The Pros and Cons of Getting a Full Brazilian Wax

Ever wondered what all the hype was about the wildly popular Brazilian wax? We have all the answers you need!

Brazilian wax

Well, ladies, we’ve all thought of buying Brazilian wax. a couple of years ago I am more annoyed than usual with annoying shaving. Which comes with a lot of pain that feels like being eaten by a razor. I decided to go for a full body Brazilian wax at my local hair salon in hopes of alleviating my discomfort.

For those of you who have apparently lived under a rock since puberty. Full Brazilian wax is a form of hair removal that will remove all of your pubic hair. all of it. You were left completely naked under

With the summer in full swing, this method might leave you unthinkable. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be able to throw in a bikini at the last minute and not have to worry about thorny growths peeking through the sides of their pastel blue bottoms? I know I will!

I used to do Brazilian wax before. I’m no stranger to everything that comes with it. Both good and bad, you might be thinking, “What could be worse than having super-soft suspension for weeks”?? I’m here to tell you, with all the good things, there are some bad things.

When it comes to pubic hair removal Many of us tend to use only razors. But the tiredness that comes with frequent shaving and being cut with a razor This has caused many of us to turn to waxing as an alternative.

If you, like many women, are bored with razors and are arguing about trying something different. Here’s a list of the pros and cons of getting a full Brazilian wax that I’ve put together from my own experience to help you out. [Read: Trim, shave or natural? – The real score on what looks best!]

Disadvantages of Brazilian Waxing

Let’s start with the reasons some women don’t even consider buying Brazilian wax.

#1 pain. “what? Does waxing hurt!?”?? Unless you are completely from another planet or have completely removed all pain receptors from your bikini area, yes, it is painful. Basically, they pull hundreds of hairs from deep in your skin. as you can imagine It hurts a bit – especially since it’s all the hair you have.

However, the amount of pain is different for everyone. And personally I find it unbearable. It helps if you take a few painkillers before your visit and go for an ice pack when you get home.

#2 expenses. It’s not uncommon for waxing to cost more than that, since you’re actually paying someone to get their rubbish. Use hot wax *expensive* and tear off all the hairs. Fortunately, after your first waxing Beauty salons tend to reduce maintenance costs. depending on where you live You can expect to spend about $60 for your first Brazilian wax and about $40 for each visit.

#3 hair growth This is the least fun part about waxing. Because you won’t have to worry and be hair-free for a very long time. But you need to grow your hair before you can wax it again. This is because your pubic hair must be about ¼ inch long before it can be waxed. That means there are about a week to a week and a half when you don’t want to go out wearing anything less than shorts.

#4 Someone is in your product This can be counterproductive for you who are shy or very uncomfortable for strangers to see your most private parts. i mean It’s usually something like, “Hello, take off your clothes from the waist down. Then I’ll come back to take off for you.”??

OK, OK. It’s not so embarrassing. But still uncomfortable to say the least. Especially when they have to move your female part around. To get me out of hard to reach places. Oops!

To be honest, everyone is a pro and probably has seen hundreds of vaginas. So there’s no reason to be surprised if they see your vagina! [Read: 20 hot tips to becoming more feminine]

Benefits of getting a Brazilian wax

Don’t worry, it may seem like a serious disadvantage. But I promise there are still good things. Many come from Brazilian wax as well. For me personally, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages listed above.

#1 no longer fur This is really the #1 reason to get a Brazilian wax. When the hair is torn from the follicle, it can be taken anywhere. 4-6 a week for hair to grow again That means you can proudly march around for over a month with your pubic area as smooth as a baby’s butt!

Added bonus: If you randomly want to play with the hottest from the bar. You won’t have to worry about “Cleanup” before?? You can! [Read: How to get a guy to go down on you without a push]

#2 no razor burn And this is the selling point, people! at least for me I can purely live with all the cons. Because it means I don’t have to deal with razor scratches. This is the best part because even if you shave regularly and don’t have that kind of hair, you’ll be fine. Razor shaving is not as pretty on the bikini line as it is. with tiny hairs sticking out, not to mention the more uncomfortable way. but with waxing Don’t be afraid of the little red monster that conceals the beauty of your naked vagina.

#3 thinning hair growth over time The bonus is almost permanent! If you wax regularly for a long time Some hair will stop growing again. As hair is continuously plucked from its natural habitat – your follicles – the follicles will stretch and become loose. As a result, new hair does not form or fall out without additional help. I can definitely confirm this point!

#4 confidence. last but not least The confidence you get with full Brazilian wax comes from its freedom. When you don’t have to worry about unwanted and unattractive hair becoming clouded in the sun. You’ll feel more comfortable wearing a small bikini. Or the sexy lingerie that you keep for the special day! [Read: 15 super simple ways to keep yourself sexy at any age]

I know I have panties and swimwear labeled “Waxing is appropriate” or not? Especially because I know I don’t have to worry about anything when I get a full Brazilian wax.

[Read: At home bikini waxing – A complete guide for beginners]

Whatever your reason is to get a full Brazilian wax. To know that everything is good and bad. And everyone’s body is different, and who knows, going against others might be a plus for you. You never know unless you go out there and try!

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