discusses effective techniques to keep your love flowing and make your man feel enamored for having you in his life. One topic you can find useful is the Forever Attraction Tactic which teaches you how to boost your “cuddle hormones” the natural way. This section also highlights the etiquettes of dating you should do and the bad habits you have to avoid.

Also included with the program are three bonuses focusing on the concepts of modern dating. The additional bonus consists of:

  • Cheat-proofing your Relationship
  • Finding Love Online
  • Textual Chemistry

With all the insights and content, Amy North not only helps you build a better bond with your man but also helps you discover your inner strength as a woman. You stop beating yourself for not finding the right man to fill your life but gives you the power to work on getting what you want.


  • The Devotion System helps you nurture a purposeful and robust relationship.
  • Helps you understand your man to the full extent.
  • Gives you ample techniques to work on yourself and ultimately your relationships.
  • Includes topics to help boost your charisma and encourage a strong physical and emotional relationship with your man.
  • Guaranteed to work on every woman of any age and stature.
  • Comes with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.


  • The whole program demands commitment and the right motivation to have tangible results.
  • Requires you to have the patience to get through the whole program. It would take you a lot of energy and perseverance.
  • Only comes in digital form.

 Does The Devotion System Work?

If you’re tired and frustrated about your love life, this program rightly fits your liking. It gives you a whole understanding of the male behaviors and allows you to work on yourself so you can attract the man of your dreams.

The Devotion System is a complete self-help guide giving you excellent solutions to all your dating dilemma. Women in all relationship statuses will find something interesting to get from the Devotion System. All of which they can apply to themselves and their relationships – present or future.

This program works not just in helping you build a strong and lasting relationship, but also improving yourself. The initial part of the program is dedicated to helping you forget the bad sides of your past, whether personal or relational, so you can move forward to a new life.


What makes the Devotion System interesting is how it focuses on every aspect of your life and relationship. The first part of the program intends to improve yourself. The second and third part of the Devotion System focuses on men and how you can build a loving relationship.

Never has there been a comprehensive guide that is as well thought and women-centric as the Devotion System. It enlightens you not just with the relationship part, but the whole aspect of your being. The Devotion System Program is a comprehensive guide for women, whether they are single or not. It is for those who would like to find real happiness with the guy of their dreams.

This eBook is a comprehensive guide and with the accompanying freebies make it a powerful relationship guide and self-realization handbook. Use it to get you closer to achieving your ultimate relationship goal. It comes packed with quizzes to enforce what you have learned.The Devotion System Download

The Devotion System




The quality of The Devotion System is pretty solid and reader-friendly as well. Amy North, being a woman herself, has taken care of every little aspect to not disappoint you, ladies. You can impress your man to the level that he forgets about every other female. If you are struggling with your love life, buy this program for the best guidance.

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