Nice Guy Syndrome: 16 Things Nice Guys Do and How to Fix Them ASAP

Do good guys always end up in the last place? Not necessarily. But if you’re too good Women can walk all over you. It’s time to heal your good man.

good person syndrome

You will hear this phrase from countless women. “Oh, he’s okay, I don’t know… he’s too good.” Ouch, I’m not going to act like I’m not a woman – I’ve used that genre before. You might just be the cutest guy in the room. But when you’re too good or a man with a chronic illness I felt there was no challenge and no pursuit. That’s why there’s no second date.

But you can get past this rough patch. You might be a really good person. *And I’m not asking you to force yourself to become an idiot*, but there are some things you can do to save yourself from unnecessary rejection and heal your good man.

What makes a person a good person?

Okay, before we go any further. Let’s make it clear a good man is a good man He’s such a nice guy that every woman wants to date and fall in love with.

but in this context A good man is a man who is more special than anyone. You’ll know when you meet this handsome guy. He was the only rude person. but is someone who can be nice to someone for more than 10 miles.

The worst part about a good man This is the desire to satisfy him. It’s so much that you can almost smell him. He didn’t do it because he was really good. He was a good person hoping that others around him would like him more. His poverty and tenacity were terrible. He is prone to pressure and is a person who suffers from unrelenting anger.

He’s mad at the world, he’s mad at himself and others because he’s never appreciated, even though he “trying” hard to be liked, admit it, you’ve probably met this guy in person, and if not, you’re a man. Can this person

[Read: How to stop being a nice guy and go from pushover to an achiever]

how to stop being a good person and overcome the Nice Guy disease.

I used to be a good person not always a good person No one says you’re stuck with that label. Here are some tips that you can try to get rid of your lovely macho syndrome.

1. know the signal

If you think you are a good man Maybe it’s time to look at the signposts. Once you know the signal You will be able to take steps to combat the same attitude. and become your second date guy without asking any questions. [Read: How to ask a girl out when you’re a shy guy]

2. Accept that you are Mr. Nice Guy.

This will fire at your ego. But you’re not dating So you really have nothing to lose. It’s time to accept the fact that you are Mr. Nice Guy. Just admit it to yourself.

When you’re done mourning your new discovery You can fight with the titles you get. take a few days Eat ice cream and watch Rocky. Then it’s time to go to work. [Read: 16 reasons why you’re always being taken for granted]

3. What do you do that suits your image?

There are probably a few key actions you take that play a big role in rejecting women. Maybe you’re too aggressive, or maybe you’re too out of need. Although this may seem harmless. but women don’t like it and if they don’t like You won’t have a woman to come in. guessed it

Women are all about style. We know in a minute that something is wrong. Trust me. I can see times when a guy ignores me before he tells me. It’s all about his actions, so it might be that you’re texting her all the time – changing your routine a bit and getting her off course. [Read: 20 ingeniously crazy ways to ask a girl out on a date]

5. Stop lavishing on her with gifts.

Yeah, I’m not sure who thinks this is a good idea. This guy I went on my first date with came up to my door with chocolates, teddy bears and flowers. Needless to say, it was a little, oh, and he got a second date? No, he doesn’t. You don’t have to buy her a present – ​​it really isn’t. It came out hopeless. I know it’s sad but it’s true

6. Quit needing

Whether you have your own life or not You have to make it look like you have. No one, male or female, doesn’t want to be around. In fact, there is nothing worse than having a guy who refuses to leave and gets a hint.

So if you want her You’ll have to show that you have your own life and that you’ll make time for her – but she’s not the only thing in your life. [Confession: I’m a boyfriend who’s too clingy and needy, and it sucks!]

7. refuse

This is a big deal You would never reject a woman. In fact, even if you wanted to say no. They do cute things. And then you shrug and say, “Okay,” it’s not today. Those days are over. Now you’re saying no. women need men The man took responsibility and said no. You have to have boundaries so that you don’t get stuck with cute guy syndrome.

8. stop idle

You can hang out with her at any time of the week. that’s a problem You don’t have what to do? People watching? Someone other than her?

She knows that if she calls you on a date, You will fulfill all your promises just to see her. don’t do that you have planned So she’ll have to wait another day. [Read: 13 needy signs you’re too available for the girl you like]

9.Create a challenge

Try not to text or call her when she’s expecting it. This way, she’ll notice that the pattern is missing and something is different. She might wonder if there were other women. which is great This will spark her competitive edge.

10. You can be evil.

Maybe you want to be a bad boy. But you’re nervous to get out of the box. Listen, as long as you don’t hurt anyone. Why not a bad boy? You don’t have to punch people in the face when they pass by or beat someone’s house for a bad boy. Bad boy is a power from within. So you just have to dig it out. [Read: 15 reasons nice guys finish last all the time]

11. Get out of your comfort zone.

Women like men who are adventurous and interested in exploring and trying new things. If you’ve ever sat on the couch and played video games but weren’t girls. It’s time to change your lifestyle. Get out of your comfort zone and do things you wouldn’t normally do so that you can heal from a nice guy.

12. Give her breathing space.

let her come to you You can start the first conversation. But trust me, if she likes you, she’ll keep talking. If you choke her with texts and calls, she won’t. Remember that women like a challenge.

13. Get used to confrontation.

Listen, if you let us we will walk all over you I’m a woman, so I know, not that we planned to do it. But we love to push the boundaries to see how far you can let us go.

as mentioned when we step out of bounds you will have to refuse which would become controversial Don’t be afraid to argue with the girl you like. She would argue back but also understood which line was drawn. [Read: 12 tips to transform you from a nice guy to a real man]

14. Say what you want.

Don’t be afraid to express your opinion because you’re not sure if the girl you like will approve or not. It’s your opinion! What if she doesn’t like it?

not expressing your opinion Show that you have become boring and boring. That’s how you stick with cute guy syndrome. Basically, you become like a lap dog following her around. That won’t get you that girl – that will get you the title of Mr. Nice Guy.

15. You don’t always need approval.

You are Mr. Nice Guy because you care about other people’s feelings. Which isn’t a bad thing. In fact, I think it’s something the world needs more. But it becomes a problem when others come before you all the time. You don’t have to be someone to please and get everyone’s approval before doing anything. This is why you are Mr. Nice Guy. [Read: Why the “Nice Guy” isn’t such a nice guy, after all]

16. Boost Confidence

Look, it’s all about being confident, you’re a good person, and you deserve to be with someone who cares about you. It’s all about building confidence and building personal boundaries with your relationship. It was shocking to do this. You are seen as a bad boy compared to Mr. Nice Guy.

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You don’t have to be Mr. Nice Guy if you follow these tips. You will be able to go on dates and be with the girl you like. It’s time to heal good people every time.

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