10 Things You Shouldn’t Do When You Have a Girlfriend

While you shouldn’t change for a woman, here are 10 things you really shouldn’t do. when you have a boyfriend Read on to find out what to avoid by Filip Teovanovic.

Things not to do when having a boyfriend

Granted, all men with normal or high testosterone levels will immediately say, “I can do whatever I want in a relationship. My chick can’t stop anything. If you try to stop something I’m not going to be with you.” Show that you are lying or dating a bomb doll. Or maybe you’re just an idiot and your girlfriend is going to figure it out and dump you.
10 things you should never do when you have a boyfriend
Be yourself… until you hurt. You should mess up her bed. not her life Although it is better to be filled with yourself rather than emptiness. But your freedom can’t reach its full potential when you decide to have a girlfriend. The seriousness of a relationship is measured by a smile. Don’t make her sad and don’t make her angry.
#1 You can’t extinguish it whenever you want.. When you are afraid to look into your wallet after leaving, what is it called? I hope you don’t have this fear. For example, your friend is mocking you for becoming stingy. They are calling you every weekend to be as wasted as before. A few times a year is still good. But if the power goes out every Saturday You might fall in love No woman likes to get her boyfriend drunk. she loves Beyonce And she loves when you’re drunk in love. [Read: How to be a good boyfriend – 10 traits that matter]Another example: You are meeting her parents. And her father wants to drink with you. You don’t want to feel like a small person. That doesn’t mean you should drink a whole bottle and puke all over the bathroom in her parents’ house. Alcohol can be a magic poison that kills all your insecurities. But it can ruin your relationship.
#2 You shouldn’t go out with her boyfriend. maintain your dignity If your boyfriend has to stay out of town for a month because of her job Don’t go out for coffee or drinking with her friends. Maybe they have a deal with your girlfriend to check on you.
First of all, they are her boyfriends. And if they’re not really in trouble Just don’t hang out with them—and especially don’t mess with them. You never know which of her friends are jealous of your relationship. And are waiting for the opportunity to notice your weakness when you are drunk. The devil is waiting for you to say things you shouldn’t say. She’s probably hunting for Freud Slip. The next day, she’ll call your girlfriend and say. “It was fun and a game until…” [Read: How to stop being manipulated in a relationship]#3 You mustn’t buy the idea of ​​a sibling before a hoe. no! Maybe when you’re 12 and you’re still a virgin. If you’re over 20 and really believe this sentence. Lets check your life Do you always seem to be drunk and alone? If you still believe this sentence You might be a married loser yelling at his wife for daring to ask for more time with him. Your teenage life should be behind you.
#4 You can’t watch every football game. If you live together and are crazy about sports You will need to buy another TV for your bedroom. or start sleeping in separate rooms Because she’ll want to keep up with the Kardashians or find out what happens in the end. The newest chick flick Spoiler alert: avoid this trick. And the main character will not die. But your relationship will

#5 Get your shit together and get socks together! You can be fit and sexy. And your girlfriend might like you. But if you start throwing dirty socks and panties all over the place you will make her sick We have entered a new century for almost two decades. So we shouldn’t even be talking about this point. But this phenomenon still exists in modern relationships. Busy, not hot, not cold, definitely not a man. Tomorrow you will show up in a clean, fragrant shirt, but she will still remember the horror scene she saw when she brushed her teeth. A dirty mind can be a good thing. But dirty habits will never be appreciated. [Check out: 25 must-follow relationship rules for happy love]#6 You shouldn’t cancel plans to hang out with your girlfriends.. If you’re already planning a romance and your girlfriend is coming home for the two of you to have dinner. Don’t answer phone calls from your siblings. They might say, “Hey, we’re going through your house. Let’s carry beer!” Although you might have a few hours to kill, just say no.
Although it may seem harmless But one thing leads to another. And your girlfriend will show up for a romantic dinner. only to find your friend unconscious on your couch. Unless your friends are embracing each other closely. Bet you will sleep alone.
#7 Don’t make fun of your boyfriend in front of other people. You might think you’ve been together for a long time. And she won’t get mad if you make jokes about her in front of her friends, but you’re wrong, especially if it only concerns the two of you. know about. No matter how long we’ve been together, it’s not funny. It’s rude, careless, and stupid. [Read: How to be masculine without being a jerk]If you have confidence issues and think teasing your girlfriend will turn you into a comedian. You deserve to be single Even if the joke is funny and your girlfriend is laughing. But next time, try to present your inner clown in a more personal setting.
#8 You shouldn’t watch porn. When you go online to masturbate often You are not only wasting your lust. but also to enhance the performance of the girlfriend as well Bad enough for her to compete with all your ex—don’t make her compete with porn. Sex is a way of bonding between the two of you. It’s not a way for you to fulfill your exaggerated and porn-filled expectations. If you get something from a girl, take a break.
#9 You should never leave annoying Facebook statuses. These days, the mantra of “showing yourself” seems a lot closer to “showing yourself,” rather than trying to show off something on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, to be yourself and take responsibility. [Read: Why social media is killing your relationship]For example, if you have something you need to talk to your girlfriend about. Call her or tell her to go. Don’t post interactive and aggressive status updates for her to find and scrimp on. This will only create a larger communication gap—and all the resentment. So much for the fun of your social media friends. Likewise, try to make her jealous by posting pictures of yourself with other girls or flirting with female friends online.
#10 You can’t decide to be alone for two weeks without giving your partner an explanation.. You may want to have at least one day where you don’t need to explain anything to anyone. Maybe the hatred hurts you. or are you tired of people *Including your girlfriend* And you just need time and space to be alone. You can’t do it in a relationship. Communicate your requirements for certain areas. and keep your relationship healthy and happy.
[Next, read: 20 ways to make your girlfriend incredibly happy!]for clarity You can make all the mistakes mentioned above. Our advice is that you shouldn’t do these things. But the final decision is yours. Ultimately, you have to be yourself, but don’t do these 10 things when you have a boyfriend. Unless you want to break up alone or with your partner who is hurting and confused.

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