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They say you only need love in a relationship. But sometimes love is not enough. If you have a selfish girlfriend You know love is not enough.

selfish boyfriend

When you have a selfish boyfriend You begin to feel like a slave to their needs. Everything you do is make them happy and satisfy their needs. What about your needs?

Just because they are selfish doesn’t mean you have to break up with them or start arguing. instead of exploding There are many ways to deal with your selfish boyfriend and bring them back to earth. [Read: How to spot selfish people and keep them from hurting you]

How to deal with a selfish boyfriend

We all look for love when we enter a relationship. We all need someone to be with us thick and thin—not to mention cuddling at night. But love is not enough, I know, that’s sad to hear, but it’s true. love is not enough but a good base

Of course, relationships involve connections. But it consists of compromises—mostly. When I first entered a relationship I think it’s about me that my boyfriend worships and lets him do anything for me, etc. But it’s not like that. See, I’m a selfish girlfriend. Okay. This can happen to anyone. But if you have a selfish girlfriend That doesn’t end the relationship. It does, believe me!

#1 You are responsible for this as well. yes he is selfish But this is what you allow the behavior You know they are selfish early in the relationship. you must see the signal And you might think it’s no big deal or you just want to make them happy. So you let it slide

But now you’re here and bored with their behavior. See, you didn’t set boundaries or express your feelings. [Read: How to set boundaries and have more control over your life]

#2 pay attention to yourself ok they are selfish but you are feeding it It’s time to apply your much-needed attention to yourself. You have to break the vicious circle you’re in, so instead of focusing on his needs first. put yourself first Take the time to do what you enjoy. Only give yourself and yourself time. Their needs should not take precedence over your needs. [Read: How to not be run over in your relationship]

#3 Talk about it. Do you think this is going to disappear? Not likely unless you change. It’s time for you to start talking. Show how his behavior makes you feel.

Don’t shout or cry You don’t want to argue about it. You want to improve the situation Sit down together and talk about what happened. Talk about your feelings and remember to use the phrase “I”.

#4 no ultimatum You tell him to get in better shape or leave and do nothing. You can’t give an ultimatum to someone who doesn’t understand what’s going on. First, show what they do that is selfish. Then highlight the positive things that will happen if he changes by showing how the relationship can improve. [Read: Ultimatums in a relationship and how to use them right]

#5 figure out why he’s selfish outside your relationship He may give and sacrifice a lot. Which is why you’re confused as to why he’s like this. But he had a life before you and a life that may have been traumatized before. That doesn’t mean he gets a free pass. Rather, it means that you can identify the cause and use it to change their behavior.

#6 reconnect with yourself When we are with a selfish partner We tend to forget ourselves and our own values. You know you don’t deserve to be treated this way. But it’s being pushed into you, so it’s time to reconnect with your own values.

You have to see that you don’t have to be around selfish people in an intimate relationship, and you’re better off. Put the power back into your hands.

#7 create boundaries Look, he might not be able to get rid of his selfish behavior completely. especially if their behavior is unintentional. It’ll take him a while to figure it out, so be aware of what behaviors you can tolerate and what you can’t. There are a few things that you should compromise with. So let’s figure out what it is. naturally There are some things that are not a deal breaker. while other things are too depressing.

#8 spend time outside If you are reaching the peak of his selfish behavior. to spend time outside yes you read that right Just take a break from there This doesn’t mean you need to call it a breakup or breakup with them. But it means you’re talking for yourself for a few days.

during this time Think about yourself and what you want in your partner and your future. But make sure they understand what you’re doing and why, or they might upset them. [Read: What to do when you’re feeling unsure about your relationship]

#9 What do you want? You have time to think about your needs. What is it? This means that you need to know the elements of a relationship that are important to you. So when you want something from your partner, for example, you’re having a bad day and want them to listen to you. Make sure you are very clear. You don’t have to be rude. Just ask them if they can listen to you. They are often able to focus and devote that time to you.

#10 Remind him. Selfishness is not easy to recognize in yourself and not easy to change. But you always have to remind him of his behavior. Think of it like training a puppy or kitten. It takes many, many times to show them where to pee until they finally begin to pee. Sorry for comparing animals *no apologies*

#11 They want to change. Ultimately, if you want to see your selfish boyfriend become more generous. That means he wants to change. If you are pushing him to do it and he inhibits or betrays. it won’t change This is when you broke up with him. Maybe then he’ll wake up [Read: 22 early warning signs of a bad boyfriend]

#12 Would you like to be with them? Selfishness isn’t something someone can overcome in a day, of course, if they want to change. They will correct and try to reduce their selfishness. However, do not expect their behavior to completely reverse 180. If anything, they will remain selfish. Now you have a new question to ask yourself, do you want this person to be your partner?

[Read: These unassuming signs point to the fact that you are dating a jerk]

Now you know how to deal with a selfish boyfriend, right? But just because you know what to do doesn’t mean it’s enough. It’s time to put your words into practice!

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