The Woman Men Adore and Never Want to Leave Review

The Woman Men Adore eBookThanks for checking out my review for ‘The Women Men Adore and Never Want to Leave’. I have really enjoyed putting this together with the excitement of helping others enjoy love as much as I am now simply by reading this eBook and taking in the dating advice and dating tips, the love advice and relationship tips and adjusting a few things with myself to become a women men adore!

First and foremost I want to ensure you that I will be giving an honest and unbiased review of this outstanding masterpiece ‘The Women Men Adore’ by Bob Grant. I ask that you read this review to find out the essential details about the eBook before grabbing a copy for yourself.

The writer will give you the answers to questions many women ask everyday… things like

Will giving a man what he wants to give me what I want?

The answer…. YES!!!Bob Grant

Bob Grant is not shy of being completely open and honest on all information needed to know to help his readers get success in the reason they purchased the eBook in the first place, he covers many different categories including

  • How to influence or shape your man’s opinion with the power of words
  • How to make a man feel cherished by you
  • Why Men Don’t Listen (this is a big one ladies)
  • Pinpoint exactly what you’re doing that makes men NOT want to be close to you
    5 things men crave
  • The main reason why men choose to get married (or stay married) to a particular woman
  • The No. 1 problem that couples face
  • How not to let your past hurts sabotage your chance of having successful relationships

And there is much more exciting categories and tips within the eBook ensuring he covers everything, his layout is very clean and easy to understand his English is great.

The reason that Bob Grant wrote ‘The Woman Men Adore” eBook was so he could help more than just clients who are able to consult with Bob face-to-face in his home state of Georgia — but also to help those who can’t afford the high cost of relationship counseling, so if your a woman seeking man this is a great place to start to find your finish!

You will discover what are The Woman Men Adore about

This book contains 11 chapters, all of its contents are geared towards helping women become influential among men, gain more confidence and be the woman that men would be happy to be with for a lifetime. Below is the detailed information of each chapter:

Chapter 1 – Vulnerability

This chapter is concentrated on teaching women the ability to influence a man. It will empower you to capture his attention by just utilizing the natural gift you have inside.

Chapter 2 – What Men Really Want?

This next chapter will reveal everything that men desire. It will give you tips and ideas on how you can make yourself desirable in his eye without doing manipulative action.

Chapter 3 – Listening To Your Own Heart

This chapter is more about you. It will help you discover what your heart is and how you can effectively listen to innermost feelings. The moment you gain a better understanding of your feelings, the easier for you to understand what causes your resentment, grievances or unforgiving heart.

Chapter 4 – Certain Death To A Relationship

This section of the Woman That Men Adore unravels the secret enemy that causes break-ups like anger. When anger among couples build-up, this could transform into a feeling of resentment or indifference towards your partner. You will learn ways to cope with anger in order to achieve a happy relationship.

Chapter 5 – Forgiveness

Learning how to forgive genuinely is your key to happiness and lasting relationship. This chapter will teach you the different phase of forgiveness. For you to be able to forgive, you must find out what has caused this pain or injury, then, claim your weapons and grieve. After all, the best act of forgiving is letting that hurt go away or die.

Chapter 6 – The Secrets Of An Amazing Relationship

The author of this book wants you to list all your qualities, then, from there assess which among them makes you a standout among others. For example, ask yourself, “What do your friends or loved ones like most about you? Do you hear them say you are an excellent listener?

Chapter 7 – Decide Your Style

This chapter will give you suggestions on what is the best option that you can apply in real life, like when choosing your own style. You will learn what men really desire and what women really need.

Chapter 8 – No Man Is A Match For Such A Woman Who Automatically Puts Her Heart First

It will share with you secrets on how you can make yourself influential to your man that you can imagine.

Chapter 9 – Perception and Personality

This book’s chapter lets you explore the many perceptions that every individual has and how they could affect any relationship.

Chapter 10 – Practical

The Woman Men Adore also covers a section where it will teach you what men really hope their women to know. On this chapter, you will know what button will work and how you utilize this secret gift for your greater advantage like seducing your man.

Chapter 11 – What You Could Expect

The last section of this book will reveal the possible results you can achieve if you remain focused on the methods and strategies mentioned by the author.

The Woman Men Adore and Never Want to Leave

What are the bad things about The Woman Men Adore?

  • You need to stay focused in order to get maximum results at the end of this program.
  • You can only avail this book online and not available in local bookstores.
  • If you aren’t fond of reading, you will find this text format to be a bit boring.

What are the good things about The Woman Men Adore?

  • He really teaches you how to UNDERSTAND men and I know this is a big part of dating/relationship and marriage problems
  • Bob is speaking as an experience as a licensed professional counselor/ therapist/ relationship coach of +20 years which gives us comfort in what we are learning
  • He has real-life examples that I am sure many of us have experienced not cheesy scenarios you read in other relationship books
  • Comes with a full money back guarantee so if you don’t find it helps you can return no questions asked

Overall what do I think?

Well, let’s just say it helped me. I feel I have better communication with my BOYFRIEND… that right I am finally happy in a relationship!

It’s strong and I can see it going to a happy ending (and that’s not just my opinion on it). After reading this eBook I feel as though I had been to see a very highly recommended therapist and came out with a mind full of knowledge not only learning about the opposite sex and myself but getting priceless dating and relationship advice and one day when I’m married advice to make sure I don’t become a divorced woman.

I really hope my review has helped and don’t forget to check out the preview chapter given by the man himself!

-Reviewed by Linda-





If your marriage is near the brink of a break-up, this book guide could be your last option to save it and win back your man. There is really nothing to lose availing this program because it has a money back guarantee where paying customers to have the assurance that if their expectations weren’t met, they will get a refund.

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