12 Things Girls Like to Hear From Men to Feel Special & Loved

Knowing how to make a woman happy is more helpful than a man. But not knowing what women like to hear is much more difficult. Here’s what to say

Things girls like to hear

It is said that the key to a man’s heart lies in the belly. but for women is to make you feel special That is the main thing you need to remember with women. If you want her to like you Make her feel special and special to you by telling her what girls love to hear.

Obviously, you cannot combine multiple phrases. The sentences were put together in the hopes of getting her attention. It’s more than that You have to be honest and really like that girl. To say what she likes to hear, if you don’t, she’ll take it.

Mistakes that drive girls away from you

We all make mistakes When it comes to winning a girl’s heart Those mistakes can permanently affect your chances. If you are someone who compliments a woman based only on how she looks That was a mistake. She will look past you and doesn’t need you.

You have to be more attractive to her than just those who want her body. If you talk to her with the only goal of getting her to bed. That was a mistake and it won’t work. Women are smarter than that and we know when men want a piece of ass. [Read: 15 things guys do that are a big turn off for girls]

Things girls like to listen to to make them feel special.

You have to make her feel unique to you. She must feel that you are only interested in her and no one else. Sometimes saying something can help her see how you really feel. Here are some things women love to hear that can help you communicate your feelings.

#1 Compliment her intelligence As much as women like to describe themselves as cute. Calling her smart is a more effective way to make her feel good. If she’s beautiful, she always compliments her looks. But what about your brain?

Just because she’s beautiful doesn’t mean she’s not smart. If you know her and want to make her feel incredible. Tell her you like the way she thinks. Tell her you love how smart she is and what she thinks. It will mean more to her than you know. [Read: How to compliment a girl and make her blush]

#2 Compliment her creativity Besides being smart, girls like to be told that they are creative. It’s not a compliment that people tend to give. And that’s why it’s one of the things women love to hear. They don’t hear it very often. So it means more than that.

This is even more effective when used when she’s really creative. So if she just painted or made a bracelet or something creative related. Tell her that she is very creative. it will make her day

#3 anything about her “unlike” Every woman wants to hear that they are not like everyone else. And as we already know we are unique because no one is like us. We still want to hear from our people.

So be sure to remind her that you like her because she’s not like other girls. she got better She makes you happier than anyone. because she is like no other [Read: What to say to a girl you like while talking to her]

#4 What is unique about her appearance? Of course, you can tell a woman that she’s attractive. However, the way you say this can make a huge difference to the way she hears it. Instead of telling her that she has beautiful eyes Instead, focus on explaining why you like them.

Saying it’s an interesting shade of blue with a few green streaks will make her feel more special than saying, “Your eyes are really cute.” It makes her feel like you’re paying special attention. And that makes her feel loved and special to you.

#5 what is hopeless Don’t compliment what you give only when you receive it. You shouldn’t say anything because you want her to compliment you in return.

She’ll notice this and it means nothing. If you just say something sweet with her without telling herself That would be more special to her. [Read: 12 signs you’re being selfish and need to think of her more]

#6 your honest feelings Women like it when men tell their feelings. I know you’re not thrilled with this, but it works. She needs your feelings. She wants you to tell her how you really feel about her. and to make you feel weak

So open up if you care about her and want her to know how special she is and how much you love her. Let her see how you really feel. Don’t keep that in, or she’ll start to think you really don’t care.

#7 Your excitement for the future – with her. This involves reassuring her that you need her in the future. That means she wants to hear that you’re excited about the future with her.

You don’t have to tell her you want to get married by any means. All you have to do is talk about what you’re excited to do with her in the future. It could be a month from now or a year from now. no matter how fast She would also be happy to hear that you wished she was there. [Read: 12 life questions to help you visualize the future]

#8 that she has changed your life for the better in some way One of the things women love to hear the most is how different and better your life is because she’s in it. It may seem silly, but it means a lot if you are honest with it.

It’s not that she’s trying to change your life. But telling her it’s better because of you It made her very happy. It makes her feel like she has a purpose in your life. to make sure she feels special and loved.

#9 When you ask her opinion You may have done this enough. But be aware that women like it when you ask them for their opinion. They want to give you something, and giving her a chance through some advice will make her really happy. [Read: 20 ways to make a girl incredibly happy]

#10 Anything your friend likes her. I know it sounds weird, but girls want to hear that your friends really like you. Women like us know how important your friends are to you.

We want to make sure they like us so they don’t convince you to settle things. If your friend really likes you let her know It will make her happier than you think. Even if she doesn’t show it

#11 Beauty compliments when she isn’t finished. It’s one thing to tell a girl that you think she’s beautiful when she does her hair, makeup, and dresses to look good on you. It’s completely different when you tell her how much you admire her looks when she’s wearing no makeup and sweating.

By doing this, you’re telling her that you like her the same. She doesn’t need anything special to attract you. Many women tend to worry about it. So telling her will naturally reassure her how much you like her. [Read: 11 sweet compliments all girls really love]

#12 The good thing about her laughter and smile. I know this is weird. But women love being told that they laugh cutely or that their smile makes you kneel. it’s a small thing that made a huge difference to her Especially if she laughs loudly and scornfully. If you think it’s cute, tell her.

[Read: 14 small ways to make your girl feel special and loved]

Knowing what women love to hear can help you strengthen your relationship with the person you truly care about. Don’t make the mistake of pushing a woman away and instead say these things to win her over.

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