The 7 Women Who Will End Up Wasting Your Time

There are few things more frustrating than meeting the person you once sparked with. only to find that they are wasting your time.

women who are wasting your time

We are all very busy these days. and during work, socializing, getting fit and relaxation We hardly have time to date. This can be extremely frustrating when someone we care about is wasting our time. Fortunately, when you know what to look for. It can be very easy to identify and avoid time consuming tasks.

You have to have enough mindset – realize that your wasted woman will never be like that. And you should move on as soon as possible to meet other women. that tends to be more appropriate may sound corny But there are other women who will not waste your precious time.

A woman who is not worth investing your time.

Don’t know what kind of girl will only frustrate you? this is the top 7 types, and how to avoid them

#1 She’s not like that in you. There’s nothing worse than falling in love with a girl who doesn’t care about you. she might be a friend colleague or someone from your past which is often the case keeping you in touch regularly Seeing her on a regular basis is refreshing and makes her unforgettable.

In fact, the best thing to do is avoid her and cut off contact for a while. At least until you meet someone else or you get rid of any feelings. that you have for her until the end If you are a colleague or close friend Might not be able to avoid her at all. But you should maintain a professional or friendly relationship for some time. and focus on meeting other women

Meeting other people is the best way to win her. And it’s also funny how she likes you the most. because other women Like you will instantly make you desirable in her eyes.

Reality is not quite like a rom-com. And trying to flirt with her when she’s not interested in the first place is unlikely to get you anywhere. Especially if she denies your progress by saying…

#2 “Let’s be friends” ?? or LJBF Classic style that women will tell you to let the man lightly. She might give reasons such as the fact that she isn’t looking for a relationship or that she doesn’t want to ruin what you already have as a friend. Realize now that these are reasons to keep your feelings. She’s nice and doesn’t tell you that she doesn’t care.

as in #1If she says LJBF, that’s the end of trying to seduce her. You’re not Hugh Grant, and the rom-com plot hardly works in real life. Keep your relationship with her the way it is now if you want to – especially if you’re already a true friend – but go after another woman. You’ll forget about her when you meet someone you like and who likes you back.

When you’re already “friend zoned”?? It was almost impossible to get out of it. She doesn’t see you as a romantic partner. And you should move on as quickly as possible to avoid yourself going through a fruitless roller coaster. [Read: 18 signs you’re in her friend zone even if she doesn’t say it]

#3 She is still her past. This is not your fault And there’s not much you can do about it. If you can’t forget your ex Maybe it’s because she still loves him and may continue sleeping with him. She will not surrender herself to you.

When your emotions are elsewhere You won’t connect on a more profound level. You might be able to have a flirtatious or reactive relationship with her. and if you choose to do so It is your privilege. However, keep in mind that you will not progress any further.

over time When she truly allows herself to defeat her ex. She probably knows that she can learn to eventually need you. Don’t try to force it, be comfortable between you or give her time. Then revisit the idea later to see how she responds. [Read: 15 signs she’s leading you on and taking you nowhere]

#4 She is always “busy”?? If she makes you three times uncomfortable with excuses about busy work. She might be dating you. It’s possible that she sees you as just a man she can call and call whenever she feels the need for attention or investigation.

She may promise to repay you or she may show remorse. But if she offers you an excuse and an apology. You’re better off not seeing her. However, what you can do is try to change the schedule when it’s unavailable.

The next time she upsets you. Avoid her for a week or two. It might give her enough time to know if she misses you or if she really likes you. But if you still find it difficult to understand There’s no point in reaching out to someone who can’t be bothered to spend time with you. [Read: How to flirt with a girl the friend way and get her to like you]

#5 Message a friend. We spend all day looking at our phones. And women especially love to text and chat all the time. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of being friends with messages, thinking you’re “knowing each other”?? But really, communicating through technology is no substitute for speaking in real life.

You want to maintain an atmosphere of mystery and give her a reason to really want to see you. and really get to know you Therefore, all transcribing through text will only quickly lose her interest. [Read: The right way to text a girl and make her want you]

Sends a little less text than she texts. Send a shorter message And don’t be afraid to cut off the conversation or not answer until the next day. Women like men who make them slightly chase after him. So don’t look too enthusiastic. Otherwise, you’ll become her identity at the other end of the phone and you’ll never be able to see her in reality.

#6 Gold Digger. We’ve all heard of gold miners. And maybe you’ve come across some. Especially if you are financially sound. Don’t be the one who pays for everything but gets nothing.

Whether you pay for everything on your date or not is up to you. And doing so did not turn her into a gold digger. What makes her a gold digger is when she doesn’t show interest in you. reject your progress And also wants you to buy her things or take her to different places. without a relationship moving forward over time

It’s erroneous logic to think that if she doesn’t approach you now, You have to give her more money or things or money. It doesn’t make her like you more. But she probably likes money and ties it up for as long as she can.

If a girl doesn’t like you when you take her out for a picnic in the park. She won’t approach you when you take her. 5- You can eat with stars. [Read: 10 types of women you should never date]

#7 scale. you have planned And she seduces you at the last minute with an excuse or worse. not even appearing Of course, sometimes emergencies happen. But she’ll apologize if that’s the real reason. If she deceives you more than once It means that she may not really like you. And she’s just taking care of you as a backup plan.

In fact, if a woman cheats on you when you try your best to make sure she’s having a good time with you, then you should make the same effort with a woman who can appreciate what you get. willing to do it for you

[Read: What to do when she’s playing hard to get]

Even if you feel at first that she might be wasting your time You can also try a few techniques to make her appreciate you more. but if it doesn’t happen Remember there are billions of women out there. The person who wastes your time is not the person you deserve.

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