20 Things Girls Do That Guys Love and Makes Them Crazy for You

There are things that women do that men like. Whether you know this or not Read on to find out what these are – they might shock you!

What women do and men love

We are all unique. The way we think, feel, dress, and act each day depends on many variables. However, there are many things that women do and men enjoy. You might not even know you were doing it in the first place!

It can be as simple as playing with your hair or dressing yourself up. But men love these things! This is not a reason to be more mindful of your actions. But it is the confidence that will keep you going! Guys will notice these cute and ordinary things you do, even if you ignore them.

However, it’s important to point out that not all men find the same attractiveness or cuteness the same. We all find different things cute and sassy!

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Why is it important to know what women do that men like?

In addition to helping to increase confidence It also helps to know what men like to be cute. All men have different standards and preferences. Therefore, no one approach is the same for all men.

However, men tend to find most of the items on this list cute. If there’s a guy you like and you want him to notice you. Feel free to try these things to let him know you exist.

Maybe it’s biting your lips or showing love. But these are all things that you can use for your crush or a good-looking stranger who wants to notice you. *or even a boyfriend!* [Read: Girly things: 30 unintentional things you do that guys love]

20 Things girls do that guys like

After surveying a few of my guy friends. I also came up with a list of things that women do and men like. Think you did these things without realizing it? You may unknowingly send the people in your life crazy!

1. Play with their hair

Most of the time, girls play their hair when they’re listening, talking, watching TV, concentrating, or of course, when they flirt. Did you know that men find it really cute and sexy in some cases?

You might play with your hair just because but for men They find your foolish actions lovely. It’s cuter if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you try to do it on purpose It won’t translate in the same way. [Read: 25 tips to look really cute and melt any guy’s heart effortlessly]

2. Affectionate “just because”

Of course, not every girl is always cute and lovely. A lot of guys like the fact that some women don’t think much about showing love. Especially when it’s natural to you. It’s cute because it’s sincere and caring.

A hug, a nudge and a gentle smile. kiss on the cheek impromptu neck massage These are all ways women show their love for the person in their life.

3. Cheeky enough to stand up for yourself.

There is something compelling about a girl who knows when and how to stand up for herself. when someone walks past them and they know how to fight. That’s one of the things that women do and men like.

Again, you probably did this without thinking. If something isn’t quite right If someone blames you for something that is not your fault. You have to stand up for yourself. [Read: The 30 sassy traits of feisty girls that make them amazing]

4. Dressing yourself

Dressing up for you and only you is one of the most confident and powerful things you can do. This means you’re not worried about what other people think about your style. You don’t care what other people think of your outfit or style. But you dress for yourself

It doesn’t just make you look good. But it also gives you confidence – especially in the eyes of men. I know you probably did this without thinking. But feel free to dress yourself up next time you go out! It’s one of the things that women do and men absolutely love.

5. Show your true body confidence

Confidence is sexy and attractive. Hasn’t anyone ever told you? This is not true for every woman. Because we live in an era where women’s bodies are being refined like never before. Learning to accept your body and love it for what’s cool and sexy can be difficult for many.

It can be a rewarding and powerful feeling when you show confidence in your body. no matter what you look or feel It’s a pretty good side effect. It makes men stand up and take notice. [Read: How to build self-confidence: 16 ways to realize you’re worth it]

6. It’s really a waste of time to listen.

Most women are good listeners. Because they have a caring and tender heart that needs to be nurtured. Guys love it when you show your full attention and really listen to them.

similar to the issue of love They appreciate when you show them empathy. especially when they rarely express their feelings.

even with male friends They tend not to express their feelings without fear of being seen as weak or weak. [Read: How to be more empathetic and forge emotional connections]

7. Their expressions will glow when it comes to their passion.

When a woman talks about what she likes to do or what she is really passionate about. Her expression changed. She came back to life! There is something in your eyes that shines and shines when you talk about life’s deepest passions and desires.

It’s one of the things that women do and men absolutely love. Next time someone asks Feel free to tell them all about your interests! [Read: What are you passionate about? How to find and own your desires?]

8. Pretending to be cute is harmless.

Guys love it when girls make fun of them. Of course, that didn’t mean to tear him to pieces. Rather, it was a mockery about something he didn’t think was offensive. It shows friendship and the ability to ride without offending. is one of the things that girls often overlooked, which men like

If he’s a terrible cook cute and mocking words Coupled with a nudge and a disarming smile, it was something he would love to see. [Read: How to tease a guy and make him realize he’s falling for you]

9. They show true loyalty to their friends.

Nothing happened between the girl and her team. Although guys can be a little annoyed that you’re close to their friends sometimes and the minor issue of sharing too much information. They appreciate the loyalty you show to your friends.

Men know how important friendship is. So it’s only natural that they appreciate this with women who appreciate it. When a woman shows that she has a friend with thick back or thin back. That’s admirable. [Read: What makes a good friend: The art of honing your friendship skills]

10. She became a huge fan of him.

in a relationship This is one of the admirable things girlfriends tend to do for their man. no matter what situation he is in She was always a huge fan of him. No one cheered him the same way his women did. And that’s one of the best things women do and men like.

she will encourage him Push him to do what she knows he’ll be good at. And she’s ready to go through it all. It made him feel that he could rule the world and win. [Read: What guys look for in girls – 13 things that catch EVERY guy’s eye]

11. The ability to show fragility but also kick ass.

Girls are known for putting their hearts on their sleeves. So this attraction is pretty obvious, however, when a woman can kick her ass when someone crosses her. There was something to be said about that.

It shows fire and passion for the soft side that envelops femininity. It’s totally possible to be gentle and affectionate while still being able to click into mode. “Don’t mess with me” [Read: How to feel good about yourself and kick ass in all aspects of life]

12. How are they crazy about cute animals?

Women are always obsessed with cute animals. So this shouldn’t be a shock to the list of things women do and women like. They love it when girls are crazy about cute animals! So next time you see a puppy and you can’t help it. but became a puddle of goo

Let’s go, he loves it! Be it a dog, cat, raccoon, or any cute animal! [Read: What guys notice first about a girl – 1 of these 12 things]

13. Touch when speaking

Women tend to forget when doing this. But they have a habit of grabbing your arm or shoulder when talking to you. It’s very admirable for them that men will find them cute.

especially when they like men. They’ll break that touch barrier, accidentally touching his arm when talking to him. Don’t worry, they think it’s cute!

14. Smile or laugh

Whether most women are insecure about their smiles or their laughter Men think this is cute. I mean, isn’t it cuter when people laugh or smile because of something that makes them happy in that moment? It’s even more attractive when a guy makes you laugh!

Next time you smile or laugh Don’t try to keep your mouth shut because you’re not confident about it. Show your smile to the world! you never know That smile can make someone fall in love with you. [Read: How to smile more often: 6 baby steps to change your life forever]

15. Showing encouragement

It’s like being a big fan of him. There is something admirable about a woman encouraging a man! You may not know this. But they are not supported enough. So getting them this means the world to them.

This is one of the things that women do and men like that often go unnoticed. Especially in the nature of girls to speak up to encourage others. [Read: How to motivate your man and make him feel like a champion again]

16. Empathy is what he loves.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s playing games, watching sports, or exercising. If you find interest in his passion That’s what attracted them anyway.

Especially when you try to do these things with him or really spend time doing these things with him. That’s a bonus for them too! The dream is to watch sports or play games with your girls – that’s basically living for them! [Read: Things to do with your girlfriend: 45 sweetest things]

17. Wear a shirt or hoodie.

If you’re together or dating a big moment. This will happen for sure. Women like to keep their boyfriend’s hoodies and shirts on because they show ownership and comfort.

Basically, she says she’s so comfortable with you that she’ll lend you your shirt and clothes, hoping you don’t mind. This is one of the things that women do and men love to the point of madness!

18. Biting Your Lips

You may not know you are doing this. But it’s seductive, sexy and alluring at the same time! If you bite your lip when you’re with a guy Notice the effect it will have on them.

It will drive them crazy. Especially when you don’t even know you’re doing this. simple lip biting This can swallow them.

19. Make eye contact

It doesn’t matter what you say Eye contact is always charming. Especially when you’re doing what you’re talking to a guy and you make direct eye contact. He gets so lost that he forgets everything around him.

This is one of the things that girls They are often underestimated and will leave them speechless. [Read: Subtle but powerful eye contact flirting moves that work like magic]

20. Excitement

Joy and excitement always seem good to everyone. So if you show your excitement to a guy They are always attracted to this. It’s because your eyes sparkle and twinkle. And this look of the girls It was always in their eyes. An excited and happy woman is usually the best girl.

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So what do girls like to do?

You may not be aware that you are doing something or most of it. Subtly conquered the hearts of men everywhere. The point is, you’re doing it unconsciously because it’s part of your true nature. And that’s when it’s super cute and sexy.

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The 12 things women do and men love are the emotions and traits that most women regularly display. Being a girl or a girl is knowing who you are. No sexier than this.

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