20 Sexy Things Guys Like in Bed But Won’t Ask For & Why They Don’t

It’s easy to feel embarrassed about what you want in bed. Learning what a guy likes in bed but won’t ask will help you motivate him to speak up.

Things Men Like in Bed But Don't Ask

Your guy secretly wants something in the bedroom. But is he afraid to tell you? There are things that men like in bed but won’t ask. Sometimes it’s because they’re afraid you’ll laugh. Sometimes it’s because they think you’re not ready. They don’t want to make you uncomfortable by asking.

If you want to add some color to your sex life. Why not ask your man what he wants between the sheets? It might be enough to encourage him to tell you of his deepest desires.

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Exploring desires is fun, but…

Don’t do anything you are uncomfortable with. Just because your boyfriend talks about something he really wants to try. between the sheets That doesn’t mean you have to.

Of course, if you’re ready, go out and enjoy it. However, if it’s a red line for you or something you’re not sure about. Instead, think otherwise. You can talk about it and maybe that’s enough to drive him crazy.

Sex has to be about both of you. So if he tells you that he wants to try slavery and you really don’t, that’s fine, or if threesomes are his biggest fantasies. But you don’t feel the same way. Instead, talk about dirty things in bed.

Explain that you are very pleased that he tells you about his fantasies. but you are not enthusiastic He’ll understand as long as you’re not acting annoyed or shocked by what he tells you.

Remember, he may be very nervous to open up and tell you about what he wants to try in bed. [Read: What do guys like to hear in bed the most? 15 turn-ons he’ll love]

Watch out for any facial expressions and words. out of your mouth But maybe you want to expand your own experience too. That means weaving some of his imagination, and of course you too.

If you’re looking for a little advice, here’s a huge list. 50 Awesome Fantasies That Are Worth Trying With Your Partner At Least Once. It will give you good ideas. Plenty to work with And make your guy excited too!

Things men like in bed but don’t ask for them – prepare for surprises!

We all have our own personal preferences when it comes to bedtime. Something you are embarrassed to mention. So you never really try it yourself. However, some things are standard and happen again and again. [Read: 16 sex moves to try on your guy and get him hot and horny]

Sex can become boring and mundane if you don’t push your limits from time to time.

Of course, like before You should feel comfortable with what you do. And your partner must be okay with it too. But trying new things It can bring a new dimension to your sex life. It can bring you closer together.

Here are some of the most common things men love in bed but won’t.

1. so that you take full responsibility

Many men find that it totally changes when their partner has complete control over everything. They can relax and enjoy it all. However, many guys won’t tell you about it because they’re worried about making them look lazy or that you don’t want to on their own.

Taking control gives you a powerful kick. It makes you feel like you’re completely happy with your man in your hands and it’s a truly intoxicating feeling. Let it go. You might as well enjoy it! This is one of the most common things men love in bed but won’t ask for. [Read: How to use the reverse cowgirl sex position to feel completely in control and dominate your man in bed]

2. Give a hug after sex

We assume that men need to hug after sex. But he still wants to hug!

When you’re spooning, turn around and you’ll be a big spoon. He would appreciate that he didn’t have to ask. He will feel loved and cherished. Your partner must feel that way too! [Read: Do guys like to cuddle? 15 honest truths you don’t know yet!]

3. Being bullied until I can’t turn back

One thing men love in bed but don’t ask is that you take full responsibility. But let’s go a step further. They may also want you to tease them to the point where they lose it completely. Again, it’s a powerful kick for you. And he will feel happy like never before.

if you are satisfied with it Let’s see how much you can control it. It can be very sexy to see your man at your mercy this way. [Read: How to dominate a man in bed and be the ideal dominatrix goddess]

4. Wake up with a blow job or a hand job.

Ah, the dream most men have and many don’t! Don’t be afraid to be a little cheeky and wake up your guy in the most erotic way!

It’s the single best way to start your day. And you can be sure when he opens his eyes. He would have a big smile on his face. And maybe the rest of the day too! [Read: The ultimate blowjob guide on how to give head and 50+ tips to master it like a queen]

5. so you can have sex more often

Men often feel that they have to start having sex. But most men hope you can stop being pressured and do that too.

One of the things that guys tend to love in bed but don’t ask is for you to surprise them. Let him know you need him – right now, of course it’s scary because you don’t want to be rejected. But to be honest, that’s not very likely to happen! [Read: How to initiate sex: Turn on your lover in alluring new ways]

6. to try light bondage

The weird antics seen in 50 shades open bonds to the public It’s one thing men definitely love in bed, but won’t ask. He doesn’t want you to think he’s weird.

There’s nothing strange about trying light bondage. In fact, it’s one of the most common sexual orientations and it’s extremely fun to do with someone you trust. to help you feel better Decide on safe words and let your imagination run wild! [Read: How to have naughty sex and go crazy in bed with these wild moves]

7. Let’s do a sexy lap dance

It’s quite possible your guy will love you for sexy lap dancing or even stripping.

But he’s not sure what to ask you. Stop the pressure and jump straight in instead. He has to have fun every second, and after that sex will be exciting. [Read: How to give a sexy lap dance he’ll never ever forget]

8. to see you touch yourself

Sexy time spent alone is quite personal. But many men begin to see you touching yourself in the most intimate places. It’s one thing men like in bed but won’t ask. They worry that you will be sick.

If you want to try it and feel nervous. Close your eyes and let yourself drift away with those feelings. He will appreciate what he sees. And you’ll forget he’s watching! [Read: How to finger yourself and bring yourself to ecstasy in front of your guy]

9. Let you talk dirty.

How do you feel about talking dirty? Some people love it and find it easy. while others were extremely uncomfortable and unable to speak without having the ground open and swallow them whole. This makes it one of the things that men like in bed but won’t ask for.

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