The Tao of Badass Review

Are you a guy that has problems picking up and communicating with women, or do you want to pick up your game?

We will be reviewing the Tao of Badass dating system developed by Josh Pellicer. His training course will get any guy, regardless of his looks or status get laid and FAST. The Tao of Badass book is a masterpiece for any guy trying to master the art of seduction.

About The Author :

Joshua Pellicer is a famous dating coach with vast experience. He has been coaching thousands of guys all over the world, had TV and Radio shows all about the secrets of his Tao System.

He wasn’t really good looking guy nor rich when he started developing the Tao System. In fact, He was completely broke with a girlfriend that abused his kindness, and couldn’t understand how miserable he was.

She asked him to move to NC and pay for the rent and HE DID WITHOUT ASKING QUESTIONS. But one day he snapped, when she asked him to leave because her daddy came to visit, and she didn’t even tell him she was dating someone or even living with someone. From that day on he decided to research and master the laws of attraction or DIE TRYING with psychological knowledge he acquired during his college studies.

What is The Tao of Badass system?

The Tao of Badass is an e-book containing successful dating techniques that men of any stature can use to pick up the women of their dreams.The Tao Of Badass eBook

Created by Josh Pellicer, it teaches men how to approach women, carries on enticing conversations, and explains what to say and the best time to say it. It provides a flow chart you can use that explains a “do this and not that” technique that is guaranteed to work, and you also get over $2300 in bonuses.

The Tao of Badass is different than many other dating systems out on the market today because it shows men what they have to do to date any woman they want, not just women who are in “their league”. But this system is different because it not only talks about the dating aspect but also seduction techniques that you could be using tonight.

The Tao of Badass has all the ideas and concepts that were personally developed by Josh Pellicer. These are methods that Josh, himself conducted in real life experiments during his research. Josh made sure he was covering every situation that you will likely experience when attempting to pick up women.

What You Will Learn From the Book

What is best with The Tao of Badass is that the book is stated in simple thoughts which can be understood upfront. It goes straight to the point, teaching one for the kill instead of beating around the bush.

You can consider it as a seduction system but unlike the first ones that comes as either too lame or too forward, this book has the qualities that targets on what women want the most, the challenge of having a badass lover.

Unlike any other dating advice for men, this book is a cool way to learn not only about women but it actually explains how men act foolishly around them and how to overcome being the loser guy who lets the best women slip away.

The Tao Of Badass Program

Reading the book, one could easily grasp the concepts that make the strategies effective. It gives one a picture of how to act accordingly around women. It tackles how a man can gain the upper hand during a conversation by not only saying the right things but at the same time having the gestures, the body language that goes well with what is being said which in turn will make any listener get captivated and be aware of a powerful presence.

To give you an idea of what you will have but at the same time revealing not too much of the book’s content, there are a lot of useful tricks that you can find inside the book which does not only give a bit of dating advice for men.

It focuses more on teaching you the right moves that will work best on certain moments, it will explain all about confidence and how to gain just enough of it to make you both look and feel good.

The Tao of Badass also has a tested and proven formula on how to take on a new set of beliefs that is essential in your transformation to a badass. Joshua Pellicer thoroughly explains the 3 stages of building new beliefs and how to have them permanently in your life.

A part of the book is also dedicated to discussing in detail the different personality types of guys so that one is able to handle without difficulty each type. This is a great help to guys who do not know how to deal with one’s personality.

Tao of Badass Book Compared To Others

Most dating advice for men books and tutorials do not honestly say that there are times that it is not always applicable for all men and instead boasts of how useful the guide is to each and every man kind.

It completely forgets to get deeper with more important issues like personality variations and problems on self- confidence which is both important. Anyone tend to be deceived with the approach that other dating guides use and gets crushed in the end.

With Joshua Pellicer’s book, it is good to know that being a badass is not to be forced to anyone who just doesn’t have the balls to try it out in the first place. Yes, the book is fairly simple to understand but without the much needed interest, persistence, and patience to practice all that is written, no successful results shall happen.

Unwillingness has no room in becoming a badass. Learning about how to become a badass will become pointless if a person does not act on the material. Great results will only materialize if you start doing the miracles yourself and not by just waiting for them to happen.


  • Step-by-step guidance from total loser to total badass
  • Understanding your Social circle and how to use it to your advantage
  • Private Videos teaching you how to utilize your body-language to perfection!
  • 4 Bonus Books related to dating for absolutely free!
  • Understand women’s thinking and psychology needs
  • Lifetime membership to Tao of Badass support team


Well, No one’s perfect. Although the Tao of Badass is a really great product, there are some facts you should take into consideration (And you will not find them anywhere else )

  • The Tao of Badass is going to change your life, your perception about women and social interaction
  • The Tao of Badass will dispute many conceptions you were taught and raised on
  • Mastering those skill isn’t an easy task it takes real practice and time to learn!


All in all, if you are looking for a great guide in picking up women 101, The Tao of Badass could be the best trick of the trade and Joshua Pellicer is your mentor. The book may sound to be too good to be true but unless you had the tenacity to try it out for yourself, you will surely discover that the man knows what he is talking about.

You will be amazed at how supportive this book is in your pursuit of being a lovable badass. It will certainly make a big difference in how you see not only your dating conquests but as to how you clearly view your life as a whole.

The book also comes with other delightful surprises that could further strengthen your ground in the dating world. This stuff is not your typical dating guide book that almost does not work at all. This could be a prime black book of sorts, the best-kept secret revealed, but only for guys who believe in their power to overcome their fear and finally admit that their dating life may be at the mercy of this one good book.

The Tao Of Badass Free Download





Know that practice is what makes a man confident. Going through a dating guide is just an aspect of learning. You have to practice the advice offered so as to get the maximum out of it. Buy the Tao of Badass and experience the excitement of getting transformed from an average guy into a dating machine!

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